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Kblog Metadata

Displays bibliographic metadata both for humans and computers.

Kblog Headers

There are many tools to which academics may want to advertise their work. We currently support three independent standards which are:

  1. COinS (http://ocoins.info).
  2. Meta tags as suggested by Google Scholar.
  3. Open Graph Protocol (http://ogp.me)

These will be automatically added to add pages and posts on installation of the plugin. The metadata is taken either from the user profile, the WordPress metadata, or from Kblog Author metadata.

Kblog Table of Contents

The table of contents functionality comes in two forms: one designed for embedding in an existing page, and one for computational consumption. To add a table of contents to a page add a "shortcode" to your post contents.


Additionally, it is also possible to retrieve a simple HTML or plain text representation of the table of contents from (http://blogurl/?kblog-toc=txt) or (http://blogurl/?kblog-toc=html). Author information comes from Kblog Author.

You can specify the default category for the table of contents from the Settings Menu, or accept the default which is to show them all.

Kblog Authors

Academic writing is more often multi-author than not, yet this is poorly supported within WordPress. While there are existing co-author plugins these often require assigning multiple user accounts, one per author, even though many authors will never login to WordPress. Within Kblog Authors you can add "display authors", totally independently from WordPress accounts. They will appear on Kblog Table of Contents and in metadata generated by Kblog Headers.

Authors can be added either on the "Edit Post" page of WordPress, or through the use of an [author] shortcode within the document content. Authors specified within the post content take precedence.

Kblog Title

Authors may wish to alter the apparent title of their blog for a post or a group of posts. For example, I may wish to publish a paper that I have written for a conference on my own blog, but wish the metadata to refer to the conference. Alternatively, as with bio-ontologies I may wish to host multiple meetings on a single website (one per year, for instance), and have the year, or meeting number, appear in the metadata. Kblog Title allows both of these uses, by allowing the user to set the container name ("blogname") either for an individual post, or using an Event tag.


kblog-metadata includes the HumanNameParser from Jason Priem (http://jasonpriem.org/human-name-parse/) which is licensed under the MIT License.

This plugin is copyright Phillip Lord, Newcastle University and is licensed under GPLv2.

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.4.6
Last Updated: 10 months ago
Active Installs: 60+


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