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IvyCat AJAX Testimonials

Easily add rotating or static testimonials to your website. Testimonials can be categorized and rotated dynamically via AJAX or on page load.

You can install from within WordPress using the Plugin/Add New feature, or if you wish to manually install:

  1. Download the plugin.
  2. Upload the entire ivycat-ajax-testimonials directory to your plugins folder.
  3. In the WordPress Dashboard under Plugins, activate the plugin.


Here's the gist: you add testimonials to WordPress, and assign them to testimonial groups, if necessary, so you can pull testimonials into different areas of the site. Then use simple shortcodes or a widget to embed a testimonial in a page or post.

Create a Testimonial Group

To create a testimonial group, go to Admin > Testimonials > Testimonial Groups and add a new group. Groups aren't mandatory, but can make it easier to segment your testimonials later.

For example, if you wanted to have a specific testimonial that is shown in the Services pages of your site, you might create a group called Services so you can easily identify them in the future and add them to your shortcodes.

Add Testimonials

Adding testimonials is easy:

  1. Go to Testimonials > New Testimonial - this will allow you to enter the testimonial, cite (where it comes from), and embed images, if necessary.
  2. Give your testimonial a title; this is the cite, so if the testimonial is from Joe Blow, you'd enter "Joe Blow".
  3. Enter the testimonial content (text or HTML) in the main editor window, which is the body of the testimonial. Note: images, html and text are okay here.
  4. Assign the testimonial to a group, if applicable. If you haven't already created a group, click on the Add New Category link in the testimonial Groups box and add one.
  5. Give this testimonial an order in its group. If you want it to show first in your Services testimonial, set Order to 1 under Testimonial Data.

Embed a testimonial in a page or post using shortcodes:

There are several shortcode variations listed below, and the shortcodes can be combined to pull only the testimonials you need, displayed how you'd like them.

  • [ic_do_testimonials] - Adds a rotating testimonial (defaults to three testimonials in ID order).
  • [ic_do_testimonials group='my-created-group'] - Adds testimonials from a custom group using the group's slug, in this case my-created-group.
  • [ic_do_testimonials quantity='5'] - changes default quantity of testimonials in rotation to 5. Defaults to 3 testimonials.
  • [ic_do_testimonials num_words='X'] - Shows only the first X number of words.
  • [ic_do_testimonials num_words='55' more_tag='Read More...' ] - When num_words is specified, the more_tag lets you specify the text for the "read more" link.
  • [ic_do_testimonials ajax_on='no'] - Turns off automatic AJAX rotation, so a random testimonial will be shown on page load. (AJAX is on by default)
  • [ic_do_testimonials link_testimonials='yes'] - Adds the a link within the <cite> tag that points to the individual testimonial. Note: Pretty permalinks must be set to allow testimonial linking. If you're using the default (ugly) permalinks, which include a query string, linking won't work. Not sure? If your links look like http://my-amazeballs-domain.com/?p=123 you're not using Pretty Permalinks. (off by default)
  • [ic_do_testimonials all_url='http://www.example.com/testimonials/'] - specify a link to a page that lists all testimonials. The plugin doesn't create this page, so you'll want to add a page and embed the list of testimonials using the example below.

Changing timing on Testimonial rotation:

Note: All timing speeds below are listed in milliseconds.

1000 milliseconds = 1 second 100 milliseconds = 1/10th of a second

  • [ic_do_testimonials speed='6000'] - change how long each slide is shown.
  • [ic_do_testimonials fade_in='600'] - change timing for each slide to fade in.
  • [ic_do_testimonials fade_out='700'] - change timing for each slide to fade out.

Display testimonials in a list, rather than one at a time.

Want to display your testimonials in a non-rotating list, instead of one at a time?

  • [ic_do_testimonials display='list'] - Lists out testimonials, one after the other in a page or post. Note: this shortcode honors the default quantity of posts set under Admin > Settings > Reading, but you can modify the number of displayed testimonials by using quantity='x' in your shortcode.
  • [ic_do_testimonials display='list' quantity='-1'] - Lists out all testimonials, one after the other in a page or post.

Customize testimonial list presentation

Want to tweak the layout of the testimonial list output? Great, you've got two choices and both will ensure that you don't lose your changes when you upgrade the plugin. Note: This does not work when using the widget.

  1. Copy the testimonials-loop-template.php file from the plugin's directory to your theme's main directory and you can customize it any way you like. This works best if you're only showing testimonial lists in one place, or your testimonial lists always use the same styles. The plugin looks in your theme's directory for this file before using the file that comes with the plugin.
  2. Specify a custom template file in your shortcode that points to a file in your theme directory like [ic_do_testimonials template='my-custom-template.php'] Note, it's best to start by copying the testimonials-loop-template.php file to your theme folder, rename, and edit as needed.

Shortcode Examples

If you wanted to pull in a total of three testimonials from the 'rubber-chicken' category, but you don't want AJAX rotation, your shortcode might look like:

[ic_do_testimonials group='rubber-chicken' ajax_on='no']

Note: I didn't specify 3 testimonials because that's the default number, but I could have:

[ic_do_testimonials group='rubber-chicken' ajax_on='no' quantity='3']

Or, say you wanted to dynamically rotate between five testimonials in the group called 'licorice', but you only want to show the first 30 words, followed by a link that says "find out more . . ." your shortcode would look like this:

[ic_do_testimonials group='licorice' quantity='5' num_words='30' more_tag='find out more . . .']

Embed a testimonial directly in your theme template

You can drop the following WordPress function in your template files, replacing the [shortcode] part with your, custom shortcode.

<?php echo do_shortcode("[shortcode]"); ?>

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.2.12
Last Updated: 2 years ago
Active Installs: 2,000+


4.5 out of 5 stars


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