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Juiz Social Post Sharer

Add smart designed buttons after/before your posts to allow visitors sharing your content (includes no JavaScript mode & counters)


  • Tested up to WordPress 4.6
  • Facebook counter is back thanks to Jean-Baptiste (from Whodunit)


  • Fixes a weird bug when you select Pinterest and "Open in new window" option: networks that follow the Pinterest button will open in a new window now! (thanks to Éric's report)
  • Fixes a bug in Safari (Chrome undefined message)


  • Translation
    • Error fixed with an untranslatable english string
  • Fixes
    • Google+ and StumbleUpon counters fixed


  • Compatibility
    • Tested up to WordPress 4.5 (I took advance that time!)
    • Tested up to PHP 7 (Did you try that version? The Fast And Furious version of PHP)
  • Features
    • Twitter counter is back from the death thanks to NewShareCounts Services, a third-party that try to bring back your preciouuuus… counter. Golum!


  • Tested in WordPress 4.4.1
  • Networks:
    • New Fav button
    • New Print button
  • Security:
    • Better translation controls
  • Support info:
    • No more support for this plugin version 1.1.0 (0,2% of plugin users)
  • Better URL encode (hope so)


  • Tested in WordPress 4.4
  • Interface:
    • Better dashicons support for your custom post types
    • Some CSS reworks on admin settings
    • "Metro", "Modern" and "Black" styles are now Retina-ready
    • Button styles CSS updated (each one)
  • Engine:
    • Code rewrite to follow WordPress convention
    • Buttons are optionnaly added to excerpt (deactivated by default, see doc)
  • Networks :
    • New Delicious button
    • New Tumblr button
    • New Reddit button


  • Tested in WordPress 4.3.1
  • Code rewrite to follow WordPress convention
  • Explicit Text Domain for better translation (coming with translate.wordpress.org)
  • Bug fix when you select option "Total Only" for counters


  • Tested in WordPress 4.3.0
  • Notice PHP fixed in admin area.


  • Better Viadeo support
  • Should include a better HTTPS support


  • Tested up to WordPress 4.1.1
  • New style "Brands Colors" available (7 themes available now)
  • New themes and "Black" theme by Fandia support Retina and HDPI screens (font-icons)
  • Some little bugs in other styles fixed
  • RTL languages compatibility
  • Note: Plurk, Appnet and Flattr buttons should coming...

  • Russian Translation update (Thank you Fandia!)
  • Tested in WordPress 4.0
  • New plugin icons
  • Style 6 URL update (Fandia's website, sorry :p)


  • Some page admin improvements
  • Fixes



  • We lose our nice version number :/
  • Fixes
    • bug fix on e-mail button when post title use HTML tags (XSS - Thank you Julio)
    • bug fix on hidden sentence when post title use HTML tags (XSS - Thank you Julio)
  • New

  • WordPress 3.9.x compatibility
  • Bug fixes
    • remove PHP Warning in some cases in post/page/cpt edit pages
    • remove notice error in translation (more info)
    • remove notice in debug mode and with Pinterest option activated (more info)
  • Improvements
    • Add "title" parameter for Weibo API (thank you Aili!)
    • HTML tag for "total count" is customizable (it was an LI element)
    • New hook juiz_sps_share_name_for_[network] to adjust networks name-text (more info)
    • New hook juiz_sps_use_default_css to remove default CSS request (you can use your own CSS)
    • New in Shortcode : use the url parameter to share "permalink", "siteurl" or "customurl" instead of current URL
    • New in Template function : use the $url_to_share parameter to share "permalink", "siteurl" or "customurl" instead of current URL
  • New
    • Counters option: display sub-totals only, total only or both
    • Deutsch translation by Dennis Schmitz


  • Bug fix for Tony's style buttons (lake of rules for VK social network)
  • Bug fix for Facebook counters (little JS error)
  • Readme updated


  • Bug fix when your theme has wp_autop activated on your content (thank you Jérémy).


  • Typo fix on CSS files (Metro styles only)
  • Bug fix on Pinterest button when target option is activated (find on Firefox by synthview)


  • New feature: choose directly in the edit page of a post if you want to hide buttons (just a box to check)
  • New feature: optional counter available (needs JavaScript) - CSS improved for that - Note it's in beta test
  • New feature: optional "force Pinterest sniffing for image" feature (needs JavaScript)
  • New: russian network VKontakte
  • New: black style by Fandia!
  • Translation: new Turkish language (thanks to Hakaner!)
  • Translation: new Russian language (thanks to Fandia!)
  • New hook: juiz_sps_intro_phrase_text to help you change (see the documentation)
  • New hook: juiz_sps_hide_intro_phrase (see the documentation)
  • New hook: juiz_sps_share_text_for_[network] (see the documentation)


  • IMPORTANT: bug fix for Pinterest button's users (thanks to jamesdodd)
  • IMPORTANT: hook juiz_sps_the_permalink replaced by juiz_sps_the_shared_permalink
  • New hook: juiz_sps_the_shared_permalink_for_[network] (see the documentation)


  • Removes new Facebook API because of the complexity of use for the user (old API always works)


  • New: Facebook and Pinterest new API integrated
  • New hook to remove rel="nofollow" on links
  • New hook to customize container element (div by default)
  • New hook to remove intro sentence, or its container tag
  • New: to perform customization, you can use %%title%% (insert the post title), %%siteurl%% (insert the site URL) or %%permalink%% (insert the post URL) variables
  • Bug fix: you can now use shortcode or template function only by choosing option "I'm a ninja, I want to use the shortcode only!"
  • Translation updates (French, English)


  • [juiz_sps] shortcode added (you now have [juiz_social] and [juiz_sps])
  • CSS improvement for themes not really well thought ;)


  • New social networks available : weibo
  • CSS improvement
  • Documentation available! (see the bottom of settings page)
  • New hooks and template functions available (see the documentation)


  • New choice: displaying button on all lists of articles (blog, archive, tag, search result, etc.)
  • Admin page improvement
  • New dynamic classes on HTML generated code
  • Partial documentation available with plugin (see the footer links)


  • Bug fix on new style


  • New hook for developper (can now hook shared url)
  • Styles : New optionnal style for buttons (thanks to Tony)
  • Styles : bug correction for Chrome
  • Styles : little margin added before and after line of buttons


  • Styles bug correction


  • Add your Twitter account name to add "via" during a share
  • Choose to display button only on certain type of post
  • Choose to display button at the bottom, the top of the content, or both
  • Some hooks are available for markup customization (or add some things)
  • Customize mail texts (subject and body)


  • Performance enhancement (thank you Julio)
  • Some typos corrected


  • The first beta version

Requires: 3.3 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.6.2
Last Updated: 5 months ago
Active Installs: 10,000+


4.7 out of 5 stars


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