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Provides the ability to restrict access to your web site by IP address and/or IP network.



No Restrictions

Off. No blocking what-so-ever.

Actively Restricting

On. Actively blocking those that are configured to be blocked.

IP Restrictions

IP Restrictions allow an unlimited amount of restriction entries, each being configured on its own line. Each entry has several configurable parameters that are separated by the pipe "|" character.



The IP to block or the beginning of the IP network to block. (required)


The netmask of the IP/network to block. Defaults to (optional)


Specify which day(s) the site is restricted. Not including or leaving this field blank indicates that all days are restricted. Specified in numeric notation 0 through 6, where Sunday is 0 and Saturday is 6. (optional)


If the restriction is time sensitive, this is when the restriction begins. Specified in military time. (optional)


If the restriction is time sensitive, this is when the restriction ends. Specified in military time. (optional)


If provided, allows the end-user to bypass the restriction. (optional)


A short restriction message. If you enter any of the above parameters in brackets ([]), they will be replaced with the corresponding parameter value. (optional)



Restricts the IP address of from accessing the web site


Restricts the entire class-c network (from - between 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM


Restricts the entire class-c network (from - Monday through Friday between 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM

Net=|Mask=|Password=abcd|Message=You've been blocked!

Restricts the entire class-c network (from - with the ability for the viewer to bypass the restriction if they know the password. In addition, a custom restricted message is included.


  • An entry can be commented out by using the splat "*" character.
  • Entries with a greater net specificity should be listed higher in the list.
  • The entry parameters are not case sensitive.
  • Keep in mind the difference between your server's time and the time of your local workstation (or the IP address(es) you are blocking).
  • If only begin or end is included, the other is automatically assigned. If begin is missing it is set to 00:00 (12 AM), while end is set to 23:59 (11:59 PM).

Restricted Message

The restricted message can be either plain text or html, although PHP code is not processed. All of the parameters from above can be included dynamically if surrounded in brackets ([]), in addition to two new parameters:


The current time the restriction was processed. Useful for debugging.


If a password parameter exists for the restricted entry, a bypass input box is displayed so the viewer can bypass the restriction. The form input box has a CSS ID of jc_ipr_css_input in order to customize.

The preview link is available to verify that the message will display correctly, just to make sure all those path statements are right. ;) A default message is used if leave the Restricted Message field empty.


A restricted message of:

We're sorry, the IP network of [NET] ([MASK]) has been restricted from viewing our web site for the following reason: [Message]

For the IP Restriction entry:

Net=|Mask=|Begin=08:00|End=18:00|Message=You should be working between the time of [BEGIN] and [END]!!!

Would display:

We're sorry, the IP network of ( has been restricted from viewing our web site for the following reason: You should be working between the time of 08:00 and 18:00!!!

Advanced Configuration

There are three configurable options within the jc-iprestrictions.php file:


The delimiter character used for IP Restrictions entries. (| by default)


The comment character used for IP Restrictions entries. (* by default)


The format for the [Timestamp] parameter processed in the restricted message.

You'll probably never need to change these...

Version History


Internal Release


Internal Release

  • Added auth cookie
  • Added begin and end block time
  • Added custom message for each IP entry


Internal Release

  • Added bypass feature by password
  • Added restricted message (template)
  • Added replacement variables for restricted message (template)


Internal Release

  • Added bypass option for each IP entry
  • Fixed custom restricted message encoding


Internal Release

  • Rewrote bypass to not allow if password is blank
  • Removed test mode


Internal Release

  • Added preview for restricted message (template)


Internal Release

  • Added form input CSS
  • Removed default global bypass password
  • Removed bypass feature for each item
  • Added global variables for items that probably won't be changed
  • Added ability for each entry to have it's own password
  • Added DATESTAMP variable for output
  • Changed cookie to be entire domain name instead of siteurl
  • Added difference in time message on options page
  • Changed cookie expire to one hour


Internal Release

  • Added default restriction message (html message)
  • Added default restriction message (function)
  • Added ability to restrict by day


First Public Release


Public Release

  • Rewrote preview option for the Restricted Message
  • Fixed plugin activate action
  • Added restore default restricted message checkbox

Requires: 2.0.4 or higher
Compatible up to: 2.2
Last Updated: 10 years ago
Active Installs: 80+


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