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IMDb link transformer


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IMDb changed its search method Please prefer “imdbltid” method in your post/widget rather than “imdblt”

IMDb link transformer aims to ease the movies information search process, for both writer and reader. All movies names which are tagged between < !–imdb–>nameMovie< !–/imdb–> are automatically turned into an url. This url can open a new window (a popup) containing many useful data related to the movie itself. IMDb link transformer transforms all the words you tagged into links to an informative windows. It means one can view the filmmaker, the casting or the goofs that IMDb (or similar) website includes with one click; it can show either the director or the movie related data (biography, filmography, miscellaneous related to the director; casting, goofs, AKA titles, crew and many others related to the movie).

This plugin also add display buttons in writing interfaces (both HTML and Visual).

You can also activate the imdb link transformer widget, which will display information parsed from IMDb (or similar website) straight on your sidebar (or where is attached your widget). After activating the widget, every time you will add the key “imdb-movie-widget” to the custom field to your message and the name of the movie to “value”, the information related to selected movie will be displayed on the sidebar.

In the same way, this plugin can display many movie’s related data inside a post, when putting a movie name in [imdblt][/imdblt] or a movie ID in [imdbltid][/imdbltid] tags (since the recent IMDB search changes, the latter is prefered). No widget needed, and movie’s data can be displayed anywhere inside posts.

IMDb link transformer is a great tool to inform yourself and to provide many trivias to your posts! It is very versatile and multi-functional. Blogger can display data in many ways (popup, widget, straight into the post), and can fine-tune data with admin options and css.


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  • Classes come from imdbphp project. The entire project is actually based on the Izzy’s tremendous work.
  • New popup design thanks to Jeremie Boniface
  • Brazilian translation thanks to Murillo Ferrari
  • Spanish translation thanks to Andres Cabrera
  • Bulgarian translation thanks to Peter
  • Romanian translation thanks to Web Geek Sciense
  • Croatian translation thanks to Borisa Djuraskovic
  • Ukranian translation thanks to Michael Yunat
  • Several icons made by Yusuke Kamiyamane


  • Popup displayed when an imdb link is selected. In background (on the right), one can see the widget
  • How movie's data is displayed "inside a post"
  • How movie's data is displayed in a "widget"
  • Admin preferences
  • The field and the value to fill up if you want to use the widget ("imdb-movie-widget" & "imdb-movie-widget-bymid" options)
  • New button added for bloggers who prefer Visual writing way
  • New button added for bloggers who prefer HTML writing way
  • Writing code to display movie's data "inside a post"
  • Help section contains many tips and how-to


How to use the plugin?

The ways to use IMDb link transformer are broadly explained in How to page from plugin’s Settings (install plugin first, and have a look to “IMDb link transformer help”)

Can I suggest a feature/report a bug regarding the plugin?

Of course, visit the IMDb link transformer home. Does not hesitate to share your comments and desires; the plugin does more or less what I need. Since then, only users can still improve it.

I don’t want to have links to a popup window!

Look for “Widget/Inside post Options / Misc / Remove all links?” and switch the option to “yes”. You won’t have links anymore, for both widget and inside a post and as well as internal (popup) and external links.

I want to keep data forever on my disk/server

Look for “Cache management / Cache general options / Cache expire” and click on “never” to keep forever data download from IMDb. However, be warned: changes made on IMDb (or similar website) for a downloaded movie won’t be refreshed anymore. Still, in this case, if you keep forever data but notwithstanding you want to refresh a specific movie, you could look to the cache options to delete cache files related to the movie you want to refresh. Pay a visit to Cache options.

Is it possible to add several movies to sidebar/inside my post?

Yes, of course it is. Just add as many custom fields you want.

When using the widget, I get a “Fatal error: Call to a member function imdbid() on a non-object[…]” instead of movie’s details ?

I’m not sure about the cause. It could happen that you get banned from IMDb website, if you use an old plugin release which doesn’t include search cache. But solution is pretty straight: either switch from IMDb to Moviepilot “General options -> Search, imdb part -> Get rid of IMDb” (and look at help section to get you moviepilot API ID), or try to change imdb server you use from “General options -> Search, imdb part -> IMDb address” to another one.

Known issues
  • When the imdb widget is put under another widget which display a list (ie, “recent posts” plugin), the widget won’t display what it should. Actually, it won’t display anything. Workaround: put the imdb widget one level above the widget calling a list.

  • If you activate both “Display highslide popup” option and in Next-Gen Gallery’s highslide effect option, NGG picture display will be broken. Workaround: Do not use “Display highslide popup” option or use another effect option for NGG.


Have a look to the changelog to discover what amazing functions have been lately added.

But broadly speaking:


Changed the way to use highslide js (on WordPress request, piece of code not GPL compliant); it is mandatory now to download the library from IMDBLt website in order to get this damn cool window. Once the file downloaded, put the folder “highslide” into the “js” one and check general options in order to activate it


  • Speed improvement
  • Brand new cache management
  • Admin interface iconized


  • Taxonomy considerably expanded
  • added trailer’s movie detail


  • Added taxonomies

Contributors & Developers

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