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Lightbox Plus Colorbox

Lightbox Plus Colorbox permits users to view larger versions of images, simple slide shows, videos and content all in an overlay.


  • Validated against WordPress 4.2.x
  • Fixed minified files not being minified
  • Fixed initialization error where initial settings were not being set making plugin seem to not work
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Validated against WordPress 4.0-4.1.x
  • Fixed minified files not being minified
  • Temporary update prior to release of newly re-written version
  • NOTE: some issue still persist in this version most obvious among them:
    • Initial settings not set up and must be manually entered and saved before plugin will display lightbox


  • Initial release of version 2.7
  • Validated against WordPress 3.9.x
  • Updated Colorbox to version 1.5.9 which includes the following fixes
    • Fixed inline content bug when using child selectors. Fixes #599
    • Fixed accidental leak of global variable. References #591
    • Enabled strict mode. Fixes #597
    • Fix potential error when calling Colorbox directly. References #591
    • Potentially worked around browser limitation of reporting that an image height and width is 0 immediately after onload. Fixes #535
    • Applied maxWidth and maxHeight to the initialWidth and initialHeight. Fixes #391
    • Allow setting the overlay opacity through CSS, rather than having to use Colorbox's opacity property. Fixes #580
    • Fixed potential issue where IE9+ wouldn't close the modal when clicking on the overlay. Fixes #576
    • Added access to settings object in callbacks.
    • Added svg to image types regex.
    • Fixed regression that broke direct calls to Colorbox, ie. $.colorbox(…)
    • Changed when the className is applied: immediately on open, but only updated immediately prior to transition. Fixes #565
    • Fixed potential style flash if #cboxLoadedContent is given a background. Fixes #567
    • Misc. code cleanup
    • Fixed potential error when resizing. Fixes #254
    • Added Microsoft's JPEG XR to photo detection regex.
    • Fixed an issue where private events propagated to the document in versions of jQuery prior to 1.7. Fixes #525, Fixes #526
    • Updated stylesheets to avoid issue with using div {max-width:100%} (Fixes #520)
    • Used setAttribute to set londesc, so that the value is accessible via DOM Node longDesc property #508
    • Added longdesc and aria-describedby attributes to photos. Fixes #508
    • Fixed a slideshow regression from 1.4.27
    • Fixed a potential issue with the starting size of #cboxLoadedContent
    • Fixed a potential issue with using the open property with mixed slideshow and non-slideshow groups
    • Fixed a width calculation issue relating to using margin:auto on #cboxLoadedContent.
    • Fixed a regression in IE7 and IE8 that was causing an error.
    • Use an animation speed of zero between same-sized content (fixed).
    • Removed temporary fix for jQuery UI 1.8
    • Added closeButton option. Set to false to remove the close button.
    • Bugfix loading overlay/graphic append order
    • Updated manifest files for the jQuery plugin repository and Bower (no changes to plugin)
    • Replaced new Image() with document.createElement('img') to avoid a potential bug in Chrome 27.
    • Fixing bug/typo from last update.
    • Fixed bug where Colorbox was capturing ctrl+click on assigned links on windows browsers with jQuery 1.7+, rather than ignoring.
    • Fixed a scroll position issue when using $.colorbox.resize()
    • Possible fix for a Chrome 27 issue (https://github.com/jackmoore/colorbox/pull/438#issuecomment-18334804)
    • Added trapFocus setting to allow disabling of focus trapping
    • Added .webp to list of recognized image extensions
    • Added fadeOut property to control the closing fadeOut speed.
    • Removed longdesc attribute for now.
    • Fixed an error involving IE7/IE8 and legacy versions of jQuery
    • Fixed a potential conflict with Twitter Bootstrap default img styles.
    • Added type='button' to buttons to prevent accidental form submission
    • Added alt and longdesc attributes to photo content if they are present on the calling element.
    • Better 'old IE' feature detection that fixes an error with jQuery 2.0.0pre.
    • Fixes bug introduced in previous version.
    • Dropped IE6 support.
    • Fixed other issues with $.colorbox.remove.
    • Prevented an error if $.colorbox.remove is called during the transition.
    • Minor change to work around a jQuery 1.4.2 bug for legacy users.
    • Minor change to apply the close and className properties sooner.
    • Fixed an issue with percent-based heights in iOS
    • Fixed an issue with ajax requests being applied at the wrong time.
    • Made image preloading aware of retina settings.
    • Removed $.contains for compatibility with jQuery 1.3.x
    • Ignored left and right arrow keypresses if combined with the alt key.
    • Better accessibility:
    • Replaced div controls with buttons
    • Tabbed navigation confined to modal window
    • Added aria role
    • Updated manifest for plugins.jquery.com
    • Added retina display properties: retinaImage, retinaUrl, retinaSuffix
    • Fixed iframe scrolling on iOS devices.
  • Update themes to work with correctly with Colorbox verison 1.5.9
    • Added styles to clean up borders around buttons in the lightbox


