WooCommerce Search Plugin by Instant Search +


Note: WooCommerce Search Plugin by Instant Search + is FREE for stores with up to 100 products, and offers affordable paid subscriptions for larger stores from $19.99 per month.
There is 30 day trial period where you can experience all of InstantSearch+ premium features.
Full pricing information can be found at http://www.instantsearchplus.com/instantsearchplus-autocomplete-woocommerce

Add the fastest, most advanced, cloud-based instant search to your WooCommerce store, and see your conversion rates go up.
Search-as-you-type product names, descriptions, images, and prices from the first typed character.
Fast cloud-CDN-based results, Product promotions, and personalized real-time search query suggestions make it a must-have for your eCommerce store.


  • Premium fully hosted Search Results Page with contemporary look, auto filters, and high performance
  • Premium Big Data Product Recommendations, based on what real shoppers viewed/searched/bought together

Play with our demo site at http://woocommerce.instantsearchplus.com

Lightning-Fast Instant Search for WooCommerce Stores

  • 100% Cloud-based, CDN-backed, product search results with the lowest possible latency
  • Search-as-you-type product names, images, and prices from the first typed character
  • In search, speed is a big deal. Google knows it. Amazon knows it. Faster results equal better conversion. That’s why we make such a big deal of our lightning-fast service. Your users deserve it.

Advanced, Relevant, & Integrated Search Results Page

  • Contemporary, professionally-looking search results page
  • Did You Mean auto typo correction
  • Learning search algorithm that continuously gets better
  • Search term highlighting – visual indication of the end user search term in found results

Premium Search Results Page

  • Fully hosted search results page with improved performance and contemporary looks
  • All the bells and whistles of the advanced mode
  • Everything is served from the cloud to your shoppers – no load on your server

Premium Big Data Product Recommendations

  • Based on big data analysis of actual shoppers behavior and intent in real time
  • Generates additional purchases both on product and cart pages
  • One click integration of a sharp looking widget to your page

Product Instant Search & Promotions

  • Contextual product promotions based on what visitors type – Promote specific products
  • Product suggestions based on your WooCommerce store catalog
  • Turbolinks that link destinations to non-product searches & synonyms

Personal Real Time Search Suggestions

  • Popular Searches based on what other people type
  • Personal history Searches based on what the visitor previously searched
  • Advanced word matching and typo correction. Your visitor will get suggestions even when they misspell
  • Help customers find exactly what they want using natural language

Online InstantSearch Portal and Search Terms Report

  • Usage dashboard and email reports
  • Top search suggestions – what people searched for on your WooCommerce store
  • Top products – which product suggestions were chosen
  • Top under-served searches – what people look for but cannot find

Merchandising – Control how and which products are presented across Search, Collections, and Product Recommendations

  • Target different geos/seasons with different offerings
  • Promote products ahead of others visually or by rules
  • Trigger seasonal changes in how your products are presented to customer queries

Seamless Integration with Your WooCommerce Store

  • 2-minute installation
  • 100% pure additive Javascript and CSS goodness – does not break or replace your store’s original functionality or built-in search
  • Customizable look and feel to fit your store frontend
  • Desktop, tablet and mobile theme supported

Automatically Generated Search Filters

  • Automatically generated, fully customizable filters
  • Can include price, vendor, weight, type, tags, or any other product option
  • Help users narrow down search results


  • WooCommerce Search worldclass autocomplete and search suggestions for WooCommerce
  • Fully hosted WooCommerce Search Results Page with contemporary look, sorting options and product quick view
  • Fully hosted WooCommerce Search Results Page with advanced filtering options
  • Responsive design WooCommerce Search Results Page - Mobile View
  • WooCommerce Search Analytics Dashboard to help you serve your users better
  • WooCommerce Search Analytics to see what people search on your site, what they find, and what they don't
  • Merchandising - Control how and which products are presented to your shopper on WooCommerce Search Results Page
  • State of the art WooCommerce Search Results Page, Did you mean, and search terms highlight
  • BigData Product Recommendations - Use customers’ shopping behavior to increase your sales


  1. Navigate to the ‘Add New’ in the plugins dashboard
  2. Search for ‘InstantSearch+ for WooCommerce’
  3. Click ‘Install Now’
  4. Activate the plugin on the Plugin dashboard
  5. In case you do not have a search box do one of the following:
    • Add search box widget – go to WordPress admin page ==> Appearance ==> Widgets and drag InstantSearch+ Search Box widget (or any other search widget) to your preferred location.
    • Add html code to your theme – Simply add HTML based form to your WordPress theme like this and we’ll pick it from there

Having issues? contact support@instantsearchplus.com


Installation Instructions
  1. Navigate to the ‘Add New’ in the plugins dashboard
  2. Search for ‘InstantSearch+ for WooCommerce’
  3. Click ‘Install Now’
  4. Activate the plugin on the Plugin dashboard
  5. In case you do not have a search box do one of the following:
    • Add search box widget – go to WordPress admin page ==> Appearance ==> Widgets and drag InstantSearch+ Search Box widget (or any other search widget) to your preferred location.
    • Add html code to your theme – Simply add HTML based form to your WordPress theme like this and we’ll pick it from there

Having issues? contact support@instantsearchplus.com

Do I need to sign up for this service?

