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Kocuj Sitemap

Display a sitemap by shortcode, widget or PHP function. Multilingualism (qTranslate, qTranslate X plugins) is supported. WP and WP Multisite.


  • 0000289: [Bug] Some other plugins cannot be saved in administration panel when "Kocuj Sitemap" plugin is activated.


  • 0000284: [Bug] Add support for all WordPress types for qTranslate support.


  • 0000283: [Bug] Fix support for qTranslate plugin.


  • 0000281: [Bug] Wrong display of multiple menus.


Correct versioning for WordPress repository (2.0.1 cannot be updated).


  • 0000280: [Bug] Wrong display of the selected menus in administration panel.


  • 0000279: [Bug] Fix sending "thanks" when administration panel is using "https" protocol.
  • 0000154: [Feature] Add possibility for disable cache; sometimes it is necessary for cooperation with other plugins.
  • 0000204: [Bug] Fix problems with posts in hierarchical categories.
  • 0000206: [Feature] Remove compatibility with WordPress versions older than 4.3.
  • 0000270: [Bug] Fix wrong sorting by names and titles when multi-lingual plugins are in use.
  • 0000145: [Feature] Add more help information.
  • 0000276: [Feature] Add deprecated debug information for plugin actions and filters that are not used anymore.
  • 0000277: [Feature] Change filters names to better compatibility with original WordPress filters names.
  • 0000271: [Feature] Optimize cache file size.
  • 0000266: [Feature] Add using qTranslate-X for multi-lingual content.
  • 0000267: [Feature] Set translations to be compatible with requirements for translate.wordpress.org.
  • 0000223: [Feature] Change all comparision to strict comparisions in PHP and JavaScript.
  • 0000264: [Feature] Block sending "thanks" when IP is local.
  • 0000207: [Bug] When "qTranslate" plugin is installed or configured after "Kocuj Sitemap" plugin, cache can have untranslated texts.
  • 0000216: [Feature] Move cache directory to "wp-content/cache/kocuj-sitemap" directory.
  • 0000215: [Feature] Remove all extract() functions from code.
  • 0000213: [Feature] Remove PHP end tags.
  • 0000205: [Feature] Change HTML 5 compatible mode for IE to conditional comments, instead of checking of browser in PHP.
  • 0000169: [Feature] Add compatibility with multiple blogs.
  • 0000202: [Feature] Add more filters.
  • 0000178: [Feature] Add window in administration panel after update from version 1.x.x with information about important changes in version 2.0.0.
  • 0000179: [Feature] Add possibility for change section name for each language.
  • 0000181: [Feature] Remove unnecessary "eval()" from code.
  • 0000180: [Feature] Remove cron job for plugin.
  • 0000168: [Feature] Add more options for each type displayed in the sitemap.
  • 0000142: [Feature] Add widget with sitemap.
  • 0000160: [Feature] Add possibility to exclude other entries than posts or pages, for example, categories.
  • 0000150: [Bug] Changes in permalinks settings should regenerate cache.
  • 0000162: [Feature] Secure cache directory.
  • 0000157: [Feature] Reorganize plugin menu in administration panel.
  • 0000153: [Feature] Reorganize entire core.
  • 0000158: [Feature] Add information about possibility of review of this plugin.
  • 0000148: [Feature] Add support for custom posts types.
  • 0000159: [Feature] Add possibility to display authors list and tags list.
  • 0000149: [Feature] Add possibility for dividing a sitemap into sections (posts, pages, etc.).
  • 0000146: [Feature] Allow administrator to disable sitemap button from HTML and visual editor.
  • 0000156: [Feature] Generate cache in frontend (for compatibility with some plugin, especially excluding posts) and add option to disable it.
  • 0000143: [Feature] Add options to exclude some posts and pages from the sitemap.
  • 0000155: [Feature] Add option "settings" to plugins menu in administration panel.


  • 0000167: [Bug] Correct creating a sitemap cache too many times after changing any option.


There are no new features or bug fixes - only information if your server or hosting account is prepared for version 2.0.0 of this plugin.


  • 0000268: [Bug] Fix incompatibility with standard menu WordPress class.
  • 0000269: [Feature] Add "index.html" to all directories for more security.


  • 0000161: [Feature] Add French language.


  • 0000139: [Bug] Fix plugin registering hook.
  • 0000140: [Bug] Fix security in forms in administration panel.
  • 0000127: [Feature] Add support for qTranslate plugin to correctly display links and titles.
  • 0000129: [Feature] Add additional author information to administration panel (like Facebook link).
  • 0000130: [Feature] Add button in visual and HTML editor for automatically adding a plugin shortcode.
  • 0000131: [Feature] Add more text for users to help and readme.
  • 0000132: [Feature] Add additional help information to each section in administration menu for this plugin.
  • 0000133: [Feature] Add possibility to change menu list in the plugin settings without reloading the entire page.
  • 0000134: [Feature] Change possibility of sending thanks to author to be possible after 1 day of using this plugin (not just after installing it).
  • 0000135: [Feature] Change loading PHP classes for administration panel to do it only in backend to speed up scripts execution.
  • 0000136: [Feature] Add possibility to change order of menus list in administration settings for this plugin.


  • 0000137: [Bug] Fix comptability with PHP 5.4 series.


  • 0000123: [Bug] Check and correct any problems with readme.txt for correct displaying information on wordpress.org repository.
  • 0000122: [Feature] Add plugin help to administration panel.


  • First version of plugin.

Requires: 4.4 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.5.1
Last Updated: 4 weeks ago
Active Installs: 2,000+


4.6 out of 5 stars


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