Integration for Luminate and Gravity Forms


If you’re using the Gravity Forms plugin, you can now integrate it with the Blackbaud Luminate CRM. This Add-On supports creating or updating Constituent records as well as Surveys.

To use this Add-On, you’ll need to:

  1. Have an licensed, active version of Gravity Forms >= 1.9.3
  2. Have a working Luminate instance, as well as Luminate API credentials (key, username, and password)
  3. Make sure the IP address of the server(s) you’re running this Add-On on is whitelisted with Luminate

If you meet those requirements, this plugin is for you, and should make building new forms and passing constituent data and/or survey responses into Luminate much easier than manually mucking with HTML forms provided by the platform.

Initial development of this plugin was funded in part by the Center for Victims of Torture.


  1. Upload the gravityforms-luminate directory to your plugins directory (typically /wp-content/plugins/)
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Navigate to Forms > Settings in the WordPress admin
  4. Click on “Luminate Constituents API” in the lefthand column of that page
  5. Enter your organization’s servlet (domain), organization short name, API key, API username, and API password
  6. Edit the “Settings” of individual forms to configure how data is fed into Luminate


Does this work with Ninja Forms, Contact Form 7, Jetpack, etc?

Nope. This is specifically an Add-On for Gravity Forms and will not have any effect if installed an activated without it.

What version of Gravity Forms do I need?

You must be running at least Gravity Forms 1.9.3.

What kinds of data can this pass to Luminate?

Right now, this Add-On supports pushing Gravity Forms responses into Constituent records, and/or into Survey responses. It does not support advocacy forms or donation forms. It can pass data into any built-in Constituent field in Luminate, as well as map Constituent profile data in response to published Surveys.

My survey data isn’t making it into Luminate how I expected. Is this plugin broken?

Due to the flexibility of Luminate’s survey tool, it’s not possible at this time for this plugin to perform any validation on the field values being fed from the user into Luminate. The survey tool can be very particular about what it accepts: a minor mismatch in a field’s value (such as a misspelling) can cause Luminate to ignore/reject a provided value. If you’re having problems, your best bet is to triple-check that the Gravity Forms-generated field values exactly match the valid, acceptable field values defined in your survey. If you’re having problems, you should enable Gravity Forms logging (or install the Gravity Forms logging plugin if the Gravity Forms version is less than version 2.2) to see the data that is sent to Luminate.

My site’s IP address keeps changing and the plugin stops sending information to Luminate. What’s happening?

Due to limitations with Luminate’s API, you must whitelist the IP address API requests are coming from. If your website is hosted on a service such as Pantheon or another service where your site’s public IP address frequently changes, this plugin may not work for you.

Contributors & Developers

“Integration for Luminate and Gravity Forms” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Plugin now provides better immediate confirmation of valid Luminate API credentials when saving settings.


  • Fixed bug where the plugin would not let users create new feeds
  • Moved external CDN CSS and JavaScript assets so they are stored locally to decrease external dependencies.


  • Fixed bug where the plugin would throw a fatal error if the Luminate API credentials were not supplied and the tried to edit a Gravity Form in the WordPress admin. This caused the Gravity Form sidebar field menu not to work.


  • Updated more instructions on the Luminate API settings page
  • Added note about updating the Luminate servlet
  • Fixed bug with a undefined PHP variable


  • Updated the constituent mapping functionality so constituent data is sent to Luminate (a previous fix would cause only the email address to be sent to Luminate)
  • Updated FAQ to indicate that the Survey functionality is limited to updating constituent profile information
  • Added instructions to settings page about creating a API password and not using special characters when creating a API password


  • Updated the survey functionality so that surveys works again
  • Added better instructions to the plugin settings page that links to the Luminate documentation and walks you through configuring API access


  • Implemented feature to support pushing data into Luminate Surveys (in addition to or instead of pushing to Constituents)
  • Minor UI adjustments to account for new features


  • Removing the groups feature, as there’s currently no reasonable way of getting just user-supplied groups via Luminate API.


  • Initial release.