  • Added option to generate HTML5 valid code. Checkbox under Base Settings -> Advanced.
    • When checked will add data- instead if rel attributes.
    • Can specify specify data- attribute so it can be site specific
    • Does not effect inline lightboxes which were class based already
    • Option located in first tab (General) of base settings
  • Fixed (hopefully) all unset variable notices
    • Please notify me if you still seem them
  • Fixed issues with per page loading
    • Please note there is no per post loading - it's either set for your blog/single posts or it's not
  • Added option to load javascript in header or footer
    • Footer is preferred due to potential page load delays
  • Added option to set priority of javascript loading
    • Low, Normal, High with priorities as follows 5, 11, 15 relative to other plugin loads
    • May resolve some plugin conflicts due to load order
  • Fixed removal of settings on deactivate
    • Will now only remove settings on uninstall
  • Fixed gallery short code issues with WordPress 3.0.x and version 3.1.x to 3.4.x.
    • Now creates correct gallery output for specific versions of WordPress
  • Moved 'Use for WordPress Galleries' option to first tab to ease location
    • Located on General tab of Primary Settings
  • Added Colorbox version loading newer/older depending on WordPress version
    • It seems older versions of WordPress were having jQuery conflict with the latest version of Colorbox
  • Added information to submit for support under the support tab
  • Fixed issue where PHP HTML DOM Parser would throw error when getting title if link had no child img to get title from.
  • Renamed plugin to Lightbox Plus Colorbox to reflect long time usage or Colorbox as the lightbox tool
  • Updated Colorbox to version 1.3.32
    • Improved internal event subscribing & fixed event bug introduced in v1.3.21
    • Fixed a size-calculation bug
    • Delayed border-width calculations until after opening, to avoid a bug in FF when using Colorbox in a hidden iframe.
    • Fixes bug with bubbling delegated events
    • Fixed compatibility issue with old versions of jQuery (1.3.2-1.4.2)
    • Added className property.
    • Minor bugfix: clear the onload event handler after photo has loaded.
    • Minor bugfix for calling Colorbox on empty jQuery collections without a selector.
  • Minor internal fixes and changes


  • Fixed some issues when default jQuery of versions less than 1.4.3 (minimum required) were causing images to not load
  • Fixed some jQuery methods in admin panel to work with versions of jQuery older than 1.6
  • Updated Colorbox to version
    • Fixed global event issue for jQuery 1.9


  • Updated gallery shortcode replacement to match current implementation in WordPress
    • This was breaking galleries for some but not all people
  • Updated styles to deal with the "new" CSS box model.
    • Thanks to hexagongirl for pointing this out to me
  • Fixed problem where galleries where getting lighboxing treatment even if the Use for WP Galleries checkbox was unchecked.
    • You should now have to check the box for it to work
  • Added a dozen new styles for a total of 26 different styles
    • Added style preview to admin panel to show a small screenshot of the style
  • Updated FAQ in readme.txt


  • Changed support portal to use WordPress.org only as I am unable to handle multiple vectors for support
  • Updated various links throughout plugin to reflect current URLs
  • Updated instructions
  • Miscellaneous minor bug fixes


  • Updated PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser to very latest rev (v 1.5 rev 202)
  • Fixed PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser to create exception for servers that don't have mbstring extension enabled
    • This regressed with an update to recent versions of PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser
  • Added support for up to 1000 inline lightboxes
    • Inline lightboxes are allocated in increments of 5
    • There is a performance hit in the Lightbox Plus admin when going over 100 however.


