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Лейка - плагин для краудфандинга, фандрайзинга и сбора пожертвований на сайте.


  • New: now correctional donation may be added from the plugin's main menu.
  • Tweak: options engine is refactored. Large queries number improvement.
  • Tweak: added new caching system for campaigns' total collected amounts.
  • Tweak: added a service CC to the feedback form processing.
  • Tweak: the donations export engine is refactored to work more sustainably with large amounts of data. The dependency on Excel Writer is removed.
  • Fix: plugin frontend's compatibility with some another visual frameworks improved.
  • Fix: now pressing enter key while editing PM's custom label won't submit the whole Payment settings form.
  • Fix: serious bug when correctional donations led to the incorrect total funded amounts' calculations is fixed.
  • Fix: the behavior of donation-campaign link when donation form is inserted somewhere via shortcode is fixed.
  • Fix: donations export function is returned to it's rightful place.
  • Fix: donations dataTable bug on campaign editing page is fixed.
  • Fix: campaign views counting is improved to be more accurate and logical.
  • Fix: small code improvements and fixes. Oh come on, you knew that we won't miss this line.

  • New: full support for WP 4.3 is achieved.
  • Fix: storing of total funded amount for each campaign is greatly optimized.
  • Fix: Donations export algorythm is optimised to require much less of the memory to work.

  • Fix: fixed the bug with gateways & PMs list in Payment Settings page.
  • Fix: Chronopay test mode option is removed now. By the words of Chronopay support, test mode using is very rare.


  • New: added the new CloudPayments gateway. Single and recurring bank card payments supported.
  • New: added a simple campaign statistics function.
  • Fix: more sweet refactioring for the gateways API. Now Chronopay (and all other gateways) are compatible with gateway-specific data fields.
  • Fix: payment settings page UI improved. Known bugs fixed.
  • Fix: campaign selection field in the Donations widget is a dropdown list now. No more pain with copy-pasting IDs.
  • Fix: small fixes... we'll never tired to polish this child of ours.


  • New: payment settings page has a new UI.
  • New: now PMs on the donation forms can be reordered.
  • New: now text for the donation submits can be changed.
  • New: gateways API is slightly refactored.
  • New: now donation ID adds to the bank order payment title.
  • New: small UI fixes for the bank order.
  • Fix: small, but important fixes in Chronopay and Yandex.Money. Other gateways also has their share of a refactoring.
  • Fix: as always, small fixes.


  • New: "First steps" metabox is added to the plugin desktop.
  • New: first level of improvement of options validation system.
  • New: technical export function is added.
  • New: now embed campaign card also can be acquired from donation forms.
  • New: added a "leyka_form_pm_order" filter to allow PM list reordering in donation forms.
  • Fix: excerpt metabox is renamed to the "annotation" for the campaigns.
  • Fix: embed campaign cards.
  • Fix: donations export problem for PHP 5.3 is fixed.
  • Fix: Chronopay callbacks fixed.
  • Fix: many small fixes.


  • New: Yandex.Money Gateway support widened.
  • New: entered plugin's specific user capabilities and roles system.
  • New: added a general user feedback page in the plugin admin menu.
  • New: Leyka Desktop page is slightly improved.
  • New: new plugin hooks (to add new items in the plugin's admin menu, to reorder them, etc.).
  • Fix: presumably, fixed the bug that endlessly doubled plugin's grateful and sorrowful pages.
  • Fix: many fixes in Robokassa, Yandex.money and another gateways.
  • Fix: small core refactoring and fixes.


  • New: Robokassa gateway support.
  • New: the currencies rates manual editing and auto-refresh option.
  • New: embed campaigns feature (campaign cards).
  • New: Google Analytics events binded to the donation workflow, to better track down donors activity via GA.
  • Fix: small fixes.


  • Fix: notice on Posts quick edit.
  • Fix: warnings when wp-admin is accessed by user with Subscriber compatibility.
  • Fix: small fixes in code and markup.


