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Job Manager

A job listing and job application management plugin for WordPress.


  • FIXED Cross-Site Scripting exploit (XSS)
  • Tested for WordPress 4.3



  • FIXED: Star filter fix (Filter Applications by Rating)
  • Security check
  • Compatibility with WordPress 4.2.2


  • FIXED: Warning Fix
  • UPDATED POT Translation File


  • CHANGED: Print Icon (Job Manager: Application Details)
  • FIXED: Pagination
  • FIXED: Download links (Job Manager:Applications)
  • FIXED: Datepicker deregister in admin area
  • FIXED: Newer PHP compatibility fixes
  • FIXED: Newer WP fixes


  • FIXED: Compatibility with Yoast SEO plugin. Props to Joost.


  • FIXED: A bunch of XSS vulnerabilities. Props to devbliss.


  • FIXED: Now compatible with WordPress 3.3!
  • FIXED: HTML entities not being encoded properly in job titles
  • FIXED: Could get a warning when submitting applications
  • FIXED: Unable to download the CSV of Applications when MultiSite is enabled
  • FIXED: Incorrect page numbers could show when dividing the jobs list into pages
  • FIXED: Frontend job dates weren't being translated
  • FIXED: A PHP warning in the settings
  • FIXED: Possible JS error with jQuery 1.5
  • FIXED: Incompatibility with jQuery 1.6
  • FIXED: Files attached to jobs are now deleted when the job is deleted
  • FIXED: Incorrectly placed text in the category dropdown on the application form
  • FIXED: Select boxes not displaying properly in IE7
  • FIXED: RSS feed not loading correctly


  • FIXED: Job Title not displaying on application page


  • ADDED: Arabic Translation, provided by Ali Al-Ghalebi
  • ADDED: Czech Translation, provided by Lukas
  • FIXED: Jobs names starting with "register" weren't displaying
  • FIXED: WordPress Import could cause duplicate entries in the job list and widgets
  • FIXED: Category lists weren't displaying properly for some users
  • FIXED: HTML Calendar in the frontend job select
  • FIXED: (Hopefully) Activation error in WordPress Multi Site
  • FIXED: Some PHP warnings on the Admin Jobs List page
  • FIXED: File fields being filter on application submit


  • CHANGED: "Powered By" line now defaults to off
  • CHANGED: Geoloc JS only loads if it might be needed
  • FIXED: Wrong date being set on Jobs when no date is entered
  • FIXED: <title> text not displaying in Hybrid theme
  • FIXED: Some HTML errors on the frontend
  • FIXED: Page could error out with MultiSite and no fancy URLS
  • FIXED: Compatibility with SI CAPTCHA plugin
  • FIXED: Compatibility with FeedWordPress plugin
  • FIXED: Sanity checking on some shortcodes
  • FIXED: Checking for sane values when deleting applications
  • FIXED: Radio buttons not being checked for the mandatory field popup
  • FIXED: Checkboxes not being checked properly for the mandatory field popup
  • FIXED: Duplicate application check could be triggered by anonymous users
  • FIXED: Category pages not showing if main job page was set to front page


  • ADDED: Swedish Translation, provided by Berndt Axelsson
  • CHANGED: If no Sort Order is selected in Job List Sorting, it will default to ASC, rather than random
  • UPDATED: German Translation, provided by Joachim Richter
  • UPDATED: Portuguese (Brazil) Translation, provided by Alex Ferreira
  • UPDATED: Spanish Translation, provided by TradiArt
  • FIXED: Fields with no label not showing mandatory asterisk
  • FIXED: Checkboxes being skipped in mandatory field check
  • FIXED: Fields with no label not showing nicely in mandatory field check
  • FIXED: Stop overriding Mystique theme CSS
  • FIXED: Don't check Heading, HTML or Blank fields for Mandatory or Filter rules
  • FIXED: Admin JS error in IE7
  • FIXED: Jobs not displaying if WPML is enabled
  • FIXED: Applications not printing properly in IE7


