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Leadin is an easy-to-use marketing automation and lead tracking plugin for WordPress that helps you better understand your web site visitors.

  • Current version: 2.2.11
  • Current version release: 2015-02-18

2.2.11 (2015.02.18)


  • Don't show the "You should receive a confirmation email shortly" message in the popup thank you if the confirmation email setting is toggled off

  • Bug fixes

  • Fixed SVG icon
  • Fixed the default object warnings in class-leadin-contact for the enrichment lookups
  • Tested NinjaPopups and added to readme as unsupported form plugin

2.2.10 (2015.01.26)


  • Tested JotForm + added compatibility to the ReadMe file

  • Bug fixes

  • Add in support for like_escape for < WordPress 4.0
  • Add first + last names to bulk MailChimp connector
  • Remove rogue WPDB prepare in tag list table
  • Check for existence of ESP connector when pushing to an email list
  • Bug fix for multisite installs with broken onboarding

2.2.9 (2014.01.20)


  • Added ability to toggle Leadin data access by user role
  • Hide Leadin nav menu item for user roles without access to Leadin data
  • Discountinued and disabled the beta program

  • Bug fixes

  • Fixed broken onboarding in WordPress Multisite after adding a new site to the network
  • Contact totals in tag editor now link to tagged list

2.2.8 (2014.12.15)


  • Added in CTAs for Leadin Pro

2.2.7 (2014.12.09)

  • Bug fixes
  • Fixing upgrade process from 2.2.6

2.2.6 (2014.12.08)


  • Added names to contact export
  • Added “tagged as” to contact notification email subject lines

  • Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug with non-tagged contacts being added to tagged lists

2.2.5 (2014.11.20)

  • Bug fixes
  • Fixes to bulk action labels
  • Fixed Add Tag button

2.2.4 (2014.10.31)

  • Bug fixes
  • Patch for 2.2.3 database structure. We forgot to include the new form_hashkey field in the database upgrade

2.2.3 (2014.10.31)


  • Added "Tags" link to sidebar menu
  • Added the applied tags on form submission timeline events
  • Added the form selector on submission events in the timeline
  • Added language in the subject of the contact notification emails to indicate returning vs. new visitors
  • Leadin will now detect first names + last names and store them on the contact + push to ESP connectors
  • Retroactively apply names to all contacts where possible

  • Bug fixes

  • If a contact changes their email, Leadin will now push the new email to the ESP connectors
  • Added safeguards into all third party libraries to see if they are included already in the WordPress admin
  • Added default Javascript values to the popup form if the get_footer function isn't being called

2.2.2 (2014.10.16)


  • Leadin now include the utm_ tags from the original first page view when parsing the sources

  • Bug fixes

  • Unchecking all the template checkboxes for the popup then saving no longer rechecks them all
  • Added in current_time fix for older versions of WordPress
  • Retooled tag editor to only pull down unique selectors
  • Contact list now will go back to the previous page when clicking the back link
  • Fixed mysterious bug where popup ignored new visitors
  • NOW the subscription confirmation stays checked/uncheckedon save (Thanks Kate!)

2.2.1 (2014.10.01)


  • Added video from WPApplied to readme file

  • Bug fixes

  • Page view filters now work in the all contacts list
  • Subscription confirmation box didn't work in settings page if the "homepage" checkbox was unchecked
  • Leadin menu link no longer shows up in the front-end menu bar for non-logged in users
  • Stopped selecting duplicate tags on a contact in the timeline view
  • Select inputs did not pull down the text and instead used the value. Fixed and use text now for selected option
  • Timezones with a database offset on the contact timeline were not correctly fixed in last update
  • Fix to ignore all cURL calls if script isn't present on the server
  • Disable beta program is cURL does not exist on the server
  • Fixed “<- All contacts” link showing up next to back link on a specific contact type in timeline view

2.2.0 (2014.09.25)


  • Added ability to ignore logged in user roles from tracking
  • Popup can be previewed on the front end site before saving changes
  • MailChimp Connect checks for faulty API keys and prompts the user to enter in one that works on the tag editor page
  • Email headers for contact notificatons come from the person who filled in the form
  • Added traffic source URL parameters to contact notification emails

  • Bug fixes

  • Leadin now accounts for timezones descrepency on some MySQL databases and offsets to local time
  • Filters are now persistent when clicking the link back to the contact list from a contact timeline
  • cURL dependency no longer prints the raw error to the screen on installation and gracefully disables cURL-dependant features
  • Stats page and contact list totals didn't match up - fixed

2.1.0 (2014.09.19)


  • Improved onboarding
  • Added setting include a short description to the popup under the form heading
  • General style improvements to the popup form power-up

  • Bug fixes

  • Contact filters are now persistent when navigating back to the main contact list from the contact timeline

2.0.2 (2014.09.09)

  • Bug fixes
  • Fix inconsistent sources on stats widgets and contact timeline widgets
  • Onboarding tooltip popup for setting up settings now works correctly
  • Parse out get vars for traffic sources in the contact timeline

2.0.1 (2014.09.01)


  • Removed "Who read my post" widget analytics from the post editor
  • Separated backend from frontend code to speed up ajax calls on both sides

  • Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug when deleting specifically selected contacts looked like all the contacts were deleted on the page refresh
  • Organic traffic and paid traffic sources are now parsing more accurately
  • Credit card forms will add to the timeline now but will block all credit card information
  • Bulk edited tags now push contacts to ESP lists when added
  • Lists with existing contacts retroactively push email addresses to corresponding ESP list
  • Renamed MailChimp Contact Sync + Constant Contact Sync to MailChimp Connect + Constant Contact Connect
  • Fixed returning contacts vs. new contacts in dashboard widget
  • Contact export works again
  • Fixed insecure content warning on SSL
  • Non-administrators no longer can see the Leadin menu links or pages
  • Settings link missing from plugins list page
  • Line break contact notifications previews
  • Setup a mailto link on the contact notification email in the details header

2.0.0 (2014.08.11)


  • Create a custom tagged list based on form submission rules
  • Ability to sync tagged contacts to a specific ESP list
  • Filter lists by form selectors

  • Bug fixes

  • Fix contact export for selected contacts
  • Text area line breaks in the contact notifications now show properly
  • Contact numbers at top of list did not always match number in sidebar - fixed

1.3.0 (2014.07.14)


  • Multisite compatibility

1.2.0 (2014.06.25)

  • Bug fixes
  • Contacts with default "contact status" were not showing up in the contact list
  • WordPress admin backends secured with SSL can now be used with Leadin
  • Namespaced the referrer parsing library for the Sources widget


  • Leadin VIP program

1.1.1 (2014.06.20)

  • Bug fixes
  • Emergency bug fix on activation caused by broken SVN merging

1.1.0 (2014.06.20)

  • Bug fixes
  • Leadin subscriber email confirmations were not sending
  • Removed smart contact segmenting for leads


  • Added more contact status types for contacted + customer
  • Setup collection for form IDs + classes

1.0.0 (2014.06.12)

  • Bug fixes
  • Fixed sort by visits in the contacts list


  • Contacts filtering
  • Stats dashboard
  • Sources

0.10.0 (2014.06.03)

  • Bug fixes
  • Fixed original referrer in contact timeline
  • Fixed unncessary queries on contact timeline
  • Only run the update check if the version number is different than the saved number
  • Remove "fakepath" from file path text in uploaded file input types


  • Expire the subscribe cookie after a few weeks
  • Ability to disable a subscribe notification
  • Added jQuery validation to the subscribe pop-up
  • Multi-select input support
  • Block forms with credit card fields from capturing contact information
  • Updated contact timeline views
  • Updated new contact notification emails

0.9.3 (2014.05.19)

  • Bug fixes
  • Fix for duplicate values being stored in the active power-ups option

0.9.2 (2014.05.16)


  • Overhaul of settings page to make it easier to see which settings go with each power-up
  • Launched Leadin Beta Program

0.9.1 (2014.05.14)

  • Bug fixes
  • Fixed pop-up location dropdown not defualting to saved options value
  • Hooked subscribe widget into get_footer action instead of loop_end filter

0.9.0 (2014.05.12)

  • Bug fixes
  • Remove leadin-css file enqueue call


  • Show faces of people who viewed a post/page in the editor
  • Add background color to avatars so they are easier to see
  • Various UI fixes

0.8.5 (2014.05.08)

  • Bug fixes
  • Fixed broken contact notification emails

0.8.4 (2014.05.07)

  • Bug fixes
  • Fixed HTML encoding of apostrophes and special characters in the database for page titles


  • Added ability to toggle subscribe widget on posts, pages, archives or the home page
  • Sort contacts by last visit

0.8.3 (2014.05.06)

  • Bug fixes
  • Merge duplicate contacts into one record
  • Remove url parameters from source links in contact list
  • Downgrade use of singletons so classes are compatabile with PHP 5.2


  • Swap out delete statements in favor of binary "deleted" flags to minimize data loss risk
  • Sort contacts by last visit

0.8.2 (2014.05.02)

  • Bug fixes
  • Removed namespace usage in favor or a low-tech work around to be compliant with PHP 5.2 and lower

0.8.1 (2014.04.30)

  • Bug fixes
  • Namespaced duplicate classes

0.8.0 (2014.04.30)

  • Bug fixes
  • Fix scrolling issue with subscribe pop-up
  • Duplicate class bug fixes


  • Add optional first name, last name and phone fields for subscribe pop-up
  • Change out contact notification emails to be from settings email address
  • Ability to disable contact notification emails
  • Constant Contact list sync power-up
  • Sync optional contact fields (name + phone) to email service provider power-ups

0.7.2 (2014.04.18)

  • Bug fixes
  • Fix contact deletion bug
  • Implement data recovery fix for contacts
  • Bug fixes to contact merging

0.7.1 (2014.04.11)

  • Bug fixes
  • SVN bug fix that did not add the MailChimp List sync power-up

0.7.0 (2014.04.10)


  • MailChimp List Sync power-up
  • Added new themes (bottom right, bottom left, top and pop-up) to the WordPress Subscribe Widget power-up

