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Per Page Menus and Featured Posts IntelliWidget

Display content aware dynamic sidebars with custom menus, featured posts and other dynamic content on a per page, per post or site-wide basis.

Is there a quick tutorial?

See the "Getting Started" section or watch the Quick Start Tutorial:

Where can I find full documentation?

Docs can be found at http://www.lilaeamedia.com/plugins/intelliwidget/

How do I put a custom menu on one specific page?

Method 1:

  • Add a new IntelliWidget to one of your widget areas on the Widgets Admin. Check the "Placeholder only" box. This keeps the widget from appearing on all the pages.
  • Go to Pages and click the page to edit.
  • You will see a new meta box labeled "IntelliWidget Profiles."
  • Click "+ Add New Profile."
  • Select the dynamic sidebar ( widget area ) to which you added the IntelliWidget in the first step from the "Parent Profile to replace" menu.
  • From the "Post Selection" panel, choose the "Menu" template.
  • Select the posts for your custom menu from the "specific posts" multi-select menu.
  • Click "Save Settings."

Method 2:

  • If you have a custom menu already set up in the "Appearance > Menus" you can use it instead of building it from scratch.
  • Follow the steps as before.
  • In the Child Profile, open the "General Settings" panel. Select "Nav Menu" from the "IntelliWidget Type" menu.
  • Select the custom menu you want to use from the "Menu to use" select menu.
  • Click "Save Settings."

Method 3:

  • Use the IntelliWidget Shortcode on the page. You don't need a Placeholder to use this option.
  • Set up a new Child Profile on the page like usual, but select "Shortcode in Post Content" as the "Profile to replace" option.
  • In the post content, add the shortcode [intelliwidget section=#] where # is the number of the Child Profile tab.

Where do I put custom templates/stylesheets?

Here are the steps:

  1. Add a directory in your theme named "intelliwidget".
  2. Create a copy of "intelliwidget.css" (located in the "templates" directory of the plugin) and drop it into this directory.
  3. Adjust the styles as necessary.
  4. Review the documentation for more information:

Why isn't IntelliWidget displaying the featured image?

By default, IntelliWidget does not display the featured image. To enable the featured image, open the "Appearance" panel in the IntelliWidget settings and choose an image size from the "Image Size" select menu.

Why are posts showing and hiding several hours before or after the time I entered?

Dates are calculated using the WordPress current_time() function. Make sure you have set the correct timezone under Settings > General in the WordPress admin.

Why isn't my Custom Post Type appearing as an option?

Custom Post Types must support custom data fields (post meta data) for IntelliWidget to recognize them. Change the 'supports' parameter in the register_post_type function to include 'custom-fields', e.g.,

'supports' => array( 

What does "Content Aware" mean?

Content aware means plugin decides what to display based on the other content on the page. In other words, WordPress determines how to assemble the page based on the request it receives. IntelliWidget uses the same logic and compares each IntelliWidget profile to the "queried object." It then builds the dynamic sidebar output using this "content aware" logic.

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.4.7
Last Updated: 1 year ago
Active Installs: 3,000+


4.8 out of 5 stars


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