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Thank you for trying In Stock Mailer for WooCommerce!

This WooCommerce extension allows your online store to have a customizable in stock alert button and email. If a product or product variation is out of stock this plugin will display an animated button with a “Notify when available” option.
Registered users can simply click on the button and will be automatically notified by email when the product/s is back in stock.

For optimal customer experience, non-registered users/visitors will be prompted to enter their email address only once since it will be saved in a cookie; Once a product or more products become available, the application will check and group the requests by email address, and send one email per customer, including images and links to the product pages they were initially interested in.

In the admin pages you can see the pending alert requests and email sent to customers, sort by date, users and status or group requests by email address. You can also customize your back in stock email, which will always begin with “Hello {customer name},”; You can choose a custom header image that shows in the top of the email, a custom subject and even modify the body of the email.


It’s important to understand that this plugin uses cookies. It’s your responsibility to abide any laws and regulations within your country or jurisdiction ( eg. EU Cookie laws ).


  • Notification button.
  • General settings menu.
  • Pending request list.
  • Email list sent to customers.


To install

1. Upload the plugin files to the `/wp-content/plugins` directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
3. Go to Settings->In Stock Mailer for WC screen to configure the plugin
4. Set up your button text and email header image.
5. Test your email functionality at the bottom of the General Settings page.


In order for this plugin to work you need a “transactional emails service”. Basically your WordPress installation should be set-up to send individual emails.


Do I have to configure anything to use it?

Yes and no. The plugin works out of the box but you should add an header image to your email.

When are the in stock email alerts sent?

Normally it runs at intervals of 8 hours. If your website has a low traffic rate consider adding a server based cron job.

Is there any extra futures?

At the moment there isn’t any paid option available. Depending on requests and feedbacks I will be happy to add new free features in the future! Please hit me up with suggestions.

The plugin isn’t sending any email, what do I do?

If emails are not being sent the first step is to send an email test. You can do so from the General Settings page. This plugin requires you to have a transactional email service in place already!

What is a transactional mail service?

It’s a service offered by a company that allows WordPress to send “individual emails”. There are many out there such as SendGrid, mailgun etc.; Some of which have free plans too.

Will I get spam requests?

The plugin offers some degree of protection against spam! Bots will have a hard time sending fake requests but some may get through. In the future I might implement captcha if needed/requested.


March 23, 2020
After scouring the internet as well WordPress plugin repository, I chanced upon this hidden jewel! I could rant about how many plugins I installed and uninstalled and how often some of them crashed my local development environment! 🙁 but then I would end up cluttering this review! This is THE perfect plugin for doing it's job of capturing your customer's interest for out of stock products. Works with variations as well! To top it all, this plugin has one of the most responsive authors I have come across in my WordPress journey!! God bless him! For others who need specifics, this plugin works with: Flatsome Theme: 3.11.0 WordPress: 5.3.2 WooCommerce: 3.9.3 Needs REST API to be functional
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Contributors & Developers

“In Stock Mailer for WooCommerce” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • API now works with plain permalinks too.
  • Minor security update.


  • Adds default banner to emails.


  • Removes email restriction for requests when not logged in.
  • Adds FontAwesome local lib.
  • Tested with WooCommerce 4.2.2.


  • Email success submit triggers successful confirmation.
  • Minor data validation fix.


  • Implements backorder alert.
  • Improves alert display logics.


  • Minor style fix for email submit text size.


  • Test Email now fully verifies manual plugin functionality.
  • Minor style compatibility update.


  • Adds a send now button for pending requests.
  • Sets product variation option off by default for theme compatibility.


  • Implements additional settings for email submit field.
  • Improves style compatibility with multiple themes.


  • Improved CSS compatibility and style.
  • Adds functionalities: FontAwesome, Button size and email submit button custom background.
  • Fixes basic translation. (Please review your .pot file if you are using this plugin in a language other than English).
  • Notes: FontAwesome will be enabled by default with this update.


  • Fixes an issue with email delivery for some WP installations.


  • Adds initial support for Internationalization.
  • Fixes minor HTML layout issue.


  • Submenu page in WooCommerce is always positioned under Orders.


  • Menu is now shown in its own subpage in WooCommerce main menu.


  • Timezone fix.


  • Implements the menu in a custom tab in WooCommerce setting.
  • Pending requests are now grouped by email by default and show request date.


  • DB Character set fix.


  • Minor styling improvement. Security update.


  • Cancel button is now optional.
  • Product variation alert is now optional.
  • Minor layout fixes.


  • Initial release.