0.6.2 (2014.04.07)

  • Bug fixes
  • Fixed activation error for some installs by removing error ouput
  • MySQL query optimizations
  • Fixed bug with MySQL V5.0+ by adding default NULL values for insert statements on contacts table
  • Changed title for returning lead email notifications
  • Setting to change button label on


  • Added ability to change button label on subscribe widget

0.6.1 (2014.03.12)

  • Bug fixes
  • Updated read me.txt file
  • Updated screenshots

0.6.0 (2014.03.07)

  • Bug fixes
  • Remove in-house plugin updating functionality
  • Original referrer is always the server url, not the HTTP referrer
  • Strip slashes from title tags
  • Number of contacts does not equal leads + commenters + subscribers
  • Modals aren't bound to forms after page load
  • Fix bug with activating + reactivating the plugin overwriting the saved settings
  • Override button styles for Subscribe Pop-up widget


  • Improved readability on new lead notification emails
  • Confirmation email added for new subscribers to the Leadin Subscribe Pop-up
  • Updated screenshots
  • Improved onboarding flow
  • Deleted unused and deprecated files

0.5.1 (2014.03.03)

  • Bug fixes
  • Fixed Subscribe Pop-up automatically enabling itself

0.5.0 (2014.02.25)

  • Bug fixes
  • Add (blank page title tag) to emails and contact timeline for blank page titles
  • Fix link on admin nav menu bar to link to contact list
  • Ignore lead notifications and subscribe popup on login page
  • Saving an email no longer overwrites all the Leadin options
  • Added live chat support


  • New power-ups page
  • Leadin Subscribe integrated into plugin as a power-up
  • Improved contact history styling + interface
  • Added visit, pageview and submission stats to the contact view
  • Added Live Chat into the Leadin WordPress admin screens
  • New Leadin icons for WordPres sidebar and admin nav menu

0.4.6 (2013.02.11)

  • Bug fixes
  • Fix table sorting for integers
  • Bug fixes to contact type headings
  • Bug fix "Select All" export
  • Bug fix for CSS "page views" hover triangle breaking to next line
  • Backwards compability for < jQuery 1.7.0
  • Add Leadin link to admin bar


  • New onboarding flow

0.4.5 (2013.01.30)


  • Integration with Leadin Subscribe

0.4.4 (2013.01.24)

  • Bug fixes
  • Bind submission tracking on buttons and images inside of forms instead of just submit input types


  • Change out screenshots to obfiscate personal information

0.4.3 (2013.01.13)

  • Bug fixes
  • Fixed Leadin form submission inserts for comments
  • Resolved various silent PHP warnings in administrative dashboard
  • Fixed Leadin updater class to be compatible with WP3.8
  • Improved contact merging logic to be more reliable


  • Improved onboarding flow
  • Optimized form submission catching + improved performance

0.4.2 (2013.12.30)

  • Bug fixes
  • Change 'contact' to 'lead' in the contacts table
  • Fixed emails always sending to the admin_email
  • Tie historical events to new lead when an email is submitted multiple times with different tracking codes
  • Select leads, commenters and subscribers on distinct email addresses
  • Fixed timeline order to show visit, then a form submission, then subsequent visits


  • Added url for each page views in the contact timeline
  • Added source for each visit event
  • Tweak colors for contact timeline
  • Default the Leadin menu to the contacts page

0.4.1 (2013.12.18)

  • Bug fixes
  • Removed Leadin header from the contact timeline view
  • Updated the wording on the menu view picker above contacts list
  • Remove pre-mp6 styles if MP6 plugin is activated
  • Default totals leads/comments = 0 when leads table is empty instead of printing blank integer
  • Legacy visitors in table have 0 visits because session support did not exist. Default to 1
  • Update ouput for the number of comments to be equal to total_comments, not total_leads
  • Added border to pre-mp6 timeline events

0.4.0 (2013.12.16)

  • Bug fixes
  • Block admin comment replies from creating a contact
  • Fixed faulty sorting by Last visit + Created on dates in contacts list


  • Timeline view of a contact history
  • New CSS styles for contacts table
  • Multiple email address support for new lead/comment emails
  • Integration + testing for popular WordPress form builder plugins
  • One click updates for manually hosted plugin

0.3.0 (2013.12.09)

  • Bug fixes
  • HTML encoded page titles to fix broken HTML characters
  • Strip slashes from page titles in emails


  • Created separate Leadin menu in WordPress admin
  • CRM list of all contacts
  • Added ability to export list of contacts
  • Leadin now distinguishes between a contact requests and comment submissions
  • Added link to CRM list inside each contact/comment email

0.2.0 (2013.11.26)

  • Bug fixes
  • Broke up page view history by session instead of days
  • Fixed truncated form submission titles
  • Updated email headers


  • Plugin now updates upon activation and keeps record of version
  • Added referral source to each session
  • Added link to page for form submissions
  • Updated email subject line
  • Added social media avatars to emails

0.1.0 (2013.11.22)

  • Plugin released

Requires: 3.7 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.1.1
Last Updated: 2015-2-18
Active Installs: 6,000+


4.7 out of 5 stars


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