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IntelliWidget Per-Page Featured Posts and Custom Menus

Display custom menus, featured posts, custom post types, metadata and other content on a per-page/post or site-wide basis.

Getting Started

Here is a very simple example that illustrates the basics: a Parent Profile replaced by a Child Profile.

  1. Start by dragging the widget labeled "IntelliWidget" over to one of your existing sidebars. The new IntelliWidget panel will open revealing the various settings groups. This is now the "Parent Profile" for this IntelliWidget instance.

  2. Open the "Post Selection" panel by clicking the bar. You will see a multi-select menu containing all of your pages and posts.

  3. Hold down the option key ("Command" on Mac) and select a few of your pages and click the "Save" button at the bottom of the widget panel.

  4. Load a page from your site in a browser that uses the sidebar you just modified. You will see a menu of the pages you added in the previous step. This is the default behavior: a menu of page links sorted by title.

  5. In the WordPress Admin, go to "Pages" and select the page you just viewed. You will now see a new meta box labeled "IntelliWidget Profiles."

  6. Click "+ Add New Profile." A tabbed panel will appear containing settings almost exactly like the ones in the Widgets Admin.

  7. Click the "Parent Profile to Replace" dropdown menu and you will see an option for the sidebar where you added the IntelliWidget Parent Profile. Select this option.

  8. Open the "Additional Text/HTML" Panel by clicking the bar.

  9. Select "This text only (no posts)" option in the "Display" dropdown menu.

  10. Type some text in the "Custom Text/HTML" textarea. Click "Save Settings."

  11. Now load the page you just edited in your browser. Instead of the menu from before, you now see the new title and the custom text you typed. If you go to any other page that uses the same sidebar, you will see the menu from before.

  12. Finally, you can select this page in the "Use Profiles From" menu from any other page to re-use these settings. This is useful if you have a sub-set of pages that need to re-use the same sidebar content.

IMPORTANT: As of 1.4.5 the definition of "Future" posts (formerly "events") has been modified to simplify use and to make the interface more intuitive. This may require adjustments to date-dependent IntelliWidgets and Post date fields.

Checking "Only Future Posts" excludes posts with a Start Date < current date/time, regardless of Expire Date. (Formerly "Only Future Events.") Checking "Exclude Future Posts" hides posts with a Start Date > current date/time, regardless of Expire Date. (Formerly "Only Active Events.")
The "Exclude Expired Posts" behavior has not changed.


Can be found at http://www.lilaeamedia.com/plugins/intelliwidget/

Interested in translating? Contact us at http://www.lilaeamedia.com/about/contact/

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3
Last Updated: 2015-7-20
Active Installs: 4,000+


5 out of 5 stars


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