Contact Form and Calls To Action by vCita


Contact Form & Calls-to-Action is the ultimate way to capture more leads and business opportunities on your WordPress website.

The Active Contact Form & Calls-to-Action plugin is designed to actively invite website visitors to engage with your business both on desktop and mobile, and has proven to double the number of visitors who contact your team through your WordPress website.

Quickly view, manage and reply to customers on-the-go with the vCita Mobile CRM App for iPhone or Android

vCita Active Contact Form & Calls To Action turns your site into a LiveSite – inviting your clients to take actions on every page on your site:

  • Contact or leave details
  • Schedule an appointment or meeting
  • Register to an event
  • Make an online payment
  • Share documents
  • Click to call

Check out Active Contact Form in this live demo


Contact Form & Calls To Action is fully translated to:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • French
  • German
  • Russian
  • Polish
  • Italian
  • Dutch

Can’t find your language here? Active Contact Form can be manually customized to any language!

vCita Active Contact Form & Calls-to-Action allows you to fully customize the experience using the vCita SDK – add more actions, design your own popup content, customize the UI and more.

vCita Active Contact Form & Calls to action connects to your vCita account, you may create an account at vCita directly from the plugin with a 14-day FREE TRIAL.

vCita Active Contact Form & Calls-to-Action helps you in turning more leads into clients with automated actions and advanced management options:

Active Contact Form & Calls-to-Action key features:

  • Complete customization of the active contact form layout, texts colors and theme.
  • Receive all contact form submissions and scheduling requests to your email.
  • Set multiple recipient to receive the contact form submissions.
  • Quickly view and reply on-the-go with the vCita Mobile App for iPhone or Android
  • Complete communication history of all contact form submissions
  • Client portal for your new and returning customers, where they can view past communication, upcoming appointments and required payments.
  • A client record for every new lead generated on your Active Contact Form

Premium Active Contact Form & Calls-to-Action features:

  • Manage Contacts and schedule across your team – assign leads and appointments to different staff members.
  • Improved lead management options – schedule follow-ups, add privet notes, add contact details and more.
  • Send automatic appointment reminders to your clients via email or SMS
  • Receive unlimited online payments (instead of only $300/month)
  • List unlimited services on your scheduler (instead of only 3)
  • Automatically send all leads to Email Marketing tools including : MailChimp, Constant Contacts, SendGrid and more
  • Integrate with other CRMs: Salesforce, infusionsoft, Zoho CRM, Insightly and others.
  • Add Google Analytics and conversion tracking
  • Get customer insights and additional info from social media
  • Manage contacts and schedule across your teeam

More of vCita Active Contact Form & Calls-to-Action features:

  • Select which calls-to-action will be available on you Active Contact Form.
  • Brand and customize the colors and fonts of your active contact form.
  • Set which action will be most promoted on your Active Contact Form.
  • Customize the texts showing on your Active Contact Form.
  • Add links and edit fonts and colors in your active contact form.
  • Manage all Active Contact form submissions in one dashboard.
  • Active Contact Form is mobile optimized!
  • Send customized thank you message to clients who contact you via the Active Contact Form.
  • Add customized fields to the Active Contact Form.
  • Add your image or business logo to the Active Contact Form.
  • Add your Active Contact Form to multiple sites.
  • Assign Active Contact Form submissions to different staff members.
  • Automatically add leads and contacts generated on your Active Contact Form to your contact management software.
  • Track and prioritize Active Contact Form submissions.
  • Responsive Active Contact Form that look great on any device.
  • Active contact form offers your clients a personalized, self-service portal.
  • Export contact generated on your Active Contact Form to CSV.
  • Select an Active Contact Form color theme, or define your own Active Contact Form theme.
  • Create and customize your Active Contact Form using an easy drag and drop builder.
  • Add customized actions to your active contact form using the LiveSite SDK.
  • Set the order of the actions in your active contact form.
  • Accept appointments via your active contact form.
  • Allow clients to directly call your business using your active contact form.
  • Invite clients to make payments using your active contact form.
  • Active contact form may send a custom thank you message with any contact form submission
  • Add different types of fields into your active contact form: drop-down, single line, phone, and more
  • Select the layout of the active contact form: active contact form with floating action bar, or active contact form with integrated action bar.
  • Show your clients a list of offered services using your active contact form
  • Your clients will see a success message after submitting the contact form.
  • Add google analytics code to your active contact form.
  • You may add terms or service to appointments or services done through your active contact form.
  • Receive automated SMS notification with any new contact request on your active contact form.
  • Unlimited number of contact form submissions.
  • Add the active contact form on specific pages.
  • Advanced spam protection to make your contact form safer.
  • Set the active contact form labels position.
  • Receive contact form submission notification to multiple emails.
  • See where the contact form submission originated from (URL)
  • Set which fields on your active contact form are mandatory.
  • Use the active contact form to promote a specific service or offering.
  • Respond faster to new contact form submissions.
  • Add unlimited fields to your contact form
  • Set the order of the fields on your contact form
  • Customize the contact form fields label layout (to the left, above or inside the contact form dields)
  • Your visitors can upload files through your active contact form
  • Set your own validation message that will be displayed when the active contact form is successfully submitted
  • Active contact form will increase mobile conversions on your website

