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Per Page Menus and Featured Posts IntelliWidget

Display content aware dynamic sidebars with custom menus, featured posts and other dynamic content on a per page, per post or site-wide basis.

  • Fix: added test for admin object before rendering form

  • Tweak: Using get_queried_object in Query class instead of global $post in case secondary query was not reset

  • Tweak: added test for existence of actions in case themes do widgets_init action is incorrectly called by a theme.

  • Fix: Added unique handles for custom stylesheets that were not being loaded.

  • Fix: added default argument for post_title to eliminate warnings when the_title filter is applied without second argument.


  • Added ability to apply Nav Menus to Menu Location on per page basis.


  • Fix: asort breaking on PHP < 5.4
  • Added German language support


  • Refactored for compatibility with IntelliWidget Pro 2.0.0.
  • Fix: suppress javascript log output
  • Fix: Query class generating taxonomy clause when there are no terms


  • Replaced missing orderby clause in iw_query function. Disabled query caching for now.

  • Fixes for legacy shortcode options


  • Refactored class structure and implemented autoloading
  • Fixed rendering issues with new 2-column select menus
  • Fixed custom data fields not saving
  • Refactored queries to match child terms of each selected term
  • Added query caching
  • Added new profile options: "Do not link images" and "Do not use Alt Title"


  • Fixed bug with shortcodes that was not apparent before the WP 4.3 release.


  • Updated widget object constructor from obsolete PHP 4 syntax.
  • Improved customizer widget admin functionality.
  • Added two-column multi select menus for specific posts and terms with text search.
  • Now menus can handle sites with thousands of posts without overloading the admin.
  • Added better keystroke handling in profile area.
  • Fixed select posts from current term option
  • Improved global variable handling.
  • Reorganized and streamlined ajax calls

  • Fix to include children in current term

  • New feature - include current term in featured post results


  • Updated strings class
  • Cleaned up minified admin script


  • Reorganized form includes into single class.


  • Added any/all option to term selection
  • replaced the_content filter with custom filter for excerpts


  • Check if admin script is enqueued to prevent multiple instance of localization object
  • Added link boolean to get_the_intelliwidget_image args to allow featured images with or without links to post
  • Default is TRUE (link image)

  • Bug fixed - corrected clear attribute in intelliwidget-title style.


  • Bug fixed - added hndle selector to metabox h3 to accommodate recent change to postbox.js in WP core.


  • New Feature - Added get_the_intelliwidget_postmeta() and the_intelliwidget_postmeta() template functions


  • Bug fixed - Shortcode not pulling "Use Profiles From..." values.


  • Bug fixed - fatal error when widget form loaded outside of widgets admin page.


  • Bug fixed - menu template: get_the_ID creating endless loop when using shortcode.
  • New Feature - Hide Title - allows title to be entered to identify widget in admin without showing in output


  • Bug fixed - not loading child profile meta box on new posts.
  • Bug fixed - not loading IntelliWidgetAdmin class when ajax call does not set is_admin before plugin execution


  • Bux fixed - incorrect object reference in class-intelliwidget-metabox causing taxonomy menu to fail on child profile


  • New feature: taxonomy menu content option. Creates menu of terms from any taxonomy with multiple config options.


  • New feature: include private posts option (visible to users that can read private posts) (thanks support00)
  • New feature: setting excerpt length to first instance of if present or max words of not (thanks wakibu)
  • "Use Profiles From" menu now only shows posts that have existing IntelliWidget profiles
  • Fixed bug not saving multi-select values when no options selected
  • Fixed bug not showing IW meta boxes on post types other than page/post


  • Fixed bug affecting php 5.3 and lower that was causing get_meta() to return a truncated value when the value was a scalar (thanks aschaevitz)
  • Made all eligible post types available in the "Use Profiles from" menu


  • Fixed save_post action that was incorrectly failing nonce validation for post types other than post and page (thanks janvbear)
  • Moved Widget form object init to admin constructor


  • Fixed incorrect Navigation Menu option values on both Parent and Child Profile forms.


  • Overhauled most of the code to simplify logic flow and enable filter and action hooks for extensibility
  • Replaced 'Categories' with 'Terms' to include any taxonomies associated with selected post types
  • Reorganized User Interface to be more intuitive
  • Added new 'content' option to allow action hooks to replace default content
  • Added autoloading to reduce memory footprint


  • Spanish translation courtesy of Andrew Kurtis at WebHostingHub.com
  • Changed per page (child) profile to run only if is_singular (excluding search, archive and date queries)


  • Optimized left joins to avoid max_join_size error
  • Simplified date range options and behavior - see Additional Notes.