  • Fixed PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser functions that were throwing errors when using other plugins using PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser.


  • Added positioning options
    • Absolute top, right, bottom, left positioning. Now able to specify horizontal and vertical position in viewport as opposed to center only.
    • Fixed positioning that allows lightbox stays on page when scrolled.
  • Rebuilt interface
    • Changed interface to a combination of collapsible and tabbed to make it more concise and usable
    • Separate settings into logical groups within tabs
    • Added enhanced instructions and details of usage.
    • Improved and updated demos and tests.
  • Page/Post Options
    • Auto launch on page. If auto-launch is set Lightbox Plus will automatically open the first lightboxed item on the page.
    • Per page loading. If per page options are set Lightbox JavaScript will only load for specified pages.
    • Blog/posts only loading. if per page options are set Lightbox JavaScript will only load for specified pages.
  • Image grouping
    • Added more control over image grouping
    • Fixed image X of X problem, can disable Image X of X
  • Scrolling - If 'false' Colorbox will hide scrollbars for overflowing content. This could be used on conjunction with the resize method (see below) for a smoother transition if you are appending content to an already open instance of Colorbox.
  • Numerous bug fixes
    • Fixed use WP Caption option. Works with singles images and WordPress built in galleries now.
    • Fixed text links getting lightboxed even of option is not set.
    • Fixed many small issues and text errors.
  • Added class check for php html dom classes to prevent stomping on other plugins using the class.
  • Updated Colorbox to version 1.3.20


  • Fixed PHP 5 comment bug that got reintroduced into plugin


  • Updated compatibility with WordPress 3.3
  • Updated Colorbox to version 1.3.19
    • Fixed bug related to using the 'fixed' property.
    • Optimized the setup procedure to be more efficient.
    • Removed $.colorbox.init() as it will no longer be needed (will self-init when called).
    • Removed use of $.browser.
    • Fixed a regression where Flash content displayed in Colorbox would be reloaded if the browser window was resized.
    • Added safety check to make sure that Colorbox's markup is only added to the DOM a single time, even if $.colorbox.init() is called multiple times. This will allow site owners to manually initialize Colorbox if they need it before the DOM has finished loading.
    • Updated the example index.html files to be HTML5 compliant.
    • Changed the slideshow behavior so that it immediately moves to the next slide when the slideshow is started.
    • Minor regex bug fix to allow automatic detection of image URLs that include fragments.


  • Removed all support for PHP 4.
    • If you still need a version that works with PHP 4 DO NOT UPGRADE
    • If you get this error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_OBJECT_OPERATOR in /path/to/plugin/classes/filters.class.php on line 81 you have PHP 4.
    • Contact your host provider to see if they can upgrade to PHP 5.
  • Fixed issue where PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser was stripping returns causing issue with HTML output in several plugins (including SyntaxHighlighter Evolved)
    • This issue should be fairly rare.
  • Patched PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser (shd.class.php) to verify mb_detect_encoding() function exist before calling
    • This issue was reported by several users that did not have mbstring functions compiled into PHP.
    • Assumes UTF-8 if function doesn't exist
    • The correct solution is to add the mbstring library to PHP (contact you host/support to resolve)