  • New: added RBK Money gateway support.
  • New: added WebMoney support in Yandex.money gateway.
  • New: added new Leyka_Payment_Method class attribute. Now PM labels on frontend and backend can be different.
  • New: added shortcode for Terms Of Service text output.
  • Fix: small fixes.


  • New: campaigns now has optional target sum parameters.
  • New: campaigns and donations list tables now has lots of new filters and columns. They mostly are relevant to a new target function.
  • New: now site administrator can manually add a "correctional" donations. They can have positive or negative amount.
  • New: donations now has explicit "date" field, so donation date is separated from it's status history.
  • New: additions to a campaign editing screen. For ex., donations history metabox added.
  • New: Plugin options structure were a little refactored. New "view" option tab added.
  • New: added several shortcodes and widgets (target reaching level, campaigns list, donations list, etc.).
  • Fix: some small bugs, known from previous release and noted by plugin users.
  • Fix: bug with infinite creation of thank-you- and fail-pages, presumably, fixed.


  • Fix: compatibility with Polylang plugin.
  • Fix: behavior of turning-off when plugin is activated on PHP 5.2 and less.
  • Fix: gateways and payment methods API behavior.
  • Fix: minor bugs.
  • New: new hooks to allow better code customization.
  • New: Chronopay gateway's recurrent donations.
  • New: donations history export in MS Excel format.
  • New: donation form redirect timing now is longer when debug mode is on.


  • Fix: notices when plugin is activating on new installation or update (PHP strict standards based included).
  • Fix: minor bugs.
  • New: stable and correct turn-off behavior when plugin is activated on PHP 5.2 and less.
  • New: compatibility with Polylang plugin.
  • New: improved code security.
  • New: lots of new hooks to allow better code customization.


  • Fix: Fixed warning message on new installas


  • Fix: Permalink problem after activation on some installs


  • New: Added support for Static text as a payment method.
  • New: Added support for Yandex.money for personal accounts. It presents 2 new payment methods: Yandex.money or Bank card payment to the personal account.
  • New: Minor improvements in plugin's inner API.
  • Fix: The options caching system completely removed to improve admin area usability.
  • Fix: Various bugfixes in plugin options handling


  • New: Added pot file for translation
  • Fix: Bugfixes in core and gateways
  • Tweak: UI improvements in templates of donation form


  • New: Backward compatibility: none.
  • New: New major release. Code refactored and data structures changed.
  • New: Removed dependency from EasyDigitalDownload.
  • New: Payment gateways are now embedded in Leyka.
  • New: New design of donation widget.
  • New: Gateway/payment method API.
  • New: Min PHP ver: 5.3.


  • New: Updated Leyka to support EDD 1.7.2
  • Fix: Donation panel was not working with some themes
  • Tweak: Email settings section in admin panel was slightly updated


  • New: Improved design of donation panel
  • New: Updated Leyka to support EDD 1.7.1
  • Fix: Short code for total payment counter is now displayed
  • Tweak: Localization improvements


  • New: Design of donation panel
  • New: Donation logging (data is used both for counter and statitics)
  • New: Leyka now controls when EDD can upgrade
  • New: Updated Leyka to support EDD 1.5.2
  • New: Counter shows sum of approved donations and distinquish them by Payment Gateways
  • New: Wizard for legal entity and individuals
  • New: Standard contract offer for making donations
  • Fix: Fixed Checkout page donation mode
  • Fix: Made clear for users that no personal data is collected
  • Fix: Wrong link for RBK Money context description
  • Fix: Unable to delete user comments from trash in admin panel
  • Fix: Bulk activation/deactivation of user comments in admin panel
  • Fix: Localization issues
  • Tweak: Option Accept Donation is now a link without additional static text
  • Tweak: Code Refactoring


  • First official release!

Requires: 3.6.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3.1
Last Updated: 4 days ago
Active Installs: 300+


5 out of 5 stars


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