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Inline Comments adds your comment system to the side of paragraphs and other sections (like headlines and images) of your post.


  • Several JavaScript fixes (pull request from @r-a-y on Github).


  • Fix for comment submission in WordPress 4.4.2 (pull request from @foliovision on Github, change by @fvmartin).


  • New feature: Define where Inline Comments should be loaded by default. You can override the default setting on every post and page individually.

  • Added Russian translation by Vlad M.
  • Added Polish translation by Łukasz Piwko.

  • Removed one escape method to make the plugin working again.


  • Improved security: Excaped content to prevent cross-site scripting (XSS) (pull request from @allan23 on Github).


  • The "i" link is now optional. By default, no information link is displayed.
  • Fixed not working jQuery tabs in admin backend.


  • Recalculate bubble positions when window is resized (pull request from @r-a-y on Github).
  • Minor fixes.


  • Improved compatibility with WP-Ajaxify-Comments: Update comment count bubble when new comment is submitted (pull request from @r-a-y on Github).


  • Registered additional HTML attribute 'data-incom-ref' to improve theme support for the references feature.


  • Changed option "Remove Permalinks" to "Display Permalinks" (permalinks are hidden by default as from now). If this option is checked, a permalink icon will be displayed next to each comment.
  • Improved colour picker.
  • Scroll smoothly when the user clicks on a comment's permalink icon.
  • Removed "Comment System" option.
  • Fix: Replaced '<?=' with '<?php echo'.
  • Improvement: Use not minified JavaScript files when SCRIPT_DEBUG is true (defined in wp-config.php).
  • Added version number to scripts.
  • Added Spanish translation by Andrew Kurtis.


  • New feature: References. The default WordPress comments that are displayed below your article contain a link to the referenced paragraph. Click on the link to jump to the paragraph.
  • Fixed not working option "Always Display Bubbles".
  • Extended body_class() function to display class "inline-comments" within the element.


  • Improved UX: Close comments when user clicks on the same bubble again.
  • Added Serbian translation by Ogi Djuraskovic.


  • Renamed functions.php to inline-comments.php.


  • MILESTONE, new feature: Reply to inline comments (this feature is compatible with WP-Ajaxify-Comments).
  • Removed Disqus integration.
  • It's translatable! A German translation comes with this update ("Inline-Kommentare", de_DE).
  • New feature: Display avatars.
  • New feature: Insert HTML above the list of comments.
  • New feature: Remove form field "Website".
  • Improvement/fix: Use the first five letters to create the data-incom attribute (instead of just one letter) and, additionally, ensure that no two elements with the same value exist. Else it happens that one comment is displayed next to two different headings, like next to h1 and h2. (Now a comment will be assigned either to h1 or h2.) This improvement removes existing comments that have been assigned to headings from being displayed inline.
  • Improved look of permalink icons.
  • Improved usability for admins: Change URL when tab is switched. Now you can send URLs that directly load a specific tab on your options page
  • Fix: When WP-Ajaxify-Comments is enabled and a comment was submitted, and when then the user wants to close the wrapper using the cancel link/cross, the page reloaded. That issue is now fixed.


  • New feature: Added closing "x" to the right top of the comments wrapper. Can be removed per option
  • New feature: Change background opacity for comment threads
  • New feature: Hide "cancel" link
  • Fix: Now bubbles will only then appear when images, fonts and all other elements are loaded. So there is no displacement of bubbles anymore but it may take a bit longer until they are visible. (Displacements occurred especially on sites that load web fonts and when users with a slow internet connection visited the site.)


  • No page reload anymore: INLINE COMMENTS NOW EMPOWERS WP-AJAXIFY-COMMENTS!! This improves the user experience with Ajax functionality: Your page will not reload after a comment is submitted


  • New feature: Decide if bubbles should fade in/out or appear/disappear immediately
  • New feature: You can make the comment bubbles to be always visible
  • New feature: Hide the permalink that’s displayed next to each comment


  • If a comment bubble fits not completely on the screen, it will not be displayed


  • Now it's possible to format active paragraphs/sections
  • New feature: Select bubble style for sections with no comments yet (options: plain or bubble)


  • Major update! Many improvements and new functionalities
  • This plugin now performs with native WordPress comments
  • Removed option "identifier" (users cannot choose their own identifier anymore)


  • Plugin goes public (Disqus-only)

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.4.4
Last Updated: 5 months ago
Active Installs: 500+


4.6 out of 5 stars


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