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Laveem Nutrition Label


Laveem is a company dedicated to providing the world with tools to make healthier food decisions. We believe that the only way to stem the growing epidemic of diet related disease is to empower people with the information to make better choices daily. At Laveem, our goal is to provide this information for every food, everywhere.

Labeem Label is one of our products to help content creators to provide useful nutrition information to their readers. By installing Laveem Label you can easily create customizable nutrition labels for your blogs and sites.


  • ** Laveem Label - Badge, Bar, Table, Table (traditional) ** - You can choose from a variety of types and styles to suit your blog design.
  • ** Laveem Label - Example ** - What it could look like on a blog post page.
  • ** Laveem Label - View Details ** - Your readers can click on View Details button to get more detailed nutrition information.
  • ** Laveem Label - Personalize Details ** - The detailed nutrition information can be personalized to each reader.
  • ** Dashboard Settings Page ** - Once you're signed up at, simply copy and paste your API key, and you're ready to create Laveem Labels.


  1. Upload the laveem-nutrition-label folder to /wp-content/plugins/
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. If you don’t already have a Laveem account, sign up at
  4. Configure the plugin in the WordPress Settings > Laveem menu
  5. Now you are ready to creat your Labels! Go to to create Labels and simply copy & paste generated tags in your blog post.


What is Laveem?

Laveem is a technology company dedicated to giving consumers nutrition and allergen information for every food in the world. We believe that empowering people to make healthier decisions through by democratizing knowledge is the only way this world will overcome the growing threat of diet related diseases.

What makes Laveem’s technology special?

From the outside, it would appear that Laveem simply collected over a million recipes and build a technology that can compute nutrition information, given a recipe or food name. This basic outward appearance belies a much more interested technology, and its simplicity is a reflection on our philosophy on how humans should interact with technology.
Laveem’s core technology is based around a concept we call The Food Genome Project — a technology that understands food from a variety of different angles and and interacts with it on a truly fundamental level. Given a recipe or a food, we understand what allergens it contains, what ingredients it contains (or in the case of a food, likely contains), what food groups it represents, what major flavorings it contains, and what dishes it is similar to. Our algorithms are designed to understand and work seamlessly in a wide variety of human-language inputs; our system automatically knows that okra is the same thing as lady finger, but it also knows that okra is a good source of folate and can be a tasty thickening agent in a lot of dishes!
We’ve spent the time to collect and organize all of this food information so that you can talk to our technology about food however you want to, and we’ll give you the answers back in a way that you care about.

How do I integrate Laveem Labels into my website?

To get Laveem Labels, you can create an account and then follow the instructions here.

I use hRecipe format for my page. Does Laveem Labels work with that?

We will shortly be supporting hRecipe format.

Why do I need to paste any code to get Laveem Labels to work?

Part of what makes Laveem Labels so engaging is that the widget it generates is interactive, giving each viewer a personalized experience. We think letting people make sense of nutritional information within the context of their lives is very important. We also want to make sure that whatever data we display represents the freshest and highest quality content available to us. Embedding code on your page allows us to do this without having to burden you with any more work than cutting and pasting once.

Why can’t Laveem Labels give me an image to use?

We have found that static image content isn’t nearly as engaging or informative for users, who tend to spend more time interacting with and paying attention to dynamic content that they can personalize. In addition, having embedded code ensures that we are constantly serving your audience with the freshest data, without forcing you to do any extra work.

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