  • ADDED: Estonian Translation, provided by Robert Jakobson
  • ADDED: Portuguese (Brazil) translation, provided by Alex Ferreira
  • FIXED: User registration page not working under some circumstances
  • FIXED: Job fields not being sorted correctly
  • FIXED: Play nicely with MultiSite
  • FIXED: Applications incorrectly failing mandatory field checks
  • FIXED: A few PHP warnings
  • FIXED: Some settings not being initialised
  • FIXED: Incorrect SI Captcha detection message


  • FIXED: Category list on application form could fail with fatal error
  • FIXED: Some PHP warnings
  • FIXED: Some undefined default settings
  • FIXED: Icon list is ugly when there are many icons


  • FIXED: New rewrite rules caused category lists to fail


  • FIXED: Silly bug in activation


  • FIXED: Some activations could fail with the new rewrite rules code
  • FIXED: Dutch translation also provided by Christian Olesen


  • ADDED: Danish translation, provided by Caspar Lange
  • CHANGED: Updated Google Maps API to v3, removed API key settings box
  • FIXED: Some bad HTML in admin area
  • FIXED: Application Email not working
  • FIXED: Application count in admin job list limited to 5
  • FIXED: Incompatibility with Proper Network Activation plugin
  • FIXED: Category links not working in one case
  • FIXED: Restricted height of category lists in admin, for really long lists
  • FIXED: Flushing rewrite rules is expensive, only do it when we must
  • FIXED: Bad main page edit link



  • CHANGED: Pages are now owned by the installing user, rather than superadmin
  • FIXED: Frontend JS being loaded in wp-admin
  • FIXED: Wrong offset for jobs list when limiting number of jobs per page
  • FIXED: Wrong job count for last page of jobs
  • FIXED: Single job not being selected in job dropdown on application form
  • FIXED: Applications not working if wp-admin is moved
  • FIXED: <title> having incorrect information
  • FIXED: File download link in job details displaying when no file was uploaded


  • CHANGED: Application list now shows Job ID with Job Title
  • FIXED: JS bug in application form check


  • FIXED: Application email not sending to individual job addresses
  • FIXED: Job select dropdown not having a job selected when an individual job was being applied for
  • FIXED: Possible performance issued caused by dirname()


  • FIXED: Application email not sending if no email set for the categories
  • FIXED: Application form required field check sometimes failing
  • FIXED: Authors being able to archive or delete other users posts
  • FIXED: Category widget breaking WP < 3.0


  • FIXED: PHP Warning showing on job pages


  • ADDED: 'category-foo-job.php' template, which overrides 'category-foo.php' when viewing a job in the category 'foo'
  • ADDED: ref attribute to [job_apply_link] shortcode
  • ADDED: Link to individually archive/unarchive jobs
  • ADDED: Reverse GeoLoc lookup for browsers that don't do it be default
  • ADDED: Gravatar support in applications
  • CHANGED: Job editor now uses TinyMCE for editing textareas
  • CHANGED: Applications filter box now displays quicker
  • CHANGED: Settings now on one page, with tabs
  • CHANGED: Tweaked applications list layout
  • FIXED: Job multi-select popout now has <label> tags
  • FIXED: JavaScript error with Geoloc code in Chrome Dev Channel
  • FIXED: RSS feed showing wrong publication dates
  • FIXED: Authors could edit jobs created by other Authors
  • FIXED: Using ASCII instead of ← on Application Details page
  • FIXED: Application filter not working on un-rated applications
  • FIXED: Forgot password link not working under some circumstances
  • FIXED: Future jobs not displaying in admin job list
  • FIXED: Unable to unarchive future jobs