  • rolled back array_walk_recursive function in prep_array() due to incompatibility with 5.4
  • fixed regression bug in custom widget admin text inputs


  • Added kses filter for all text inputs
  • Modified id of post_types checkboxes to eliminate odd checking/unchecking behavior
  • Added esc_attr filter to title tags on links
  • Refactored prep_array function to flatten multi-dimensional arrays before passing values to trim()


  • Fixed the inner postboxes so they cannot be dragged outside of the IntelliWidget options panel.
  • Fixed the query class to account for empty post_type, category and specific post selections
  • Added the section id to the inner postbox handles
  • Moved the event delegation outside of the XHR response so that events are correctly bound to newly injected meta boxes


  • Fixed bug in sql class that broke shortcodes in 1.4.0


  • Secured SQL in query class via prepare()
  • Added allowed_tags parameter to advanced custom widget options so that html attributes can be preserved in excerpts
  • Now loading custom stylesheet as well as and default stylesheet so that only override and new styles need to be added
  • Added get_the_intelliwidget_author_meta function to template tags to retrieve author info
  • Reorganized get_template to check child theme, then parent theme, then plugin templates directory for files


  • Fixed input field names intelliwidget_link_classes and intelliwidget_link_target so that they save correctly
  • Modified query class to retreive expire_date for all queries
  • Added new "multi-date" template to display start and end dates for multi-date events


  • Fixed case where IntelliWidgets are orphaned after theme change.
  • Updated to support WP 3.7
  • Tweaked img class to set height:auto
  • Added new "albums" template


  • Update to metabox for pages


  • Added metaboxes (settings panels) for all eligible post types, not just pages.
  • Fixed "Show All" in the query class (it was showing the default 5 instead of "all")


  • Fixed missing global scope on intelliwidget object. Added "widget_intelliwidget" class to shortcode widget wrappers.


  • Added Page Content option to shortcode. Now you can specify an IntelliWidget Section to get the parameters instead of passing them as args.


  • Test if $post is object before attempted to get ID attribute to prevent error notice.


  • Changed method signature of Walker_IntelliWidget::start_el() to match Walker::start_el() to avoid Strict Standards notice in WP 3.6


  • Added intelliwidget-current-menu-item style for items linked to current page
  • Added "Override copied settings" feature. You can now keep some or all of the settings sections from a page and copy the rest
  • Added "events" template and corresponding styles to intelliwidget.css


  • Fixed bug in "skip current post" (thanks Markus)
  • Section Settings Specific Posts Menu now refreshes on save


  • Fixed random sort order bug (thanks Joshua)
  • Strip tags from title attribute text on links
  • Fixed conditional in skip_expired query


  • Fixed SQL bug that incorrectly joined taxonomies. (thanks AMoy)
  • Cleaned up _get_the_intelliwidget_excerpt to strip all but text.


  • Fixed SQL bug that caused duplicate results in the post data. (thanks MNolte)
  • Cleaned up i18l functions and created new .pot file.


  • Fixed bug that created invalid path to the admin JavaScript include on Windows
  • Added Page Menu as option for Navigation Menu (to automatically generate menu from pages)
  • Added ID field option to override default 'intelliwidget' id


  • Fixed bug that horked the query generator when no specific posts are selected
  • Renamed the url to array function to prevent JS namespace collisions


  • Supports WordPress Custom Navigation Menus as well as IntelliWidget menus
  • Support for IntelliWidget Shortcode
  • Support for Event Date and Expire Date on posts
  • Hierarchical Select Menus
  • Hide Expired post option
  • Show only active posts option
  • Changed the way IW treats event dates (now separate custom data field)
  • Added Query Class separate from The Loop to retrieve all data in a single database call
  • Reduced the number of database queries per custom widget instance
  • Changed custom data field names so they don't conflict with existing data fields
  • Refactored template tags to be more efficient
  • Added Custom Data Fields meta box for easy editing of postmeta fields (especially dates)


  • Improved the overall interface.
  • Fixed bug in the way IW saves content aware per page custom widgets


  • Ajax submits on Edit Page
  • Commented out » on read more link


  • Form areas collapsible to save space


  • Combined favorite functionality from different plugins into a powerful content aware custom menu and featured post plugin.
  • Packaged for public consumption

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.4.6
Last Updated: 1 year ago
Active Installs: 4,000+


4.8 out of 5 stars


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