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LaTeX2HTML makes you write blog like in LaTeX doc.

Any question can be feed back at there (turn to the support pannel)

User's Manual

The full User's Manual contains:

1.  How to Write the Basic Information of Your Post
2.  How to Write Section, Subsection and Subsubsection
3.  Itemize and Enumerate: How to List Stuffs
4.  The Color Scheme: How to Colorize You Content
5.  How to Write a Theorem
5.1.  Definition, Lemma, Proposition, Theorem, Corollary, Remark, Proof
5.1.1.  Basic Usage of Environments
5.1.2.  Assign a Name for Your Theorem
5.1.3.  The Proof Environment
5.1.4.  More Examples of Environments
5.2.  The Problem, Answer Environments
5.3.  The Exercise Environment
5.4.  The Quote Environment
6.  Auto Numbering and Referring Back
6.1.  Auto Numbering and Referring Back to Equations
6.1.1.  How to Refer back to Equation Number
6.1.2.  My Suggestion on “How to Write Equations”
6.2.  Auto Numbering and Referring Back to Environments
6.2.1.  Auto Numbering of Environments
6.2.2.  Referring Back to Environments
6.3.  Referring Back to Section
7.  BibTeX Citations
7.1.  How to Add BibTeX Data
7.2.  How to Cite
8.  Last Words and Feed Back
8.1.  How to Jump Between Links
9.  How to Get it?

A Test Example

For a test, you can do the following:

\title{Hello LaTeX2HTML}
If $f\in C^1([a,b])$ then
\int_a^b f'(x) d x=f(b)-f(a)
In \autoref{thm:NL} the main part is \eqref{eq:NL}.

Add a new post (it should be in the HTML code mode rather than the visual mode), copy the code into your new post, then preview it.

In fact, after a while you will find that it almost as if you were write your TeX doc rather than a post!

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.1
Last Updated: 2 weeks ago
Active Installs: 50+


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