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Are you getting the "Leverage Browser Caching" error message from Google? If so-this simple plugin allows your website to become compliant i

Q: How does Leverage Browser Caching work?

A: Leverage Browser Caching basically tells your browser (Firefox, IE, Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc) that things aren't expected to change when they return - so instead of using server side resources it uses the images already downloaded on your computer. They really only work on repeat visitors, but it sets the pace between page loads on the same visit as well. This really increases user experience and makes your website seem much faster.

Q: Will this help my website's SEO?

A: SEO means Search Engine Optimization - Leverage Browser Caching is very heavy on the "O" portion of that (optimization). For your website to be considered fast and modern - this should be enabled.

Q: What if it messes my site up?

A: No worries! We create backups of your files and store them directly on your server before we edit anything. Feel free to restore any of those files at any time.

Requires: 3.0.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.1.8
Last Updated: 2014-12-22
Active Installs: 20,000+


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