  • Changed wp_enqueue_script of jquery.colorbox-min.js to reduce chance of conflict with other implementations of Colorbox (should update for this reason)
  • Updated PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser from version 1.1 to 1.5
    • Memory leak fixed!
    • Added support for detecting the source html character set. This is used to convert characters when plaintext is requested.
    • Other little fixes and features, too numerous to categorize.
    • Error of "file_get_contents()" will be thrown as an exception.
    • Add flag: LOCK_EX while calling "file_put_contents()".
    • Fix the typo of "token_blank_t".
    • Supports xpath generated from Firebug.
    • New method "dump" of "simple_html_dom_node".
    • New attribute "xmltext" of "simple_html_dom_node".
    • remove preg_quote on selector match function: [attribute*=value];
    • Element "Comment" will treat as children.
    • Fixed the problem with <pre>.
    • Fixed bug #2207477 (does not load some pages properly).
    • Fixed bug #2315853 (Error with character after < sign).
  • Cleaned up some general code and updated some help in the admin panel
  • Updated demos as some were no longer pointing to working links
  • Fixed typos in this file
  • Updated the following styles: Dark, Elegant, Framed, Lightweight, and Shadowed


  • Tested with WordPress 3.2.x
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Some minor text fixes
  • Added option to allow up to 100 inline lightboxes
  • Updated Colorbox to version 1.3.17
    • Added properties "top", "bottom", "left" and "right" to specify a position relative to the viewport, rather than using the default centering.
    • Added property "data" to specify GET or POST data when using Ajax. Colorbox's ajax functionality is handled by jQuery's .load() method, so the data property works the same way as it does with .load().
    • Added property "fixed" which can provide fixed positioning for Colorbox, rather than absolute positioning. This will allow Colorbox to remain in a fixed position within the visitors viewport, despite scrolling. IE6 support for this was not added, it will continue to use the default absolute positioning.
    • Fixed ClearType problem with IE7.
    • Minor fixes.
  • Updated Colorbox to version 1.3.16
    • Better IE related transparency workarounds. IE7 and up now uses the same background image sprite as other browsers.
    • Added error handling for broken image links. A message will be displayed telling the user that the image could not be loaded.
    • Added new property: 'fastIframe' and set it to true by default. Setting to fastIframe:false will delay the loading graphic removal and onComplete event until iframe has completely loaded.
    • Ability to redefine $.colorbox.close (or prev, or next) at any time.


  • Corrected load_plugin_textdomain function calls, had incorrect number of arguments - Thanks Johannes!
  • Minor interface corrections


  • Require HTML Parser only for PHP 5.X. Was causing errors with PHP 4.X.
  • Updated Colorbox to version 1.3.15
    • In IE6, closing an iframe when using HTTPS no longer generates a security warning.
    • Changed the index.html example files to use YouTube's new embedded link format.
    • By default, Colorbox returns focus to the element it was launched from once it closes. This can now be disabled by setting the 'returnFocus' property to false. Focus was causing problems for some users who had their anchor elements inside animated containers.
    • Minor bug fix involved in using a combination of slideshow and non-slideshow content.
    • Minor bug fix involved in preloading images when using a function as a value for the href property.
    • The slideshow now respects the loop property.
    • Fixed compatibility with jQuery 1.4.3
    • The 'open' property now accepts a function as a value, like all of the other properties.
    • Preloading now loads the correct href for images when using a dynamic (function) value for the href property.
    • Fixed bug in Safari 3 for Win where Colorbox centered on the document, rather than the visitor's viewport.
    • May have fixed an issue in Opera 10.6+ where Colorbox would rarely/randomly freeze up while switching between photos in a group.
    • Some functionality better encapsulated & minor performance improvements.


  • Fixed "Object id #", "Object", "Object #" errors with PHP 5.1.x.
    • Problem was due to circular memory leak in PHP 5.1 and 5.2 and HTML DOM object not being cleaned up.
    • Altered way the content is returned to allow for closure and cleaning of object sooner eliminating memory leak.
  • Due to overwhelming demand I added PHP 4 functionality back in but it is not officially supported.
    • If you were seeing an error that looked something like Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or '}' in /path/to/plugins/lightbox-plus/classes/shd.class.php on line 86 you have PHP 4.
    • Option is automatically set to use legacy method if you have PHP 4
    • You will have to manually select the option to use the PHP 4 Auto Lightbox Method if you are using PHP 5.X and wish to use legacy method.
  • Fix for images with upper case file extension not being auto-lightboxed.
  • Probable fix for XML Parsing Error: no element found likely caused by memory leak
    • Unable to reproduce error but research indicates memory leak is a likely cause.