  • ADDED: Optional template for application form
  • ADDED: <select> type to application forms
  • ADDED: Ability to apply for multiple jobs at once
  • ADDED: Job selector in application form
  • ADDED: Geolocation field to application form
  • ADDED: Ability to search applications by distance from a given location
  • ADDED: WordPress.com support
  • ADDED: Category template option
  • ADDED: Option to show job fields in admin job list
  • ADDED: Interview scheduling
  • ADDED: Job mass-edit option to archive/unarchive
  • ADDED: Ability to comment on interviews and applications
  • ADDED: Option to block application fields from being included in the application email
  • ADDED: Widget to show a custom list of selected jobs
  • ADDED: Before/After text for Registration form
  • ADDED: Option to format job date fields. Defaults to no formatting.
  • ADDED: Option to show a limited number of jobs per page, and related shortcodes
  • ADDED: Shortcodes for the current category
  • ADDED: Spanish Translation, provided by TradiArt
  • ADDED: Jobs will now check for job.php template
  • UPDATED: Dutch translation, provided by Patrick Tessels
  • UPDATED: French Translation, provided by Fabrice Fotso
  • CHANGED: Removed user dropdown from Application filter, replaced with a text box. It required a bad query, so had to go.
  • CHANGED: Separated admin jobs list by future/live/expired, so it's easier to read
  • CHANGED: Job list sorting now allows sorting by any job field
  • CHANGED: Job file attachments can now be shown as the URL or an tag, instead of just a Download link
  • CHANGED: Large text fields in jobs can be restricted to how much information they'll show.
  • CHANGED: RSS Feed now uses the Individual Job template
  • CHANGED: Category widget can now show job counts for each category
  • CHANGED: Category widget can now hide empty categories
  • CHANGED: Job edit date selector now opens with button, rather than on click
  • CHANGED: Display an error to users if there was a problem with file upload
  • CHANGED: Job saving success message now has yellow background, to fit in with WP style
  • FIXED: Some PHP warnings
  • FIXED: HTML errors in Admin
  • FIXED: Admin menu now uses handles rather than file references
  • FIXED: Some strings not going through the translation functions
  • FIXED: Email form being printed with application details
  • FIXED: Renaming category titles not saving
  • FIXED: Categories not playing nicely with breadcrumb plugins
  • FIXED: Emails not working properly
  • FIXED: Some performance tweaks
  • FIXED: Some print CSS tweaks
  • FIXED: Javascript error when deleting a new the default new field
  • FIXED: Upgrading now works with Maintenance Mode upgrades
  • FIXED: RSS showing expired jobs
  • FIXED: Performance tweaks on job lists, widgets
  • FIXED: Checkboxes not staying checked when editing an existing job
  • FIXED: Fresh installations not using translated strings for defaults
  • FIXED: Some strings not being translated correctly
  • FIXED: Uninstall not working properly
  • FIXED: Job lists not obeying ASC/DESC sorting setting
  • FIXED: Admin boxes being too wide on small screens
  • FIXED: Job URL occasionally not being generated properly
  • FIXED: Application form category restrictions not working
  • FIXED: Play nice-ish with WPML - proper support will be in a later version
  • FIXED: Possible PHP error when uploading files to jobs
  • FIXED: Some dropdowns not displaying properly on small screens
  • FIXED: Bad SSL check
  • FIXED: Forcing WP to think that all lists are a single page (some themes had issues)
  • FIXED: Recent Jobs widget sometimes not saving job count properly
  • FIXED: Some IE8 admin JS errors


  • ADDED: Individual job pages will try to load category templates before default template
  • FIXED: Potential upload error when attaching a file to a job
  • FIXED: Applications/emails not displaying in fresh installations
  • FIXED: Job List breaking in WordPress 3
  • FIXED: Trimming whitespace from application form data fields



  • ADDED: Support for category templates, as category-{foo}.php
  • FIXED: Add new job fields not working
  • FIXED: Add new application form fields not working
  • FIXED: Application details page not displaying fields in correct order
  • FIXED: Application details page not printing correctly
  • FIXED: One more potential PHP warning


  • FIXED: Jobs not saving properly if not empty fields are changed to being empty
  • FIXED: Files attached to jobs could be deleted when saving the job
  • FIXED: More PHP warnings


