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Find out where your visitors leave to. Track clicks on external links.

2.2 (2016-10-21)

  • made plugin ready for translation
  • removal of needless characters from encrypted URLs
  • faster encryption and decryption
  • optional tracking of telephone links

2.1 (2015-12-11)

  • Closed SQL Injection vulnerability

2.0 (2015-12-10)

  • Closed HTTP Response Splitting vulnerability
  • Closed Open Redirect vulnerability
  • Menu item title for Link Click Analysis page is now customizable
  • Page title for Link Click Analysis page is now customizable
  • Customizable link descriptions to show on Link Click Analysis page instead of URLs

1.4 (2015-04-28)

  • Option to add rel="nofollow" to links
  • Option to track only specific posts/pages
  • Complete documentation accessible from back end
  • Click Analysis now accessible also for Editors, not only for Admins
  • Click Analysis now uses standard WP table
  • Filtering of results

1.3 (2014-10-26)

  • Works now with WPML
    The WPML Plugin changes the Home URL by adding the language to it - link-log now can handle that to work with WPML and other Plugins that change the Home URL (thanks to GREIFF for testing)
  • Performance Improvement
    The browser is now forced to redirect to the target URL before the data is stored to the databse
  • remove trailing slashes
    To avoid duplicate entries for e.g. example.com and example.com/ all trailing slashes are removed now
    Update Notice: when updating to version 1.3 all trailing slashes from all existing entries in the database are removed automatically

1.2 (2014-09-19)

  • Omit search engines and other bots

1.1 (2014-06-25)

  • Omit multiple clicks from same IP

1.0 (2014-02-20)

  • Initial Release

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.2
Last Updated: 3 months ago
Active Installs: 200+


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