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Infolinks Official Plugin

The Infolinks plugin enables WordPress Publishers to easily implement Infolinks’ suite of advanced advertising solutions and improve revenues from t

What is Infolinks?

Infolinks is a global advertising platform offering ad solutions for both publishers and advertisers. Online bloggers and website owners monetize their sites with Infolinks while keeping the integrity and layout of their sites undisturbed. Infolinks publishers can select their winning Infolinks ad combination from our ad unit selection: InFrame, InFold, InScreen, InTag, and InText. It takes less than a minute to integrate Infolinks on a publisher’s site. Infolinks’ ad units are fully customizable and invite higher engagement and CTR because of their unique positioning and the relevance provided by our smart algorithm.

How do I sign up as an Infolinks Publisher?

Signing up for Infolinks is quick and easy! Just fill out a short form and integrate the code into your site for the ads to appear. Follow these quick and easy steps to Join Infolinks now:

  1. Complete our brief sign up form.
  2. Our team will review your application within 48 hours.
  3. Upon approval you will be able to integrate the Infolinks script into your web pages.
  4. Start earning revenue immediately!
  5. Once you’ve been approved you can login to the Publisher Center and track your earnings.

What ad products does Infolinks offer?

Infolinks offers a variety of ad solutions to monetize websites of all levels.

InFold – InFold takes advantage of the power of search and display, delivering ads on a wider scale of traffic. This clever ad unit appears in a unique, stationary location right above the fold.

InText – Double underline your best keywords to monetize your written content. A simple hover of a mouse opens an ad bubble containing an ad matched to the context of your keywords. Fully customize the look and volume of InText ads on your website pages.

InTag – Presents a range of keywords relevant to the context of your site. Choose between one or two rows of links that open a relevant ad bubble upon a mouse hover. InTag manages to capture a spectrum of users’ interests and invite engagement with its range of keywords.

InFrame – Attractive skyscraper display banners placed in the extra real estate in the margins of wide screen monitors only. These ads are matched to your website’s category and are intelligently revealed only on traffic originating from wide screen monitors and customized to fit perfectly, without disturbing your site’s layout at all.

InScreen - Captivate users with InScreen, an interstitial ad that functions as an "ad intermission" between page views. This results in well-timed display ads, driven both by user intent and website content.

What products should I use?

Each Infolinks product was designed and tested for its usability and performance. No matter which product you choose, you will be making a smart decision for monetizing your site. Use more than one product at a time to optimize your site for maximum earnings.

Is my site eligible to qualify with Infolinks?

Infolinks' platform is open to any online publisher, big or small, with no setup fees, no minimum requirements for page views or visitors and no hidden commitments. We do have certain policies in place and we reserve the right to decline any application. We do not allow content that, in our opinion, can be deemed as negative in nature, illegal, or offensive in any way.

Requires: 2.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.2
Last Updated: 3 weeks ago
Active Installs: 10,000+


4.2 out of 5 stars


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