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LibraryGeekGirl's Google Reader Subscription List


This plugin lets you choose to include or exclude links from your Google Reader subscriptions by adding parameters
to the shortcode.


will include all subscriptions, from all labels.

[lgg_reader include="label1,label 2"] 

will only list subscriptions in label1 and label 2. These are case-insensitive, but must be spaced and punctuated just like they are in Google Reader.

[lgg_reader exclude="label1"] 

will list everything but label1 items.

Some notes on this:

  • an “include” directive will moot an “exclude” directive, in every case, and only include what is listed.
  • if you forget and use include=”all” or include=”*”, it will DWYM, which is include=””.
  • links that have no label in Google Reader are placed in the group “unfiled”.

    [lgg_reader include=”friends” hide_header=1]

The hide_header directive is useful if you’re only listing one label; it hides the header to the bulleted list.



  • Initial release

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