No. Once you install the plugin you will have our dashboard and customization right in the WordPress admin.

What is the difference between the free and the Premium service versions

Full details are here: http://www.instantsearchplus.com/instantsearchplus-autocomplete-woocommerce/
Basically our Premium versions contain more advanced customization, support, additional service capacity and monitoring. You can always start with our Free plan and upgrade.

Do you offer Trials?

Yes – 30 days free trial

Can InstantSearch+ work with my searchbox?

Yes – InstantSearch+ can work with any html inputbox on your page. Be that a WordPress Widget or a custom template

How can I add a searchbox to my site header?

Go to WordPress admin => Appearance => Widgets and include the InstantSearch+ Search Widget.

How can I add a search box to my web page using shortcode?

Add the shortcode isp_search_box to your prefered location:
simply add [isp_search_box] or you can add search box with some extra configurations
[isp_search_box width=10 height=2.3 text_size=1 inner_text=”Search…”]
* parameters: width – search box’s horizontal measurement | height – search box’s vertical measurement |
text_size – text size | inner_text – the text inside the search box

I want to add a searchbox to my theme and make it work with InstantSearch+ – how can I?

Simply add HTML based form to your WordPress theme like this and we’ll pick it from there:

Does InstantSearch + support multisites?

Yes, we support multisites from Version 1.3.1 and above.
Simply install our plugin –
After activating the plugin you will see the InstantSearch + banner on
each store.
Give us a few minutes to learn about your products and categories.
Start typing in the search box and experience the magic of autocomplete.


There’s Nothing Like Instant Search+

I’ve tried several search options for WordPress and lately for WP and Woocommerce. Instant Search+ is by far the best. You get what you pay for.

The support has been blazing fast and very helpful.

Pros only (beware – not for starters)

By far the most sophisticated capabilities for your WooCommerce. If you are serious about Merchandising and Search this is a must have – super easy to manage. Love the new Landing Pages feature that is awesome for AdWords campaigns.
The high monthly based subscription makes is a tough call for new eCommerce sites but if you are into growth than it’s an easy decision to make.

To expensive

One of the most expensive plugins i have installed, only for websites who earn big bucks and have time 1-2days to configure everything so it works well, from the box slow with slow browsers like Firefox and takes lot of rescuers, mouse pointer was slow like syrup, tried to change search word you need to go one step in the time and almost have freeze in browser… there is ajax search for free or much cheaper with almost same speed. 149usd for 20.000 search i don`t even earn this money for 20.000 search… = 1000-2000 visitors… only for luxury people 🙂

A bit pricey (but the best)

This is not for everyone given its high subscription price. If you are running a serious business though don’t be penny wise and pound foolish and sign up – conversion rate simply worth it. PS their support is awesome as well!

Game Changer for our Website

We are ahead of our competitors, especially due to Instantsearch and its functionalities, and that we can customise it based on our needs and what our customers are looking for.

The support we have received is also great.

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  • support woocommerce not standard path


  • adding testing api


  • handle sending product update when product id missing


  • fix description typo


  • delete 10th screen shot, add a check if the product is null


  • readme changes


  • readme changes


  • readme changes


  • readme changes


  • composite products support, readme changes


  • min price fix. fall back to min price if it’s value is less then price


  • performance improvements


  • start importing out of stock items


  • send categories as attribute


  • send categories as attribute


  • handle lack of consistency for not accessible sites
  • added YITH pre orders support
  • added VC Vendors PRO support


  • fix missing creation date for older woocommerce versions


  • fix missing creation date


  • handle search results page deletion
  • added sort by “newest arrivals”


  • uninstall fixed


  • fix jquery errors by:
    • load jquery as dependency
    • load isp script in footer


  • fixed sending deleted in trash product


  • fixed wpml support


  • wordpress 4.8 support, plugins conflict resolved


  • change tags


  • change file header


  • change file header


  • change tags and screenshots descriptions


  • change short description


  • change readme file


  • change tags and stop cart cookie creation on every page init


  • change tags


  • fix price of variants, tax inclusive


  • added support for woocommerce 3+


  • adding api for updating selected items


  • add isp_is_visibile function


  • fix visibility search-only


  • fix visibility search-only


  • fix wpml support for categories fetch


  • Setting smart navigation url rule in Premium mode
  • Check if curl disabled in 4.6


  • Smart navigation
  • Bug fix in getting search page template


  • Bug fixes


  • Bug fixes
  • Check for conflicting plugins
  • Bring category slug


  • Admin notification conventions


  • New custom CSS configuration option for the search results page


  • Compatible with WordPress 4.6.1 (tested)
  • Basic search results page bug fix
  • Additional cache cleanup when writing to the Database


  • Site SEO improvements
  • Lazy Load Plugin support


  • Products recommendation improvements
  • InstantSearch+ search box widget and shortcode added percent unit for customizations (now its rem and percent)


