This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Rakuten LinkShare Link Lookup


Rakuten LinkShare Link Lookup is designed to make it easy for you to integrate commission-earning Rakuten LinkShare links in your posts, right from the actual write post page! Once you’re set-up, simply click the red arrows on the top right of the posting page and start earning today.

There are three uses for Link Lookup:

1) Deep linking – enter a URL from an Advertiser site and hyperlink some text in
your post with a Rakuten LinkShare link to that page

2) Search for Advertiser product links and embed in your post

3) Finding coupons for Advertisers.

In order to use Link Lookup you need to belong to the Rakuten LinkShare Network and partner with some Advertisers. If you’re not in the Network, join here.

Before using Link Lookup make sure to enter your Rakuten LinkShare token from here.
In addition, make sure you choose Advertisers that you are partnered with in the Rakuten LinkShare Network.

Be sure to look at Rakuten LinkShare’s other plugins:

1) LinkShareRSS-Ads — A tool for automatically
posting deals from Rakuten LinkShare’s RSS feeds.

2) LinkShare AdMix — A tool for integrating RSS feeds
into your blog.

Rakuten LinkShare Link Lookup helps you populate your WordPress blog with deals and other promotional content.
You can produce commission-generating
links by either searching Rakuten LinkShare’s database
by keyword or just uploading a direct URL from a advertiser.
You can earn a commission on every sale on an Advertiser site that your blog refers.
Please note that you’ll need to join the Rakuten LinkShare Network and be approved into an Advertisers affiliate program in order to earn a commission on sales.


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Simply download the plug-in and manage it in your WordPress Admin panel, under the Settings option.
  2. Unzip the downloaded package and upload the Rakuten LinkShare Link Lookup folder into your WordPress plugins folder. (Don’t rename the directory. If you do, you must fix the paths inside the Javascript and CSS files.)
  3. Log into your WordPress admin panel
  4. Go to Plug-ins and Activate the Rakuten LinkShare Link Lookup plug-in
  5. Rakuten LinkShare Link Lookup will now be displayed as an option in your Settings section.
  6. For first step instructions, go to Settings > Rakuten LinkShare Link Lookup
  7. Enter your feed token
  8. Move to the page for creating a new post.
  9. Click on the Rakuten LinkShare logo that should now appear in the upper right hand corner.
  10. There are two possible ways to use the panel that unfolds on your new post editing page.
    a: You can use Rakuten LinkShare’s Link Generator function to convert any link from a advertiser into a commission-generating link.
    b: You can search Rakuten LinkShare’s Link Finder database to look up items by keyword.


Where do I go to join Rakuten LinkShare?

Sign up at

How do I partner with Advertisers?

Once you’re in the Rakuten LinkShare Network, navigate through the Programs tab to find Advertisers to partner with.
It’s a good idea to first install the plug-in and find which Advertisers offer RSS feeds you’d like to promote and then apply to their programs.

Are all Rakuten LinkShare Advertisers in L3?

Not all Rakuten LinkShare Advertisers are available in L3. In order to offer product link search, an Advertiser must have a
Merchandiser product feed. In order to offer deep linking, an Advertiser must be enabled for Linkbuilder.

Are all Rakuten LinkShare Advertisers in Link Lookup?

Not all Rakuten LinkShare Advertisers are available in Lookup. In order to offer
product link search, an Advertiser must have a Merchandiser product feed. In order to offer deep linking, an Advertiser must be enabled for Linkbuilder

Can I find coupons?

Yes. First choose an eligible partner from the pull down menu. An Advertiser must be enabled for your token before the Advertisers coupons will show up below. If you
see a name that offers products your readers might like, consider applying to join their program. Then push the button to generate the coupons. They’ll appear
below and you can copy them with a push of the red link.

The Rakuten LinkShare logo doesn’t appear for me after I activate the plugin?

If the plugin is installed and activated, make sure that you’ve used the same name for the plugin directory. If
you rename the directory, you need to fix all of the paths in the Javascript and CSS files.

Will this version work with all versions of WordPress?

The current version has been tested with WordPress 2.5, 2.6, 2.7, 2.9.2 and a beta version of 3.0.0.
In the past, we’ve experimented with having separate
distributions for different versions of WordPress. This version should work with all of the newer versions.
We expect that it will also work with earlier versions. Please
report any bugs to us.

What did you add to version 0.2.1?

The list of merchants is now pruned to show only the merchants with whom you already have an approved relationship.

What did you add to version 0.2.3?

This version uses the new API urls from Rakuten LinkShare.

How can I contact you?

Write us at developers (at)

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