Kount Fraud Prevention


Kount’s Fraud Protection Platform is the industry choice for advanced protection. Recognized as the leader by analysts such as Forrester, Quadrant, 451 Research, and Frost & Sullivan, Kount is advancing protection throughout the customer Journey. Trusted by over 9,000 top brands, Kount’s WooCommerce extension immediately delivers accurate, scalable protection.

Stop chargebacks, reduce manual reviews and accept more orders while reducing customer friction and false positives. Kount’s simple extension delivers the full power of Kount’s AI-driven fraud prevention solution. Access the most accurate eCommerce fraud protection to immediately improve your profitability. Kount’s automated fraud protection has no negative impacts on the merchant’s site and won’t add friction to the checkout process, with orders being automatically accepted or declined in less than 250 milliseconds to ensure an optimal customer experience.

Get up and running quickly. Easily install and configure the Kount extension in less than an hour to access automated, real-time order decisioning. Immediately gain built-in, comprehensive fraud prevention, order status notifications, and inventory management for your WooCommerce store. With Kount’s AI-driven fraud protection you can:

  • Reduce manual reviews up to 83%
  • Reduce false positives up to 70%
  • Reduce chargebacks up to 99%


  • Protect against chargebacks and disputes
  • Accept more good orders
  • Reduce manual reviews and automate decisions
  • Install quickly for immediate protection

3rd Party Integrations

  • Kount.com
    • This plugin is built as an integration into Kount’s award-winning Identity Trust Platform. It includes integrations into two Kount products, Kount Command and Kount Control. Reach out to the Kount team for more information about the platform here. You will need to sign a contract with the Kount team before you will be able to use this plugin.
    • You can read the terms of use for Kount’s platform here


Please view this link for a detailed explanation on the entire installation process of this plugin.

  1. Log into WordPress with an existing account. Go to Plugins, and click Add New.

  2. Search for Kount Fraud Prevention, click Install Now, and the plugin displays in the plugins list.

  3. With the plugin installed successfully, it displays in the menu list of WordPress as Kount. Click Kount in the menu list to enter the configuration information:

    • Account Information

      • Enable Plugin: When enabled, provide risk assessments from Kount
      • Merchant ID: The Kount provided 6-digit ID
    • Payment Settings

      • Payment Workflow Mode: This can be either Pre Authorization or Post Authorization
      • API Key: The API Key created in the API Key Management screen within the Agent Web Console (AWC)
      • ENS Callback URL: URL configured in the Agent Web Console (AWC) for receiving Event Notification System messages. This is a read-only field and is used as the value for the ENS API URL configured in the Kount AWC.
      • Website ID: The Website ID setup in the Agent Web Console (AWC)
      • Order Cancellation Message: The message sent when an order is cancelled
    • Account Creation Settings

      • Account Creation: When enabled, provide a risk assessment for WooCommerce/WordPress Account Creation
      • Trusted Device: When enabled, call the Trusted Device API after Account Creation
      • Website ID: The Website ID setup in the Agent Web Console (AWC)
    • Account Login Settings

      • Account Login: When enabled, provide a risk assessment for Account Login
      • Login API Key: The API Key created in the API Key Management screen within the Agent Web Console (AWC)
      • Trusted Device: when enabled, call the Trusted Device API after Account Login
    • Event Logging

      • Select logs level: The minimum level to log
      • Logs delete duration (in days): The period of time logs are retained
      • Download log file: Select the file to download
  4. Save the configuration information.


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Contributors & Developers

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  • 1.0.6
    • Changing an order from Review or Escalate to Approve in Kount will change the order’s state to Processing if it is On Hold on WooCommerce
  • 1.0.5
    • removed BOM encoding from a file that caused plugin issues on certain hosts
    • removed use of deprecated constructors in php
  • 1.0.3
    • initial release