  • Now requires PHP 5+, no PHP 4 support.
    • PHP4 reached its end of life on 8/8/2008 nearly 2 years ago.
  • Fixed problems with initialization and re-initialization of the plugin not working under various circumstances.
    • Add code for activation/deactivation of the plugin
  • Added true HTML parser instead of regular expressions
    • Using PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser for parsing HTML
    • Should mitigate issues of not consuming the HTML content and correctly modifying it
  • Change method for finding and selecting styles
    • Added option for stylesheet directory to reside outside of plugin directory
    • Lightbox Plus no longer stores stylesheet path in options, it is now pulled from global definitions
    • It should now be easier to use on multiple servers with different paths.
  • Added support for multiple galleries on a single page displaying separate slide shows
  • Updated Colorbox to version 1.3.9
    • Fixed a bug in IE where iframed YouTube videos were not opening correctly.


  • Rewrote the way the plugin is instantiated.
    • Provide better control over how actions and filters are added by Lightbox Plus.
    • Provides fix for jQuery UI styles loading on all admin panels.
    • Prevented jquery.colorbox.min.js from loading on admin panels other than Lightbox Plus.
  • Rewrote several functions to provide better compatibility with other plugins.
    • Admin scripts are now enqueued correctly.
    • Admin and plugin styles are now enqueued correctly.
  • Fixed slideshow always auto-starting if slideshow enabled.
  • Changed several variables and related fields
    • Do Not Auto-Lightbox Images using auto_lightbox to no_auto_lightbox to accurately reflect its use.
    • Do Not Display Image Title using display_titles to no_display_titles to accurately reflect its use.
    • Use Class Method using class_method to use_class_method to accurately reflect it's use.
    • If you use any of these settings you will need to re-check them and save your settings.
  • Reduced size of inline JavaScript and converted all to jQuery.
    • Reduced size of some scripts using old toggle method for help.


  • Add quick fix/hack for a big interface issue on the admin panel. See roadmap for long term solution.
    • jQuery UI themes were overloading other plugins that were using the jQuery UI
    • Lightbox Plus specific themes and scripts should only load on Lightbox Plus panel
    • The exception is colorbox.min.js will load in any admin panel due to the way it is initialized. Expect version 2.0.5 to address this.


  • Fixed several interface issues in the admin panel.
    • User feedback was not reporting updates because admin scripts were not loading properly - this has been fixed.


  • Added secondary lightbox option
    • There is no auto-lightboxing for the secondary lightbox
    • Allows the creation of a secondary lightbox with iframe capabilities
    • Allows lightboxing of video, flash, and content that resides elsewhere
  • Added inline lightbox options
    • There is no auto-lightboxing for the inline lightbox
    • Can have multiple inline lightboxes (up to 20)
    • Can be used to display hidden inline content, forms and more...
  • Improved interface in admin panel.
    • Added better feedback for users
  • Added backend test/demo areas
    • Allows user to test lightbox settings in the admin panel
    • Provides demos and examples for secondary lightbox using video, external webpages and interactive flash
    • Provides demos and examples for inline lightbox using inline content
  • Fixed issue with saving setting and changes not being reflected.
  • Updated Colorbox to version 1.3.8
    • Fixed a bug in Chrome where it would sometimes render photos at 0 by 0 width and height (behavior introduced in recent update to Chrome).
    • Fixed a bug where the onClosed callback would fire twice (only affected 1.3.7).
    • Fixed a bug in IE7 that existed with some iframed websites that use JS to reposition the viewport caused Colorbox to move out of position.
    • Abstracted the identifiers (HTML ids & classes, and JS plugin name, method, and events) so that the plugin can be easily rebranded.
    • Small changes to improve either code readability or compression.