Find out more about vCita

More About Contact Form & Calls To Action by vCita

vCita LiveSite Pack offers a verity of contact forms. You can use a basic contact form, add different fields to your contact form so it matches your business needs, create an active contact form to greet your website visitors on every page and more.

What does the basic contact form include?

  • The basic contact form allows you to create customized contact form and add it to your WordPress website with ease.
  • You can add and edit unlimited number of fields to your contact form
  • The contact form can include a logo image, a short description of your business and a scheduling button.
  • The Contact form can be added to multiple websites and pages.
  • Contact form design and layout is easy to customize.

What does the active contact form include?

  • The active contact form (LiveSite Widget) is a lead engagement contact form widget that can be added at the bottom of your website.
  • It include several contact form options such as leave details contact form, scheduling contact form, payment form and upload file contact form.
  • The active contact form is automatically added to all pages on the website, and can be added to multiple sites.
  • Active contact form is a proven way to increase the number of leads and customers generated on your site.
  • The active contact form can be fully customized to represent your business needs. This includes all texts, colors, layout and call to actions.

How can I manage contacts with vCita?

  • vCita Active contact form helps you generate more leads and contacts from your website.
  • All contact form submissions are delivered to your vCita Backoffice, were you can view, search and edit contacts, mark for follow-ups and more.

vCita contact form is available in any language

  • All form fields, buttons and other texts are fully editable and can be changed to any language.
  • vCita is already fully translated to: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, Polish and Hebrew.

The vCita Mobile App – never miss a lead

The new vcita mobile app will help you respond faster, and maximize ever contact form request. All contact form submissions will automatically show on your mobile app, were you can reply, invite for a follow-up meeting or call, request a payment and more.


  • Active Contact Form & Calls To Action - Doubles the number of new business opportunities your website generate, and automatically streams them into your CRM.
  • Full customization - to perfectly match your business need and website theme.
  • Client Records - For every lead captured on your site a new "Client Card", including all information about the lead, is created. You can search for clients and leads, Mark the lead status and make follow-up actions: Schedule an appointment, send an invoice and more. right time for the right price. Appointments can be conducted at any location, by phone, via Skype or any online meeting.
  • Manage & follow up with clients
  • Receive notifications for every new lead


Recommended installation for Active Contact Form & Calls To Action by vCita

  1. Connect to WordPress admin Panel
  2. Click the “Plugins” menu on the left and choose “Add New”.
    Search for “Lead Capturing Call To Actions by vCita” and install it.
  3. After the appointment booking plugin installation has finished, click “Activate”.
  4. Click on the new “vCita lead capturing” tab that is now available on your left bar.
  5. Insert your email to which new appointment booking requests will be sent, and click “OK”
  6. Insert your first name and last name in the pop-up window and click “Submit” to continue to editing you online booking preferences.


Can I add vCita Lead Capturing Calls-to-Action widget on a specific page?

Yes! Visit our support forum for a step-by-step instructions

How do I set my availability for appointments, hourly rate and other preferences?

Once you enter your email, you will receive an email from vCita to complete your registration.
You will then have the option to customize your widget, add your photo, set meeting preferences and schedule.
Once you are logged in to vCita, you can always change your settings from the WordPress plugin settings page.

What types of services can I offer?
  • Free or paid services
    • from 5 minutes to a whole day event
    • In-person appointment, online meeting (video, chat and more) and Phone
How can I collect payments?

vCita offers online payments collect as part of the LiveSite solution. You may connect you PayPal or Stripe account and accept online payments in almost any currency. Funds are deposited directly to your bank or PayPal account.
With vCita LiveSite you can let your clients make a payment for any service, secure a payment as part of the scheduling process, or send an invoice for your clients to pay.

