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Keyring Social Importers

Import your posts/images/etc from other web services into your WordPress install. Own your content.


  • NOTE: Update Keyring to 1.6.2 for best results
  • Bugfix: Discovered a problem with the way "raw" import data was being encoded and stored (as JSON), which rendered it (sometimes) un-encodeable. Changed to use wp_slash() before storing it, which means all future data is "clean". Working on a script to recover as much as possible, or you can delete old posts and re-import them, and their import data will be stored using the new approach, and thus be more accessible.
  • Enhancement: New Fitbit Importer (very basic currently)
  • Enhancement: New Moves Importer (also pretty basic)
  • Enhancement: Assigns imported media as the Featured Image on the post created to display it
  • Enhancement: Sort photos attached to Foursquare check-ins the same as the original post
  • Enhancement: Use pagination in TripIt API which makes results more reliable, and avoids timeout issues on accounts with lots of trip data
  • Enhancement: Handle multiple images on Tweets
  • Enhancement: Better handling of retweets (load full content, don't truncate), props @petermolnar
  • Enhancement: Add a filter drop-down to the Posts page so that you can filter posts by the service from which they were imported
  • Bugfix: Switch to HTTPS for Flickr (now required)
  • Bugfix: Use user-id in URLs for Flickr (more reliable)
  • Bugfix: Auto-import Instagram photos using timestamps instead of ids, which is more reliable


  • BREAKING: Change from using a value in post meta (keyring_service) to using a custom taxonomy ('keyring_services') to reference the service a post was imported from. Entries are automatically created for all importers.
  • There is a script called 'migrate-keyring-postmeta-to-taxonomy.php' included in the plugin. Put it in the root of your WP install and run it (as many times as necessary, even if it crashes/runs out of memory) until it produces no output. That will convert all existing posts and remove their keyring_service postmeta.
  • Fix deprecated notice and use esc_sql()
  • Fix a string that didn't havea a textdomain
  • Tweak Instapaper importer to use last progress date to get links published closer to when you read them


  • Update Twitter API URLs to use new 1.1 API
  • Foursquare check-ins that contain photos now download and attach the photo to your local post, props Chris Finke
  • Added an action which is fired after each post is created/imported: do_action( 'keyring_post_imported', $post_id, $service_name, $post );
  • Add import_start/end actions which are called in core importers (for consistency)


  • NOTE: Requires the latest version of Keyring (v1.4)
  • NEW: Instapaper importer
  • NEW: TripIt importer
  • Only send the "must install Keyring" message once per page
  • Better handling of options for each importer
  • Check if a service is configured in Keyring before attempting to use it
  • Allow default tags to be applied to all imported posts
  • Clean up help text and instructions on a few importers


  • Updated to work with Keyring 1.2
  • Added TripIt importer (for air travel only, 1 post per "flight series")
  • Added "Default tags" option for all importers


  • Initial check-in without templating engine
  • Auto-import working for all services except Flickr, and maybe Instagram

Requires: 3.3 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.4.6
Last Updated: 1 year ago
Active Installs: 300+


5 out of 5 stars


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