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Jigoshop - Store Exporter

Export store details out of Jigoshop into simple formatted files (e.g. CSV, XML, Excel 2007 XLS, etc.).


  • Fixed: Saving Export filename option over-sanitized
  • Fixed: Limit volume for Users export
  • Fixed: Offset for Users export
  • Fixed: Sanitize form fields
  • Fixed: Data validation on outputs
  • Fixed: Saving of Order in Users export
  • Fixed: Saving of Order By in Users export
  • Fixed: Count of Customers for large store catalogues


  • Added: Export Users type in basic Store Exporter
  • Fixed: Add missing WordPress options for Plugin if not present on activation
  • Added: Export type is remembered between screen refreshes
  • Changed: Moved Product Sorting widget to products.php
  • Changed: Moved Filter Products by Product Category widget to products.php
  • Changed: Moved Filter Products by Product Tag widget to products.php
  • Changed: Moved Filter Products by Product Status widget to products.php
  • Fixed: Conflicts with other WooCommerce Plugins due to shared 'save' form action
  • Fixed: Remember column options after exporting Orders


  • Added: Per Product Shipping support for Products export


  • Fixed: PHP warning notice in Orders export
  • Added: Rename of export files across Plugin
  • Added: Export Users
  • Added: Support for User ID in Users export
  • Added: Support for Username in Users export
  • Added: Support for User Role in Users export
  • Added: Support for First Name in Users export
  • Added: Support for Last Name in Users export
  • Added: Support for Full Name in Users export
  • Added: Support for Nickname in Users export
  • Added: Support for E-mail in Users export
  • Added: Support for Website in Users export
  • Added: Sorting support for Users export
  • Added: Sorting options for Coupons
  • Changed: Preparations for sortable export column
  • Fixed: URL to Add New export button after empty export
  • Added: jQuery checks for functions before running
  • Fixed: Empty exports
  • Changed: Better detection of empty exports
  • Changed: Better detection of empty data types
  • Added: Customer Filter to Export screen
  • Added: Filter Customers by Order Status option
  • Added: Using is_wp_error() throughout CPT and Term requests


  • Fixed: Coupon export as XML
  • Fixed: Order export as XML
  • Fixed: Customer export as XML
  • Fixed: Compatibility with WordPress 3.9.1
  • Added: Product export support for Advanced Google Product Feed
  • Added: Product export support for All in One SEO Pack
  • Added: Product export support for WordPress SEO
  • Added: Product export support for Ultimate SEO
  • Fixed: Fatal error affecting CRON export for XML export
  • Fixed: Price formatting issue


  • Fixed: Clearing the Limit Volume or Offset values would not be saved
  • Fixed: Force file extension if removed from the Filename option on Settings screen
  • Changed: Reduced memory load by storing $args in $export global


  • Fixed: Fatal error if Store Exporter is not activated


  • Changed: Replaced jigo_ce_save_csv_file_attachment() with generic jigo_ce_save_file_attachment()
  • Changed: Replaced jigo_ce_save_csv_file_guid() with generic jigo_ce_save_file_guid()
  • Changed: Replaced jigo_ce_save_csv_file_details() with generic jigo_ce_save_file_details()
  • Changed: Replaced jigo_ce_update_csv_file_detail() with generic jigo_ce_update_file_detail()
  • Changed: Moved jigo_ce_save_file_details() into common Plugin space
  • Changed: Added third allow_empty property to custom get_option()
  • Added: Disabled support for XML Export Format under Export Option
  • Changed: Created new functions-csv.php file
  • Changed: Moved jigo_ce_generate_csv_filename() to functions-csv.php
  • Changed: Moved jigo_ce_generate_csv_header() to functions-csv.php


  • Fixed: Export error prompt displaying due to WordPress transient


  • Added: Disabled Custom Order Fields widget to Export screen
  • Changed: Using WP_Query instead of get_posts for bulk export
  • Changed: Cross-Sells and Up-Sells get their own formatting functions
  • Added: Toggle visibility of each export types fields within Export Options
  • Added: Option for Up-Sells to export Product SKU instead of Product ID
  • Added: Option for Cross-Sells to export Product SKU instead of Product ID
  • Changed: Toggle visibility of dataset relevant export options
  • Changed: Moved Field delimiter option to Settings tab
  • Changed: Moved Category separator option to Settings tab
  • Changed: Moved Add BOM character option to Settings tab
  • Changed: Moved Character encoding option to Settings tab
  • Changed: Moved Field escape formatting option to Settings tab
  • Changed: Moved Order Item Formatting option to Export Options widget
  • Changed: Combined Volume offset and Limit volume
  • Added: Skip Overview screen option to Overview screen


  • Fixed: CSV File not being displayed on Media screen
  • Changed: An empty weight/height/width/length will make the dimension unit empty
  • Added: Setttings tab for managing global export settings
  • Added: Custom export filename support with variables: %store_name%, %dataset%, %date%, %time%
  • Changed: Moved Date Format option to Settings tab
  • Changed: Moved Max unique Order items option to Settings tab
  • Changed: Moved Enable Archives options to Settings tab
  • Changed: Removed Manage Custom Product Fields link from Export Options
  • Changed: Moved Script Timeout option to Settings tab


