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inSite by Duda: Personalization Made Easy

Increase conversions with actions (popups, notification bars and more) set off by triggers (time, date, etc.) that you define.

See full FAQs at: https://www.dudamobile.com/insite

How does inSite work?

inSite allows you to dynamically personalize your website based on the conditions of each individual visitor, meaning your site can automatically react to your visitors. It works on a system of triggers and changes. The trigger checks the conditions of a visitor when they come to the site and then activates a change if it matches the rules youĂ­ve set. You can see the list of available triggers below. The change is up to you: you can add a new element to your site, include some custom code (or shortcodes) or display a notification bar on your site. You can see the available changes below.

Do I need to register to inSite when activating an inSite?

Yes, you will need to register an inSite account in order to activate your inSites. inSite is a service provided by Duda. Registering will allow you to set up your profile, share inSites with the community, and it will allow Duda to send you statistics emails about the performance of your inSites.

What are the triggers available to build an inSite?

  1. Time - Define the time and date that you want the inSite to appear. It can be a recurring event (daily, weekly, monthly) or a one-time thing.
  2. Visitor - Trigger an inSite based on the number of times a visitor has come to your site. It can be the first time or any other time after.
  3. Location - Based on where the visitor is physically located, you can have an inSite trigger display something different on your site.
  4. Device - Trigger an inSite based on the device type that the visitor is currently using.
  5. Campaign URL- Create a dedicated URL parameter that can be appended to your site and change the content of the page.
  6. Custom Trigger - Run some custom JavaScript code and cause an inSite to trigger based on the conditions you set [Advanced]. Triggers can be mixed and matched to fit just the right conditions for your needs.

What are the available changes I can add to my site?

  1. New element - Add new content to one or more pages of your site. The element can contain buttons, text, images, custom HTML, or shortcodes from other plugins. If you want to dig in on your own, you can control all of the HTML of the inSite element.
  2. Notification bar - A message on top of your site that allows you to promote an event or special you have coming up.
  3. Special effect - Add special effects such as falling hearts, fireworks or snowflakes to make your site more festive.
  4. Custom JavaScript - The possibilities are literally endless. Execute your own JavaScript code when this inSite is triggered.

Can I use my existing wordpress plugins like contact forms and gallery with inSite?

Yes, you can insert any regular shortcode and embed it directly in the inSite during inSite creation. The shortcode will be added to your site when the inSite is triggered.

Will inSite make my site load slower?

No. When we add content to your site, we are doing it via JavaScript after the page loads. This means that all of your primary content will be loaded first, and inSite will be triggered shortly after the page actually loads.

Requires: 3.0.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.4.8
Last Updated: 4 months ago
Active Installs: 7,000+


4.2 out of 5 stars


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