  • Updated Colorbox to version 1.3.7
    • $.colorbox can now be used for direct calls and accessing public methods. Example: $.colorbox.close();
    • Resize now accepts 'width', 'innerWidth', 'height' and 'innerHeight'. Example: $.colorbox.resize({width:"100%"})
    • Added option (loop:false) to disable looping in a group.
    • Added options (escKey:false, arrowKey:false) to disable esc-key and arrow-key bindings.
    • Added method for removing Colorbox from a document: $.colorbox.remove();
    • Fixed a bug where iframed URLs would be truncated if they contained an unencoded apostrophe.
    • Now uses the exact href specified on an anchor, rather than the version returned by 'this.href'. This was causing "#example" to be normalized to "http://domain/#example" which interfered with how some users were setting up links to inline content.

  • Fixed auto-lightbox breaking links that contained manually created rel="lightbox[]" attributes.

  • Skipping of auto-lightboxing of second image when image links were next to each other in html source should be fixed. At least in my testing.
  • Fixed do not display image titles to work with text links.
    • Note - must already not have title tag in links elements.
  • Fixed ability to use class method in text only links and gallery.
  • Added ability to specify the class name used with class method. Defaults to cboxModal for the class.
  • Changed jQuery implementation of colorbox on the page to both reduce size and prepare for allowing two different colorboxes. (See Road Map)

  • No really, the IE problems should be resolved.
    • Correctly handle new settings when empty to render correct JavaScript on output - was causing IE to not display lightbox and weird sliding effect on lightbox in all browsers.
    • Fixed invalid function call that would prevent older versions of IE (7 or less) from rendering lightbox at all.
  • Fixed issue that if admin was being accessed via SSL you could not save settings.
  • Fixed some skipping of images being auto-lightboxed. May not resolve all issues - please let me know at <href="http://www.23systems.net/bbpress/forum/lightbox-plus">Lightbox Plus Support.


  • Fixed problem with styles in IE 6/7/8 not working under various circumstances (hopefully)
  • Added the option to disable Lightbox Plus from adding its own styles allowing the user to place Lightbox/Colorbox styles in their theme stylesheet and reduce number of files loading.


  • Fixed duplicate rel=lightbox[] tags being generated.
  • Fixed IE 6 specific stylesheets - should provide correct headers for php based css documents.
    • AlphaImageLoader should automatically be configure for old versions of IE - 6 or less
  • As of this version IE 6 or less are no longer supported.
    • If you are using IE 6 or less it is recommended that you upgrade your browser.
  • Added option to auto-lightbox text links to images
  • Added additional width and height options
    • width - can set a fixed total width. This includes borders and buttons.
    • height - can set a fixed total height. This includes borders and buttons.
    • innerWidth - This is an alternative to 'width' used to set a fixed inner width. This excludes borders and buttons.
    • innerHeight - This is an alternative to 'height' used to set a fixed inner height. This excludes borders and buttons.
    • initialWidth - can set the initial width, prior to any content being loaded.
    • initialHeight - can set the initial height, prior to any content being loaded.
  • Updated lightbox.admin.css and lightbox.admin.php to correct a top level class that may effect global styles.
  • Now works correctly with WordPress MU
    • Tested with WordPress MU 2.9.2
  • Degradation of performance in Firefox corrected. May still occur in older versions
    • Note: with the release of Firefox 3.0.19 the 3.0.x branch of Firefox will reach its end of life on March 30, 2010


  • Added fix to auto-lightbox images that are missing title attributes (Thanks J?rn)
    • This primarily affects images that were placed using older versions of WordPress
  • Interface updates
    • Changed admin panel to work that same way as my other plugins and thereby ease code maintenance
    • Quick links in plugins list
    • Added additional support and FAQ links to admin panel
  • Readme and FAQ update
  • Actually includes Colorbox 1.3.6 which somehow was replaced by 1.3.1 in last release (1.6.6) for which I apologize.
  • Includes lightbox-plus.pot for language translations for interested parties.