  • Added: Disabled Custom Product Fields dialog
  • Added: Product Up-sell support
  • Added: Product Cross-sell support


  • Fixed: Multi-site support resolved
  • Changed: Permanently delete failed exports


  • Added: Error notice to explain blank CSV
  • Changed: Renamed "Delete temporary CSV after download" to "Enable Archives"
  • Changed: Removed jigo_ce_unload_export_global()
  • Fixed: Delete WordPress Media on failed export
  • Added: Link to Usage document when an error is encountered "Need help?"
  • Changed: Using 'export' capability check for Store Export menu
  • Changed: Using 'update_plugins' capability check for Jigoshop Plugins Dashboard widget (thanks Marcus!)


  • Added: Order Item Product Variations to Orders export
  • Changed: Using new admin notice function
  • Changed: Using jigo_ce global less
  • Added: PHP defines for Plugin


  • Fixed: Order Status not working on exports
  • Fixed: User Role not working on Order exports


  • Added: Missing common functions for non-Jigoshop installation


  • Added: Notice when non-Jigoshop Plugin is active
  • Added: Date formatting independant of WordPress > Settings > General
  • Added: Parent Term ID to Categories export
  • Added: Order Sorting option
  • Added: Product Published and Product Modified to Products export


  • Fixed: Default file encoding can trigger PHP warning
  • Added: File encoding support for Categories and Tags
  • Added: Product Tags sorting export support
  • Added: Category sorting export support
  • Added: File encoding for datasets
  • Changed: Default file encoding to UTF-8
  • Added: Product sorting and ordering
  • Changed: Ordering of Export Options
  • Added: Separate files for each dataset


  • Changed: Removed broken screenshots
  • Fixed: Jigoshop Plugin News widget
  • Added: Additional Category column support
  • Added: Additional Tag column support
  • Fixed: HTML entities now print in plain-text


  • Changed: Icon to Jigoshop standard
  • Removed: jigo_is_admin_icon_valid() from common
  • Fixed: Label for configurable Product Type
  • Fixed: Fatal error on Archives screen
  • Changed: Sale Price Dates From/To support


  • Changed: Store Export menu to Export
  • Added: Order Tax Total to Orders support
  • Fixed: Fatal error refering to woo prefix
  • Changed: Included additional Usage steps to readme.txt


  • Added: jQuery Chosen support to Orders Customer dropdown
  • Fixed: Incorrect counts on some Export types
  • Added: Product ID support
  • Added: Post Parent ID support
  • Added: Filter Products export by Type
  • Added: Sale Price Dates From/To support
  • Added: Remove archived export
  • Added: Count and filter of archived exports
  • Fixed: Hide User ID 0 (guest) from Orders


  • Fixed: Customers export count


  • Added: Additional Customers export fields
  • Added: Native jQuery UI support
  • Fixed: Various small bugs


  • Fixed: Tags export
  • Added: Export Products by Product Tag filter
  • Added: Notice for empty export files
  • Changed: UI changes to Filter dialogs
  • Added: Add New export button
  • Fixed: Incorrect filename prefix
  • Changed: Free version can see Order, Coupon and Customer export options
  • Added: File Download Product support
  • Fixed: Datepicker jQuery error
  • Added: Escape field formatting option
  • Added: New line support
  • Added: Support for BOM
  • Added: Order Billing Country prefix
  • Added: Order Shipping Country prefix
  • Fixed: Empty SKU becomes Product ID


  • Added: Remember field selections


  • Fixed: Surplus cell separator at end of lines


  • Fixed: Export buttons not adjusting Export Dataset
  • Added: Select All options to Export
  • Added: Partial export support


  • Fixed: Store Export screen title missing


  • Added: Customers support
  • Added: Integration with Exporter Deluxe
  • Changed: Moved code out of templates


  • Fixed: Export of Tags
  • Fixed: Template header bug
  • Added: Sales support for Checkout data
  • Added: Tabbed viewing on the Exporter screen
  • Fixed: Tag generation error


  • Added: Export link to Plugins screen
  • Fixed: Category column adding surplus Root and Parent category
  • Added: Attribute support (compatible with Product Importer Deluxe
  • Changed: Updated readme.txt


  • Added: Added quotes to Product Categories, Tags, etc.
  • Changed: Migrated to WordPress Extend
  • Added: Support for Coupons


  • Added: Category heirachy support (up to 3 levels deep)
  • Fixed: Foreign character support
  • Changed: Removed HTML converter in Description and Additional Description
  • Changed: More efficient Tag generation
  • Fixed: Multiple Tax Classes for Products


  • Added: Visibility support
  • Added: Featured support
  • Added: Tax Status support
  • Added: Customizable support


  • Changed: Moved Store Export to Jigoshop menu
  • Changed: Reduced menu priority to bottom of Jigoshop menu


  • Fixed: Error in Dashboard Widget


  • Added: First working release of the Plugin

Requires: 2.9.2 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.0.10
Last Updated: 1 year ago
Active Installs: 200+


2.3 out of 5 stars


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