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IntelliWidget Per-Page Featured Posts and Custom Menus

Display custom menus, featured posts, custom post types, metadata and other content on a per-page/post or site-wide basis.

IntelliWidget is a versatile WordPress plugin that does the work of multiple plugins by allowing you to create custom "Profiles" for any page or post that can be used where the default widget would normally appear. Each profile can have its own set of rules to display content any way you wish.

Use the Shortcode option to put the power of IntelliWidget into any post on your site.

Because it is generated using active titles and permalinks, your sidebar content is always current with the latest versions.

Select posts by date, category, tag, and many other ways. Combine with custom post types to create unlimited CMS-style content blocks. Combine with your favorite jQuery Slider plugin to display animated slideshows.

Reuse the settings from existing profiles to save hours of setup time.

With IntelliWidget you can add just a few sidebar areas and create unlimited page-specific content.

Tabbed Profile Panels

All of the IntelliWidget Profile settings panels have been combined into a single tab menu on the Edit Post admin pages. You can hover over the tab to see the IntelliWidget the Profile replaces.

Intuitive Settings Panels

Settings have been organized into collapsible sections so the settings you use most can be found in one place.

Hover over any input label and more details describing the input will appear.

General Settings include a new "IntelliWidget Type," which controls whether a normal post list or a WordPress Nav Menu is displayed. Section title, unique id and classes fields are grouped together for easy access. The new Archive Taxonomy premium extension will also add a new IntelliWidget type, "Taxonomy Menu," that enables navigation through any public hierarchical taxonomy.

We have moved the "Template," "Post Types," "Specific Posts," and "Terms" menus to a "Post Selection" new panel to keep the most-used settings together in one place. Here you will also find the Post Custom Data Field Date condition checkboxes.

Select Posts Using Any Taxonomy

We've replaced the "Category" menu with a new "Terms" menu. IntelliWidget automatically updates your data to reflect this change. You can now select posts based on Tags and Custom Taxonomies as well as Categories. You can also use multiple terms in the same profile.

You can control the way posts are sorted, post sort order, number posts shown, excerpt length, HTML filters, image size and image alignment.

You can add a block of text or HTML and control where it appears relative to the featured post content. You can even use any shortcodes your theme supports.

Written for stability and performance

Admin functions are loaded on demand. Long menus are now loaded dynamically to reduce admin page size.

Actions and Filters

We've made IntelliWidget completely extensible by utilizing action and filter hooks at key points of the execution.

Introducing IntelliWidget Pro

Now you can have custom IntelliWidgets on any Archive page! Choose the criteria and customize the Profiles for Blog pages, Categories, Tags and more. See http://www.lilaeamedia.com/plugins/intelliwidget-pro for more information.

Coming Soon to Pro: IntelliWidget Template Configurator

  • Create your own custom templates right from the IntelliWidget admin.

More Reasons to use IntelliWidget for Content Driven Featured Posts and Custom Menus

  • Powerful and extensible, does the work of multiple plugins
  • No new sidebars necessary–uses the sidebars you already have
  • Displays custom page settings if they exist, main widget if they don't
  • Supports Custom Post Types and Custom Nav Menus
  • Doubles as a Text Widget–customizable to any page
  • Use as many different instances on a single page as you wish
  • Saves hours setting up and maintaining your WordPress site
  • Set up one page and reuse settings on other pages
  • No new database tables
  • Clean uninstall
  • Lets you keep using all your other widgets
  • Shows or hides content by date and time
  • Improves performance by retrieving Post data using a single query instead of multiple meta data function calls. IntelliWidget is flexible and versatile. Please read the documentation to see more ideas how to use it to its full potential.

Spanish translation courtesy of Andrew Kurtis at WebHostingHub.com.

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3
Last Updated: 2015-7-20
Active Installs: 4,000+


5 out of 5 stars


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