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Kama WP Smiles

Replace original WordPress smiles to pretty dynamic one. Automaticaly add smiles block to comment form and to admin panel Visual/HTML editor.

1.7.3 (18.06.2015)

FIX: some refactoring. And bugfix with ';)' (wink smile) when special char like   end with ')' we got  ) where ';)' was replaced by smile.

1.7.1 (11.05.2015)

FIX: add "kws-wrapper" css class to front-end comment smiles block in order to change styles of the block out of admin settings page.

1.6.9 (8.05.2015)

ADDED: ability to sort order of smiles. So, you can set order of how smiles will be shown in block..

1.6.8 (5.05.2015)

CHANGE: CSS styles changes. Now only additional css saves into DB and default options uses everywhere.

1.6.7 (5.5.2015)

FIX: Adaptation to Emoji icons added in WP 4.2 (6.09.2014)

Adaptation to WP 4.0

1.6.0 (24.01.2014)

  1. Images in smile block now is not image and not downloading with page. It save HTML requests.
  2. Now select used smiles in admin panel more comfortable.
  3. New principle to add smile block to comment form.
  4. CSS styles and JS scripts now adding direct to HTML document. It save HTML requests.
  5. Added smile block in admin panel.
  6. On uninstall, plugin will remove all it settings and smiles code strings from posts and comments content.
  7. Improve plugin PHP code.


Add ability to specify exceptions tags in which plugin wiil not replace smile sode to smile image.

Requires: 3.0.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.2.3
Last Updated: 2015-6-18
Active Installs: 600+


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