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Intagrate Lite - Instagram Image Publishing

Integrate your Instagram images and your WordPress blog with automatic posting of new images into blog posts.


  • Rebranded to Intagrate Lite


  • Removes all HTML comment credit links from created posts


  • Remove HTML comment credit link


  • WordPress 4.0 compatible
  • Fix - Session notice fix
  • Fix - Other notices


  • WordPress 3.5 compatible
  • Fix - Media attaching images handled better
  • Improvement - Plugin posts on a category page so is_home() override isn't needed.


  • Further Fix - Post is only published once image is set. This is a fix for users with auto social posting plugins who weren't seeing images in their social posts. Thanks Dutch Doscher!


  • New - Option to override is_home() check setting on automatic posting if themes do not have a set blog page.
  • Fix - Post is only published once image is set. This is a fix for users with auto social posting plugins who weren't seeing images in their social posts.


  • Improvement - Check for the cURL PHP extension. This is a prerequisite of the plugin.


  • Improvement - Custom body text now allows HTML content.


  • Bug fix - The plugin's settings are now only visible to administrators.


  • Bug fix - The plugin now correctly strips emojis from the Image title so they don't break the WordPress post title, but leaves alone foreign characters.


  • New feature - Every post with an image stores the Instagram image id in the post meta. This will help stop duplicate posts. if you want to repost an image the original post needs to be deleted and removed from trash.
  • Improvement - Default post title for images that have no title. Can be overridden by custom post title.
  • Improvement - New method of handling Instagram authorisation to fix those users in the infinite login loop.
  • Bug fix - Strips emoticons and other special characters from the Instagram image title so it won't break the post title.
  • Bug fix - Better handling of Instagram API downtime.
  • Bug fix - PHP notices removed.


  • New feature - You can now set the post type, eg. post, page or custom post types, where the image will be created in. Default is Post.
  • Instagrate Pro released.


  • New feature - You can set the default post status for posts created, eg. set to 'publish' or 'draft'. Default set to 'publish'.
  • New feature - Alert if blog has a static page for the homepage but doesn't have a page selected to display posts. This is needed for the plugin to work.
  • Bug fix - Warning: array_multisort() [function.array-multisort] error fixed.
  • Bug fix - Images that are added to media library are now automatically attached to the post in the media library.
  • Bug fix - Images posted with date at time of posting now use the timezone defined in the blog's general settings.
  • Bug fix - HTTPS fix - thanks @alexbilbie.
  • Bug fix - Authenticating when using localhost:8888.


  • Small release to fix readme.txt issues and links.


  • Bug fix - resolved multiple posting issues. The plugin will only post an image from Instagram 2 minutes after creation to stop any duplicates coming through on the API. Many thanks to testers @onlineheld, @travelhappy, Tyler Conlon
  • Bug fix - issues with logging in for some users.
  • You can now set how the Instagram image is used by the plugin. New settings for saving to the media library and making featured image.
  • You can now set Post Format.
  • Post date can now be selected to be the Instagram image's created date or the date at posting on WordPress.
  • Can now control if the image is wrapped in a link to the image. On by default for blogs using plugins such as Lightbox and Fancybox.
  • Debug mode added for troubleshooting issues with the plugin.
  • Donate Link added.


  • Bug fix - resolved WordPress forcing a re-login after trying to authenticate plugin, and never fully activating Instagrate


  • Bug fix - resolved multiple posts for one image.
  • Bug fix - resolved issues for authenticating plugin with Instagram for blogs not in root directory, eg. /blog/
  • Bug fix - resolved issues where users were receiving unhandled exceptions for the plugin on their blog
  • Log out button to allow you to change which Instagram account the plugin uses.
  • When a custom post title is added without the %%title%% text, it no longer adds the Instagram image title as well.
  • You can now use the %%title%% text within the post body.


  • Category dropdown in WordPress post settings now shows all categories even if no posts exist for the category. Also order by name.


  • Change to ensure on enable all images aren't posted.


  • First release, bugs expected.

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.5.7
Last Updated: 10 months ago
Active Installs: 6,000+


4.1 out of 5 stars


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