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ICIT Weather Widget

The ICIT Weather Widget provides a simple way to show a weather forecast on your website.

The Widget is Not Displaying

This could be because there are no weather results returned from OpenWeatherMap for your region or area. You can try being less specific eg. by entering the name of your nearest City rather than Town but if you feel there is a mistake please let us know.

Using the shortcode

Put the following shortcode in your post or page to diplay the widget there instead of a widget space: [icit_weather] The shortcode can take the following parameters (value in brackets is the default if parameter is left out):

  • title - Text to override the city/country name ("")
  • city - City to search the weather for ("Liverpool")
  • country - Country the city is in ("UK")
  • celsius - true/false whether to show temperature in celcius ("true")
  • breakdown - true/false whether you want breakdown of wind and humidity ("true")
  • mph - true/false show wind speed in mph or km/h ("true")
  • display - 'none' show just current weather / 'bottom' show the forecast at the bottom / 'right' forecast to the right / 'left' forecast to the left ("none")
  • style - '1', '2' style of colour ("1")
  • primary_day - Primary colour during day ("#FF7C80")
  • primary_night - Primary colour during night ("#FF7C80")
  • secondary_day - Secondary colour during day ("#FFFFFF")
  • secondary_night - Secondary colour during night ("#FFFFFF")
  • credit - true/false show the interconnect/it credit link

For example:

[icit_weather city="Liverpool" country="UK" celsius="true" breakdown="false" display="none" background_day="red" background_night="rgb(129,160,255)"]

Getting City ID

To find your City's ID go to OpenWeatherMaps City List and use ctrl + F to search for the city name, the ID is the left most column.

Requires: 3.8.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.6.1
Last Updated: 7 days ago
Active Installs: 3,000+


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