  • Tested with WordPress 2.9.1
    • Only works with WordPress 2.8+ due to the use of the $in_footer parameter used in the wp_enqueue_script() function.
  • Moved all possible JavaScript to the footer to improve load speed
    • Requires theme has the wp_footer() hook
  • Cleaned up jQuery call to correctly work in no conflict mode per definition.
  • Updated Colorbox to 1.3.6 which include the following fixes
    • Small change to make Colorbox compatible with jQuery 1.4
    • Fixed a bug introduced in 1.3.4 with IE7's display of example 2 and example 3, and auto-width in Opera.
    • Fixed a bug introduced in 1.3.4 where colorbox could not be launched by triggering an element's click event through JavaScript.
    • Minor refinements.
    • Event delegation is now used for elements that Colorbox is assigned to, rather than individual click events.
    • Additional callbacks have been added to represent other stages of Colorbox's lifecycle. Available callbacks, in order of their execution: onOpen, onLoad, onComplete, onCleanup, onClosed These take place at the same time as the event hooks, but will be better suited than the hooks for targeting specific instances of Colorbox.
    • Ajax content is now immediately added to the DOM to be more compatible if that content contains script tags.
    • Focus is now returned to the calling element on closing.
    • Fixed a bug where maxHeight and maxWidth did not work for non-photo content.
    • Direct calls no longer need 'open:true', it is assumed. Example: $.fn.colorbox({html:"<p>Hi</p>"});
    • Changed $.fn.colorbox.element() to return a jQuery object rather the DOM element.
    • jQuery.colorbox-min.js is compressed with Google's Closure Compiler rather than YUI Compressor.
    • Added 'innerWidth' and 'innerHeight' options to allow people to easily set the size dimensions for Colorbox, without having to anticipate the size of the borders and buttons.
    • Renamed 'scrollbars' option to 'scrolling' to be in keeping with the existing HTML attribute. The option now also applies to iframes.
    • Bug fix: In Safari, positioning occasionally incorrect when using '100%' dimensions.
    • Bug fix: In IE6, the background overlay is briefly not full size when first viewing.
    • Bug fix: In Firefox, opening Colorbox causes a split second shift with a small minority of webpage layouts.
    • Simplified code in a few areas.
  • Special thanks for navjotjsingh for the include, exclude fix for WordPress built in gallery


  • Eliminated conflict with Featured Content plug-in
    • Removed jQuery.noConflict() due to poor implementation on my part.
    • Kept $lbp jQuery variable.
  • jQuery conflicts should all be resolved - hopefully.
  • Minor modification to wp_enqueue_script function cal to include colorbox version.
  • Now works with WordPress Mu if rel=lightbox[] is added manually.
    • Working on solving auto lightboxing issues with WordPress Mu


  • Added jQuery.noConflict() to the initiator to hopefully eliminate issues with other jQuery libraries loading and causing conflicts.
    • Changed jQuery $ variable to $lbp to give a unique constructor.
  • Added replacement shortcode gallery method to allow Lightbox Plus to work with shortcode galleries called via the echo do_shortcode('[gallery link="file" size="thumbnail"]'); method in templates.
    • Replacement shortcode gallery function automatically adds rel="lightbox" or class="cboxModal" as selected in options.
  • Added code to automatically cleanup doubled title tags from shortcode galleries.
  • Added quick links to the plugin listing on the plugin page.
  • Some minor UI tweaks to the admin page.


  • Fixed IE display issues for elegant and shadowed themes.
    • Should now correctly grab path to images for IE 6/7/8
  • Re-added additional simple styles blue, green, grey, purple, red, teal, yellow in addition to black and white
    • Fixed prev/next buttons in simple styles to only display when cursor hovers over left or right of image.