  • FIXED: Potential PHP Warning when editing the application form
  • FIXED: Files attached to jobs not displaying properly when using the individual field code in the template


  • FIXED: File encoding, causing weird characters to appear
  • FIXED: File upload on jobs not uploading correctly


  • ADDED: 'Related Categories' section to job list displays
  • ADDED: Mandatory fields filter
  • ADDED: Widgets for Latest Jobs, Categories and Highlighted Jobs
  • ADDED: Option to change sort order of job lists
  • ADDED: Options to highlight jobs, and stick them to the top of job lists
  • ADDED: Exporting Applications to CSV
  • ADDED: Link on jobs list to applications for that job
  • ADDED: IDs to all admin tables, so they can be styled more easily
  • ADDED: Uninstall options
  • ADDED: Options to change text before/after data being displayed
  • ADDED: Option to change Job title prefix
  • ADDED: Option to change Application Acceptance message
  • ADDED: Option to set the name in the "From" field of application emails
  • ADDED: Support for CAPTCHAs, through the SI CAPTCHA plugin.
  • ADDED: RSS feed for jobs
  • ADDED: Ability to customise job fields
  • ADDED: Shortcode-based templates for jobs and job list displays
  • ADDED: Dutch Translation, provided by Patrick Tessels
  • CHANGED: Removed pages hack for displaying categories. This will change category list permalinks if nice permalinks are off.
  • CHANGED: Split admin and display settings into two admin pages
  • CHANGED: HTML fields now stretch across both columns of the application table. The label is no longer displayed.
  • CHANGED: Can now remove ratings from applications
  • CHANGED: Uploads and icons are now stored as attachments
  • FIXED: Some small string changes for clarity
  • FIXED: Added category links to Google XML Sitemap
  • FIXED: Admin CSS/JS are only loaded on the appropriate pages
  • FIXED: Job list filter not filtering by categories
  • FIXED: Some PHP warnings
  • FIXED: No empty message on emails list
  • FIXED: Added some CSS to make Full lists line up nicely
  • FIXED: WP themes could think they were on the front page when in Job Manager



  • FIXED: Application list not filtering correctly if no rating selected
  • FIXED: Warning when deleting applications with no file attached


  • FIXED: Job list not loading after creating a new job
  • FIXED: Application categories somehow got wiped, restored them
  • FIXED: Category could not be stored on application, under some circumstances
  • FIXED: Wrong translation domain on a string


  • FIXED: Moved upload directories outside of the plugin directory


  • ADDED: Ability for applicants to register
  • ADDED: New settings for user registration
  • ADDED: Nicer explanations of settings
  • ADDED: Links to categories from settings page
  • ADDED: Applicant filter on Applications list
  • ADDED: Application star rating, and filtering by rating
  • ADDED: 'Add Job' item to the wp-admin menu
  • ADDED: Job field for applications to be emailed to a custom address
  • ADDED: Emails are now stored when they're sent
  • ADDED: Interface for browsing sent emails
  • ADDED: Admin print stylesheet, so applications can be printed nicely
  • ADDED: Print icon to Application Details page
  • ADDED: Option in Application Details to email application a different person
  • ADDED: HTML Code field to Application Form Settings
  • ADDED: A bunch of CSS classes to the front end elements
  • CHANGED: User permissions: 'publish_posts' capability (author) is required for posting jobs, 'read_private_pages' capability (editor) is required for viewing applications
  • CHANGED: Removed main URL editing from settings
  • CHANGED: Settings page layout, for readability
  • CHANGED: Removed the "WordPress" name from application emails
  • FIXED: Category listing now significantly more efficient
  • FIXED: Google XML Sitemaps option not saving correctly
  • FIXED: Google XML Sitemaps code updated to use new data storage format
  • FIXED: Some strings not going through i18n functions
  • FIXED: A handful of grammar/spelling mistakes
  • FIXED: Code cleanup, to conform more closely with WordPress Coding Standards
  • FIXED: Job Lists not obeying Display End Date
  • FIXED: Default Application Form had an incorrect data entry
  • FIXED: Bug in file naming for downloading applicant files