Have More questions? Need assistance? Visit our Support forum and FAQ

What are vCita Terms and Conditions?

Please visit Terms and Conditions

What is vCita Privacy Policy?

Please visit Privacy Policy


This is a pretty slick plugin but…

This is a pretty nice plugin, but editing the settings requires you to do it thought their website instead of being able to do it through the WordPress control panel, which is annoying. Also there's a reciprocal link embedded in the top of your contact forms which takes your visitors to their website. For me, that reciprocal link makes the plugin unusable but for people who don't care this is a great contact form option.
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Contributors & Developers

“Contact Form and Calls To Action by vCita” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



Active Contact Form & Calls To Action by vCita Version 2.6

  • Compatibility with WordPress 5.1
  • Automatic marketing campaigns added: send automatic birthday coupons to your customers, define your trigger and create beautiful email campaigns for any special occasion.
  • Client portal updated
  • New image gallery & upload function: increase your brand visibility & look as pro online as in real life
  • Bug fixed

Active Contact Form & Calls To Action by vCita Version 2.5.6

  • Security and privacy adjustments (full compliance with GDPR requirements)
  • Issue branded price estimates, let clients approve them online and turn them into invoices in a single click
  • Charge clients’ credit card directly from your backoffice
  • Accept, collect & record partial payments for upcoming or rendered services & appointments
  • New automated reminders for overdue invoices and for about-to-expire estimates
  • New “saved items” library to add pre-saved services to invoices & estimates
  • Add your business terms & conditions to estimates and invoices
  • New option to set and enforce your business cancellation & rescheduling policy
  • Two new staff permission types: Manager and Marketer (in addition to the existing roles of Administrator, Collaborator and User)
  • New option to add private documents to your client cards for internal use
  • Schedule email & SMS campaigns to be sent out at a future date & time
  • New parameters for campaigns: insert clients’ names within your email & SMS campaigns
  • Brand new dashboard with a quick-view of all your business activity to gain insights and take action
  • New sticky custom fields allowing you to ask a returning client for specific information until they fill it in
  • Add, edit and manage past group events & classes
  • New & improved Zapier integrations: new triggers, new actions and new search option

Active Contact Form & Calls To Action by vCita Version 2.5.5

  • Compatibility with WordPress 4.9
  • Set date-specific availability
  • Schedule recurring appointments
  • Create & share discount coupons+
  • Improved invoicing & payment management
  • Full translation to Italian

Active Contact Form & Calls To Action by vCita Version 2.5.4

  • Compatibility with WordPress 4.8

Active Contact Form & Calls To Action by vCita Version 2.5.3

  • Staff assignment rules
  • Email & SMS campaigns
  • Mobile App performance improvements

Active Contact Form & Calls To Action by vCita Version 2.5.2

  • Add any link or action to your Active Contact Form
  • Compatibility with WordPress 4.7

Active Contact Form & Calls To Action by vCita Version 2.5.1

  • More action options to your liveSite including: play video, show url and more
  • Compatibility with WordPress 4.6

Active Contact Form & Calls To Action by vCita Version 2.4.0

  • Compatibility with WordPress 4.5

Active Contact Form & Calls To Action by vCita Version 2.4.0

  • Some UI improvements

Active Contact Form & Calls To Action by vCita Version 2.3.0

  • Compatibility with WordPress 4.4.1
  • Fixes to support PHP version 5.2.17

Active Contact Form & Calls To Action by vCita Version 2.1.0

  • Mobile App
  • UI improvements

Active Contact Form & Calls To Action by vCita Version 2.0.0

  • Completely new design with more lead capturing options!
  • Compatibility with WordPress 4.3.1

Active Contact Form & Calls To Action by vCita Version 1.4.0

  • Fixed some minor bugs

Active Contact Form & Calls To Action by vCita Version 1.3.0

  • Some UI improvements

Active Contact Form & Calls To Action by vCita Version 1.2.0

  • Improved payment options
  • Introduced the vCita SDK
  • Compatibility with WordPress 4.3

Active Contact Form & Calls To Action by vCita Version 1.1.0

  • Compatibility with WordPress 4.2
  • Fixed some bugs

Active Contact Form & Calls To Action by vCita Version 1.0.0

  • Initial Version