IndieDev Game Marketer


Creating a good game is hard, but that’s only half the battle. If you don’t market your game, no one will play it!

Indiedev Game Marketer is an open source WordPress plugin, forever free and forever without a premium version to buy.

Why use this plugin at all? Aside from helping you assemble press kits for your games, another vital feature is that if information changes about your game, then you only need to change your game once and it will update across your website.

  • Simply fill in your company & game details, upload your promotional media and boom: instant presskits for your games.
  • Write and publish Press Releases from within the WordPress admin panel.
  • Automate posting your screenshots onto Twitter on #screenshotsaturday as well as other daily #indiedev #gamedev hashtags
  • Uses native WordPress: classic editor button, Gutenberg blocks, shortcodes, custom post types, and custom taxonomy so that you can easily integrate content from this plugin into your themes and other plugins.
  • No PRO version to buy, now or ever. This is a true open source project licensed under the GPL 2 license
  • i18n compatible for translations to different languages.

Are you an indie game developer, publisher, or marketer who is using WordPress? Let me how I can help make this a better tool!

I know that making a good game is hard, but making a good marketing campaign can be even harder. It is my hope that this plugin will help developers more effectively market their games, without increasing the cost of marketing.


  • Promote indie games for all platforms using the power & familiarity of WordPress.


This plugin provides 2 blocks.

  • IndieDev Game Marketer
  • IndieDev Game Marketer


  1. Upload indiedev-game-marketer.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Click on the Settings button, or in the admin menu, click on IndieDev Game Marketer
  4. Follow the Configuration guide here to continue:


Ask us some questions!

After we get enough, I’ll update the FAQ with the most frequently asked questions.


October 26, 2018
To the authors: Please keep this plugin updated! It is a one-of-a-kind plugin and a must for indie game developers! So please don't abandon it.
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Contributors & Developers

“IndieDev Game Marketer” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Fixed: Okay, same issue as last time, but confident that it is actually patched in this update, including on multisite installations.


  • Fixed: Patched an issue where some users who upgraded from previous versions could no longer update or create games


  • Added: Added Community Manager, PR Manager and Social Media Manager as editable fields per game. These appear in the credits of press kits, and can also be accessed directly via shortcodes.


  • Fixed: Whoops, fixed a little logic problem introduced in the 2.0.3 patch.


  • Fixed: Patched an issue where the presskit was not properly displaying the images due to the filenames being converted to lowercase.


  • Fixed: Increased the Twitter message from the old 140 to the new 280 limit
  • Updated: Updated Codebird 3.2.0b1 to 4.0.0b1, and updated notice from PHP 5.5 required to PHP 7.1 required.
  • Fixed: Removed base64_decoded iframe, that was causing malware notices on some web hosts


  • Added: Created a new tab called Diagnostics, which provides a way for people with a problem to give us the info we need to solve their support requests


  • Fixed: Verified WordPress 5.1 compatibility
  • Fixed: The link to the Settings in the plugin list went to the wrong version of the settings page
  • Changed: Removed the Dashboard tab, as it was a waste of clicks and served no real purpose
  • Added: Created Company info Gutenberg block
  • Added: IndieDev Game Marketer block category
  • Changed: Press Releases and Game Promo Materials now use Gutenberg by default (unless you’re using classic editor)
  • Fixed: Got the custom post categories to show up in Gutenberg
  • Fixed: Resolved a bunch of PHP notices
  • Added: Custom Dashicon for the admin menu, custom icons for Gutenberg blocks
  • Updated: Game Promos now publish and are publicly queryable
  • Updated: Game Promos and Press Releases now optionally support featured images, comments, pingbacks, and trackbacks


  • 8th beta release
  • Changed: 4.8.0 support & minor texts edit regarding Greenlight (which was recently retired.)


  • 7th beta release
  • Fixed: Patched an issue where TinyMCE buttons were not functioning due to this plugin


  • 6th beta release
  • Fixed: Patched an incompatibility between WooCommerce and IndieDev Game Marketer
  • Fixed: Disabled all IndieDev Game Marketer CSS and JS in the admin panel unless on the actual settings page
  • Fixed: Attempted to solve an issue regarding /admin/class-indiedev-game-marketer-admin.php on line 1679 – Changed array initialization.
  • Fixed: Removed externally hosted css file (google cdn) and instead included it with the plugin to reduce external domain calls


  • 5th beta release
  • Fixed: Patched a regression that caused multisite to fail on 1.0.3


  • 4th beta release.
  • Added: Each game platform can now have a URL associated with it. On the presskit, each platform with a provided URL will be hyperlinked to that URL.
  • Fixed: Patched a problem where settings only created usable links when using the complete syntax, i.e. “http://” must preface the URL. You can omit or include the http or https without consequence.
  • Fixed: Now you can enter the Company Facebook and Twitter URL settings in most manners and still get a usable link on presskits and in shortcodes.
  • Fixed: Patched an issue where Greenlight URLs were not loading into the Edit Game form, causing them to be lost after editing games.
  • Fixed: Corrected an issue where the Game Engine wasn’t saving and also wasn’t displaying on the presskit even when saved.
  • Fixed: In Chrome on presskits, using the default CSS, multiple columns were spilling over. The CSS was updated and now seems to properly work on Chrome.


  • 3rd beta release.
  • Updated: There is now a .pot file in the /languages/ directory for i18n translations.


  • 2nd beta release.
  • Fixed: Added support for WordPress MultiSite installations, including Network Activation
  • Added: Upgrading functionality added, including database versioning.
  • Fixed: Removed several warnings
  • Updated: readme.txt cleaned up a bit more


  • Initial beta release.