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Juiz Last Tweet Widget

Add a widget to your sidebar to show your latest tweet(s) with style and without JavaScript! Retweet, Favorite and Reply links are available.

  • WordPress 4.0 compatible
    • New app Icon
  • Bug fix
  • Improvement:
    • oAuth Notice removed
    • The widget work for people behind a http proxy (thank you Frank)
  • Fun version number, isn't it?


  • WordPress 3.9.x compatible
  • Improvement:
    • Force box-sizing in content-box to prevent JS calc. errors (in case you use slideshow of tweets)
    • Some new CSS styles for flat Dark and flat Light design (centered avatar)
    • Some words change with the new Twitter nomenclature (API key and Access Token)
  • Fixes:
    • Box jump it's solved if you use flat Dark and flat Light design
    • If cURL is deactivated in your server, the plugin show you an alert instead of an 500 error code ;)


  • Translation: Update of Turkish language (thanks to Hakaner!)
  • Improvement: HTML5 API Visibility used for slideshow of tweets (stop the transitions if page is not visible)
  • Fix: fatal error removed (I don't know exactly when it happens) (thanks to DaveMaison)
  • Fix: Twitter oAuth Exception (declare class only if doesn't exist)
  • Fix: the_tweets() now really functional


  • Improvement of custom style application


  • Twitter API 1.0 is no longer active (source), this plugin only use the latest API 1.1.
  • Improvement of speed
  • Improvement of code lisibility
  • Improvement of administration's accessibility
  • Improvement of slides animations (smoothy animation)
  • New color picker to change color of links (hashtag, username, and classical links)
  • New Flat styles and color picker to customize background colors
  • New Dutch Translation (thanks to Jan Willem Wilmsen!)
  • New hook jltw_remove_follow_us_line to remove part of code (see documentation)
  • New hook jltw_remove_metadata to remove part of code (see documentation)
  • Remove of the option "change RSS feed" (because of the API 1.0 death)


  • New classes in tweets list (.jltw_item_first, .jltw_item_last, .jltw_item_alone, .jltw_item_[n])
  • JS optimization: 'current' class become 'jltw_current'
  • Twitter oAuth optimization (load class only if doesn't exist)
  • Translation update (Turkish, thanks to Hakaner)
  • Readme.txt correction


  • Commit fix, missing inc/ folder included (sorry!)
  • Some PHP optimization


  • Twitter API 1.1 compatible
  • New page options available (for Twitter API 1.1 compatibility)
  • New shortcode [tweets] added
  • New function get_the_tweets( $args ) and the_tweets( $args ) available
  • New (Brazilian) portuguese (thanks to trindademeier
  • Tested for WordPress 3.5.1


  • Tested for WordPress 3.5
  • New Twitter API 1.1 (fallback on Twitter search feed in case of Rate limit exceeded)
  • Some new CSS classes (see documentation)
  • Some CSS improvement
  • Italian Translation by superciccio14


  • New function jltw( $args )
  • New function get_jltw ( $args );
  • Markup fix (remove ID 'juiz_last_tweet_tweetlist', it's a class now)
  • Conflict between your own CSS and default CSS fixed
  • Fix for an error message in WP Debug Mode at the first use of the widget
  • Nowegian translation


  • New widget option : action links (Reply, Retweet, Favorite)
  • Better management of the cache system (try to preserve your tweets cached if Twitter clears its flow)
  • New hooks for developer
  • Optimization of hastag search link
  • Fix for a Notice PHP error in WP Debug Mode
  • Fix for shortcode (/!\ Use 0 and 1 instead of false and true now)


  • New Twitter logo
  • Hastag Regexp updated (better multilingual compatibility)
  • Tested successfully on multiblog
  • Files encoding fixes
  • Some CSS improvement


  • Little debug fix
  • HTML fix (bad markup at the end of tweet)


  • Correction in the date for PHP4 server
  • Correction for cache system
  • Add a shortcode (jltw)
  • Add several hooks (see the FAQ or documentation.html file)
  • Better control and switching of Twitter RSS feed
  • Better links parser
  • Some fixes with CSS (special case)
  • Turkish translation by Hakaner


  • Optionnal autoslide tweets, one by one (use JavaScript)


  • Bug fix for multiple Last Tweet Widgets
  • Bug fix for HTML tag display inside Tweets


  • Bug fix for cache system (now uses the WP cache ssystem)


  • Bug fix for Twitter API limitation
  • Bug fix for disabling default CSS
  • You can now show your avatar


  • Bug fix for initial cache
  • Bug fix for empty pseudo

1.0.0 beta

  • Initial Release, beta.

Requires: 3.0.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.0.1
Last Updated: 2014-9-30
Active Installs: 10,000+


4.3 out of 5 stars


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