  • FIXED: Timeout problem on Application List page, if there are less than 5 applications


  • FIXED: Empty job list message not displaying correctly
  • FIXED: New job showing a bad start date
  • FIXED: Some PHP notices
  • FIXED: Template from main page not being used correctly
  • FIXED: Removed 5 job limit from display code


  • FIXED: Application email not being sent correctly
  • FIXED: Not displaying if used with a theme that doesn't have a page.php
  • FIXED: Broken XHTML tag in admin
  • FIXED: Jobs with no icon had a broken icon displaying
  • FIXED: 'Job: ' job title prefix displaying in wrong place
  • FIXED: Escape error message in application form setup
  • FIXED: Escape default values in application form display
  • FIXED: Custom filter error messages not displaying
  • FIXED: <title> not being displayed correctly
  • FIXED: Some PHP notices


  • FIXED: Job list not displaying under some circumstances
  • FIXED: Not retrieving job list in category pages


  • FIXED: Job permalinks now being treated as pages
  • FIXED: Jobs/application form not showing if main jobs page was set as a child page
  • FIXED: Not all applications displaying in application list
  • FIXED: Permalinks now allow for a lack of trailing '/'
  • FIXED: Application field sort order not being obeyed
  • FIXED: Job link not being display in application list
  • FIXED: Category pages not storing correctly


  • FIXED: Removed some references to the old code removed in 0.4.2


  • FIXED: Google XML Sitemap option not showing correctly
  • FIXED: Incorrect check could cause plugin activation to fail
  • FIXED: Removed some dead code


  • FIXED: Application fields not saving properly
  • FIXED: Miscellaneous PHP warnings
  • FIXED: Upload directory write check failing under some circumstances


  • ADDED: Check to make sure data directories are writeable by the plugin
  • ADDED: Nonce fields are now in all Admin forms, for added security
  • ADDED: Ability to delete jobs
  • ADDED: Ability to change the page template used
  • CHANGED: Job Manager now requires WordPress 2.9 or higher
  • CHANGED: All data is now stored in default WordPress tables
  • CHANGED: All options are now stored in a single wp_options entry
  • FIXED: A job being displayed could include an incorrect
  • FIXED: No longer re-write the .htaccess file. Unnecessary, and was causing problems on 1&1 hosting.
  • FIXED: Problem with including symlinked files
  • FIXED: Secured the uploaded files directory
  • FIXED: Link to files in the Application List


  • FIXED: SQL errors when deleting applications


  • FIXED: SQL error when submitting an application


  • FIXED: A default value for Category slugs is now inserted. Upgrading will create default slugs if no slug exists.
  • FIXED: Bug preventing icons from being deleted.
  • FIXED: Code cleanup


  • ADDED: Framework for supporting extra functionality through other plugins
  • ADDED: Google Sitemap support, through the Google XML Sitemaps plugin.
  • ADDED: POT file, for translations
  • FIXED: Potential Application submission error
  • FIXED: Storing incorrect information if no file was uploaded
  • FIXED: Logic bug in plugin activation
  • FIXED: Options upgrade function wasn't being called
  • FIXED: Minor string fixes


  • FIXED: Still some circumstances where jobs weren't displaying
  • FIXED: Removed some CSS that should be in a site's main.css


  • FIXED: Jobs were not displaying if the start or end date was empty.


  • FIXED: Applications without an associated job were not being stored correctly.
  • FIXED: Minor bugs with filtering applications.


  • FIXED: Bad homepage link


  • ADDED: Ability to switch between summary and full view for the Job List


  • Initial release

Requires: 2.9 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3.7
Last Updated: 1 year ago
Active Installs: 10,000+


4.4 out of 5 stars


1 of 20 support threads in the last two months have been marked resolved.

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