  • Added the much requested feature for Lightbox Plus to work with WordPress' built in gallery
    • Added checkbox to select whether to use with WP built in gallery.
  • Updated Lightbox Plus to use new version of Colorbox
  • Updated Colorbox to version 1.3.1 with the following changes
    • Removed the IE-only stylesheets and conditional comments. All CSS is handled by a single CSS file for all examples.
    • Removed user-agent sniffing from the js and replaced it with feature detection. This will allow correct rendering for visitors masking their agent type.
    • Added $.fn.colorbox.resize() method to allow Colorbox to resize it's height if it's contents change.
    • Added scrollbars option to allow users to turn off scrollbars when using the resize() method.
    • Renamed the resize option to be less ambiguous. It's now scalePhotos.
    • Renamed the cbox_close event to be less ambiguous. It's now cbox_cleanup. It is the first thing to happen in the close method while the 'cbox_closed' event is the last to happen.
    • Fixed a bug with the slideshow mouseover graphics that appeared after Colorbox is opened a 2nd time.
    • Fixed a bug where Clear Type may not work in IE 6 & 7 if using the fade transition.
    • Minor code optimizations to increase compression.
  • Minor corrections to admin interface.


  • Updated additional code that didn't make it into 1.5.4 to use less memory and run faster
  • Separated the admin panel output to a separate file
    • Added some custom admin panel styles
    • Cosmetic changes to admin panel


  • Fixed bug where titles were being broken when DO NOT USE TITLE was checked.
  • Fixed issue with limited character sets - should allow any characters in the title (diacritics, umlauts, etc.)
  • Optimized code to use less memory and run faster
  • Updated Colorbox to version 1.2.9
  • No new features at this time

  • Fixed bug causing plugin not to use correct stylesheet on initial install or reset. It was pointing to a non-existent style (shadow instead of shadowed.)


  • Added class based option.
    • If options is checked, Lightbox Plus will only lightbox images via class: cpModal attribute.
    • Using this method you can manually control which images are affected by Lightbox Plus by adding the cpModal class the image link URL and checking the Don't Auto-Lightbox Images option.
  • Added option to not automatically add attributes required for Lightbox Plus to work. This allows for more manual image control.
  • Added option not to display image titles.
  • Updated Colorbox to version 1.2.5


  • Reset/re-initialize button on the plugin page will now remove the old files that were not removed during upgrade to 1.5.x from pre 1.5 versions.
  • Fixed the slideshow timing to display and save correctly - any amount of time over 5000 milliseconds was displaying as 13000 milliseconds.
  • Miscellaneous cosmetic fixes and text adjustments


  • Fixed the need to have class="imagebox" added to image links


  • Rebuilt Lightbox Plus to utilize Colorbox for its image overlay functions
    • Supports photos, photo groups, slideshow, ajax, inline, and iframed content.
    • Appearance is completely controlled through CSS so users can restyle the box.
    • Written in jQuery plugin format and can be chained with other jQuery commands.
    • Generates W3C valid XHTML and CSS, adds no JS global variables & passes JSLint.
  • README! - If you are upgrading from a previous version you will need to reset your Lightbox Plus settings as they have all changed and the old values are no longer useful.
  • README! - There is a reset button that will remove your old options and replace them with the new options, Lightbox Plus will act funny until you either reset it or update the settings.
  • README! - If you have custom styles back them up before proceeding. You will need to convert them to the new directory and Colorbox format to use them again.
  • README! - Only the black and white existing styles have been ported to the new format, it is very easy to convert any of the other color styles to the new format.
  • Added reset button to allow for resetting to default settings.
  • Tested In: Firefox 2, 3, Safari 3, 4, Opera 9, 10, Chrome 1, 2, Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8.


  • There is no version 1.4


  • Updated to work with WordPress 2.8


  • Fixed another problem with JavaScript error causing script not to work correctly.


  • Fixed problem with JavaScript error on IE7.
  • Added some additional color styles.


  • Updated lightbox.js to allow better control from the admin panel - lightbox was failing sometimes due to duplicate JavaScript.


  • Added ability to configure Lightbox options from the admin panel
  • Initializes base options on load
  • Modified and rewrote code for better readability and functionality


  • Moved admin panel under Design/Appearance
  • Minor code formatting for better readability


  • Fixed absolute pathing - should now work in blog residing in subdirectories
  • Rolled code into class structure


  • Modifications to regular expression usage for image linking


  • Initial release

Requires: 3.6 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.2.5
Last Updated: 6 months ago
Active Installs: 200,000+


3.8 out of 5 stars


0 of 18 support threads in the last two months have been resolved.

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