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Like Button Voting & Rating

Add Like button to posts, pages, comments, WooCommerce, BuddyPress, bbPress, custom post types! Sort content by likes! Get instant stats and insights!


  • Popup enabled option renamed into Popup disabled
  • Added German language to the WordPress plugin
  • Fixed formatting issue in ppPress posts
  • Added Wrap button in a div option
  • Added Display on a new line option
  • Added featured image size in most liked content widget
  • Added possibility to generate like button shortcodes from Buttons tab
  • Featured image in most liked content widget moved under the post title
  • Added delete item feature in Statistics
  • No private posts in most liked content widget


  • Updated Statistics tab
  • Added exclude like button in search feature
  • Added automatics account data fetching on "Get account data" click
  • Added feature allowing to configure like button in pages list
  • Added always display tooltip option
  • Implemented asynchronous loading of the like button widget script
  • Implemented editing custom items votes
  • Implemented displaying the like button on buddypress updates "read more" click
  • Added likebtn_woocommerce() function allowing to insert the like button into WooCommerce products templates


  • Added donate buttons preview
  • Added dynamic preview
  • Added Sidebar
  • Added popup_on_load option
  • Added Polish translation
  • Added Check account data button


  • Updated theme selector
  • Updated popup style selector
  • Updated AddThis selector


  • bbPress support
  • BuddyPress support
  • WooCommerce support
  • Local Domain and Subdirectory parameters replaced with one Site ID
  • Display custom items in Most Liked Content widget
  • Updated admin interface
  • 7 day trial


  • Added full sync feature
  • Added site_id option
  • Removed div container for like button inserted using shortcode
  • Removed local_domain and subdirectory configuration parameters


  • Added thumbnails on Statistics page
  • Added custom post types on Statistics page
  • 12 new styles
  • Statistics for multisite networks
  • Added after liking tooltip option
  • Added revote_period option
  • Added loader_image option
  • Added loader_show option
  • Added lazy_load option
  • Added counter_padding option
  • Added counter_zero_show option
  • Added icon_like_show option
  • Added icon_dislike_show option
  • Added thumbnail and post excerpt to the Most Liked Content widget
  • Custom items in Statistics


  • Added the feature allowing to change number of likes and dislikes in the admin
  • Added Spanish language
  • Added subtract_dislikes to counter_type option
  • Added single_number to counter_type option
  • Added tooltip_enabled option
  • Extended Help section


  • Added TRIAL plan
  • Added Website subdirectory option
  • Added Allow to like and dislike at the same time option
  • Added Turkish locale
  • Fixed tabs URLs when website is located in the subfolder
  • Added Show votes counter option
  • Added Show information message when the button is restricted by the tariff plan option
  • Added Use domain of the parent window option
  • Added Text before donate buttons in the popup option
  • Added Donate buttons to display in the popup option
  • Added Order of the content in the popup option
  • Added Hide popup when clicking outside option
  • Added Popup HTML option
  • Fixed conflict with WP HTTP Compression plugin
  • Added HTML before and after options
  • Added div wrapper around button
  • Added Group identifier option
  • Added Local domain option
  • Extended Help section


  • Fixed bug in sorting of the Most liked content widget
  • Disabled synchronization for revisions
  • Added user authorization option


  • Import latest styles from LikeBtn.com in the background.
  • Added JavaScript callback function serving as an event handler option.
  • Added Show Like Button option.
  • Added Reset likes and dislikes feature.


  • Popup position options.
  • Show copyright link in the share popup option.
  • Popup style option.
  • Time range option in Widget displaying most liked content.


  • Synchronization test.
  • Added shortcode to place a list of the most liked content inside the post/page using a shortcode.
  • Added Reset button in Settings.
  • Added auto disabling/enabling options depending on the plan selected.


  • Synchronization of the vote results from LikeBtn.com into website database.
  • Statistics on vote results.
  • Most liked content widget.
  • Added center alignment.
  • Added shortcode to place the Like Button inside the post/page content.


  • LikeBtn admin panel now available.


  • LikeBtn Like Button plugin launched.

Requires: 2.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3.1
Last Updated: 2015-10-8
Active Installs: 5,000+


3.8 out of 5 stars


9 of 10 support threads in the last two months have been resolved.

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