  • Search results page – single page load, removed redirections
  • added more support to other plugins that use “lazy” load to product images


  • Search results page – added add-to-cart for variants, using quick view


  • Compatible with WordPress 4.5 (tested)
  • Search Results Page – new filter by product’s categories
  • insert/update/delete products improvements
  • Compatible with WooCommerce 2.5.5 (tested)


  • Search Results Page – few minor bug fixes


  • NEW Integrated Search Results Page
  • EWWW Image Optimizer plugin support


  • WP Rocket support


  • Full text search bug fix


  • Bulk Delete (Bulk WP) plugin support
  • WPML additional plugin support (WordPress Multilingual Plugin)
  • Filters bug fix


  • Compatible with WordPress 4.4 (tested)
  • Clearer handler & notification for site duplication


  • Error fix


  • Server url bug fix


  • Site url mismatch notification (usually happens when coping/duplicating/cloning WordPress server)
  • Products updates mechanism improvement


  • Bug fix pagination after filtering
  • Search results speed improvements


  • Support Advanced Custom Fields – (http://www.advancedcustomfields.com/)
  • Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript in above-the-fold content


  • Support WooCommerce Brands on search (‘product_brand’)
  • Support custom taxonomies on search


  • Bug fix on product update
  • is_visible() function error fix


  • Product visibility bug fix


  • WooCommerce product quick edit bug fix
  • Bug fix on search with no results will display 0 products instead of all
  • Compatible with WooCommerce 2.4.6 (tested)
  • Compatible with WordPress 4.3 (tested)


  • Products synchronization bug fix


  • Multisite support


  • Some server changes and adjustments
  • Bug fix on multiple triggering of “the_posts” filter hook on search


  • Compatible with WooCommerce 2.3.5 (tested)
  • product’s page bug fix (WC_Product_Simple to string conversion)


  • Search result page performance improvement.
  • Search box widget/shortcode css small adjustment.


  • InstantSearch+ search box widget warning fix.
  • compatible with WP-Rocket LazyLoad
  • InstantSearch+ search box shortcode html error fix


  • analytics improvement
  • new configuration option – change number of products per page through InstantSearch+ dashboard


  • new search box shortcode [isp_search_box] with optional parameters -> [isp_search_box width=10 height=2.3 text_size=1 inner_text=”Search…”]


  • timeout increase on install
  • compatible with Lazy Load plugin (thumbnails)
  • search term highlighting bug fix


  • highlight same search query’s stem words on search result page


  • filter by attributes – WooCommerce 2.0.x compatibility


  • filter by attributes – added simple product’s attributes


  • on-demand product update sync (from the dashboard)


  • fix – error on strict php mode when doing product update
  • fix – out-of-stock update according to variation’s stock quantity
  • new – search by variation’s sku


  • bug fix – product quantity update after orders
  • bug fix – warning after install
  • WooCommerce integration bug fix for WooCommerce versions 2.0.x
  • Compatible with WooCommerce 2.2.x


  • support to scheduled sale prices dates – product’s sale price will be up-to-date
  • out of stock update – when product’s order turns its quantity to 0 (if manage stock is enabled)
  • Compatible with WordPress 4.0


  • support for localhost and sites in maintenance mode


  • highlight terms on full text search improvements (few new classes)
  • new option (InstantsSearch+ dashboard => Customize tab => Force searchbox to products-only search) – if chosen, won’t take over search boxes that does not have post_type=product input, those search boxes will continue to return WordPress default results.


  • new – search by categories
  • multiple languages support on “did you mean”
  • fix – handle multiple full text search requests


  • InstantSearch+ search box widget improvements + widget configurations


  • new InstantSearch+ search box widget


  • WooCommerce integration
  • admin notice after install


  • fix – security issues
  • WooCommerce version 2.1.12 compatible
  • fix – strict PHP warnings


  • highlight search terms
  • additional fix – shortcode filter


  • added removal of shortcodes which are not in $shortcode_tags global parameter
  • fix – dashboard load from secured site (“https”)
  • improvement to search queries (request side)


  • removal of shortcode tags & php snippets from description & short_description on search/autocomplete


  • better integration with multi-language plugins (“WooCommerce Multilingual” in particular)


  • “not ready” admin message after installation on full text search
  • fix – on full text search, wrong posts_per_page value
  • page injection change


  • additional logging


  • modified price fields on autocomplete – new display
  • new ‘settings’ link from plugins page to InstantSearch+ Dashboard
  • fix – full text search error handler
  • fix – warnings


  • installation error fix when WooCommerce’s version is below 2.1
  • added – notification on sync products status after install
  • fix – on full text search, results per page parameter modification


  • small bug fix + logging


  • cron schedule for site’s alert query
  • admin notice for quota exceeded alert


  • full text search disable on “ordering” + additional install logging


  • Enhanced WooCommerce Full Text search with InstantSearch+ the best cloud-based search


  • added new youtube video
  • multiple install logging


  • additional log was added (multisite)


  • added Cron events (fix import products issue)
  • added retry request on activation failure (when server returns an error)


  • Fix – fatal error on sending large number of products after install/activation


  • First version!