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Key4ce osTicket Bridge

Get your own advanced ticket system in WordPress and Integrate osTicket into your wordpress site. Works with osTicket 1.9.3 - 1.9.12


  • Fixed jquery issue.
  • Fixed help topic blank config issue.
  • Added loader based up on department selection.
  • Fixed Attchment issue with multi language OSTicket.
  • Cleaned up codes.


  • Admin reply fix.
  • plugin update database changes fix.
  • Email template fix.
  • Contact form validation fix.
  • Language captcha fix.
  • Added additional language strings to translation files.


  • Added help topic based up on department.
  • Contact form attachments, department and help topic selection options added.
  • osticket 1.9.12 compatability added.
  • Fixed: some styling issues.
  • Fixed: Full name field properly adds full name.
  • Fixed: Google re-captcha fields in the right order.


  • Help topics added
  • Time synced from osticket
  • osticket 1.9.11 compatible
  • Email template subjects added to email templates
  • Google re-captcha added to contact form.


  • Added additional File attachment functionality to ignore empty extensions
  • Fixed up queries for shortcode/ forum contact page


  • Added support for and 1.9.6
  • fixed Attachment support for higher versions


  • Functions all have prefixes to avoid conflicts with other plugins
  • Multi language support added


  • Fixes for 1.9.4 fresh installation
  • Email customer reply fix


  • osticket 1.9.4 support added
  • added osticket version selection


  • Open ticket count fixed
  • Option to enable ticket close for client
  • Client layout fixed
  • Client main page fixed
  • Small other changes in code.


  • Admin can create tickets with auto search in WP Database.
  • Mass close tickets on client ticket listing.
  • Shortcode for viewing open tickets
  • File attachment error in Admin fixed.
  • Bugged users will now be automatically updated and fixed.
  • contact form bug fixed.


  • Multiple file attachments
  • File attachment location from osTicket
  • mysql query fix- contact form sender name and email fix.
  • minor issues fixed.- updated installations (Contributed by: DivaVocals)


  • Fixed infected javascript files.


  • Single file Attachments
  • File Attachement configuration based on OSticket(Filesize,File Type,File Attachement enable/disable)
  • Corrected Admin ticket counting (Open,Closed,Answered,All)
  • HTML Email Template
  • Admin and Department Signature in Email template (based up on osTicket signature)
  • Mass delete/ Close tickets from Admin ticket listing
  • Fixed names in ticket thread
  • Fixed time equal to osTicket settings.
  • Tested with WordPress 4.0


  • Shortcode for Contact style form with captcha
  • Shortcode placement fix for ticket list and ticket create
  • CSS/ JS inclusion fix ** Submitted by Steffen Andre Langnes **
  • Login Redirect ** Submitted by Steffen Andre Langnes **


  • Prefix fix for existing plugin users
  • mysql DB errors fixed- RevSlider conflict fixed
  • Activate / Deactivate warning messages fixed.
  • If wrong database info blank page issue fixed.


  • Added database keyost_prefix field
  • Fixed mysql bugs
  • Fixed first time user issue.
  • Headers already sent fixed.
  • Creating multiple ticket pages on save has been resolved.


  • Shows name in ticket threads.
  • SMTP save field fix- Offline / Offline mode fix
  • Cleaned up legacy code


  • Shortcode redirect fix
  • Login fields added
  • Register link with redirect added
  • Premalink related issues fixed
  • Adding new users to OSticket fixed
  • Form validation fixed


  • Shortcode implementation
  • Cleaned up code issues
  • Admin Alert Email now looks into group members aswell
  • implemented Reply Separator Tag- Fixed: Email From name
  • Fixed: Many code warnings and errors in Debug mode- And much more..


  • New design for both Admin and Client end
  • Uses OSTicket email address and name based up on the department
  • Full HTML capable with rich text editor for both client and admin
  • Admin side menu displays the amount of open tickets
  • Displays "Open tickets" in the top admin menu when open tickets are available Displays "Support tickets" when no open ticket is available.
  • Added Answered status to both admin and client side
  • Security Fix: Client no longer able to see everyones ticket by entering the ticket id in the url.
  • Fix: User/ priority/ status fields compatible with OSTicket 1.9
  • Fix: Using department instead of Topic
  • Fix: If not logged in to WordPress it will redirect you to the WordPress login (works with Theme my login plugin)

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3.6
Last Updated: 1 year ago
Active Installs: 600+


4.5 out of 5 stars


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