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jQuery Categories List Widget

A simple jQuery widget (can be called from posts) for displaying categories in a list with some effects.

Why this plugin is not working?

By support experience, like 99% of problems are due to:

  • There's a Javascript error caused by other plugin and it stops any further code execution, check your browser's logs to find the problem and deactivate the conflict plugin.
  • Your template doesn't have a wp_footer() function, this plugin requires this function to load JS code at the end of the website to improve speed.
  • You're using a plugin that removes WordPress' jQuery version and inserts an old one.

How I can send you a translation?

Send me the translated .mo file to migueluseche(a)skatox.com and indicate the language, I can read english or spanish, so please write me on these languages.

Can I use images as bullets or trigger symbols?

Yes, select 'Empty Space' as trigger symbol and Save, then you can add any custom background using CSS, just play with the widget's classes .jaw_category, .jcl_symbol, .jcl_link.

Can I show this list inside posts?

Yes, only write [jQuery Categories List] anywhere inside a post or page's contest and it will be replaced for the archive list when rendering the content. You can add the following parameters to change its behavior:

  1. showcount ( boolean ): Select if you want to show the count post inside category's name
  2. 'layout' ( "right", "left" ): where to display the symbol
  3. ex_sym: the expansion symbol.
  4. con_sym: the collapse symbol.
  5. fx_in ("none", "slideDown", "fadeIn"): the jQuery effect to implement.
  6. orderby ("name","id", "count"): how to order categories.
  7. orderdir ("ASC", "DESC"): the direction to order categories.
  8. show_empty' ( boolean ): show categories with no posts.
  9. expand ("all", "none"): expand or collapase all categories.
  10. exclude: IDs (comma separated) of the categories to exclude.

How can i add multiples instances?

Since 1.2 there's a trick to do it, just add a new Text widget only with [jQuery Categories List] as content (without quotes) then when looking the site it will have a new copy of the widget. For different configuration for each instance, just pass the following parameters to control it: 1. showcount (boolean): Select if the number of posts should be displayed 1. orderby ( "name", "ID", "count") : Select the field to sort the categories: by name, by its id or by the number of posts. 1. orderdir (asc or desc): The direction to sort the categories.

For example, if you write: *[jQuery Categories List showcount=1 orderby=count order=desc ex_sym=+ con_sym=- fx_in=fadeIn exclude=22,32] *

It will show the categories with the count of posts, order by its number of post in a descendent direction, the simbols are + and - and the effect is fadeIn, categories with IDs 22 and 32 will be excluded. You can check source code for more information.

How I contribute to this plugin?

By using it, recommending it to other users, giving it 5 starts at plugin's wordpress page, suggesting features or coding new features and finally by DONATING using plugin's website's donate link, with the donation I can spend more time on this project.

How can i add multiples instances?

Since 2.0 you can add as many instances as you want, but there's another way to do it, just add a new Text widget only with the shortcode [jQuery Categories List] then it will have a new copy of the widget.

Can I have different instances with different configuration?

Since 2.0 it's possible. Each instance has its own configuration. Shortcode widgets are controlled by shortcode attributes.

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.8.9
Last Updated: 2014-1-11
Active Installs: 6,000+


4.8 out of 5 stars


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