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Image Source Control

The Image Source Control manages image sources, displays them and warns if they are missing.

  • fixed align value not being understood correctly

  • fixed missing index issue
  • call parent class in admin class constructor


  • cleanup
  • removed log spam introduced with 1.8.10
  • prevent SQL injection through crafted img src attributes

  • hotfix for php below 5.3


  • don’t list images attached to non-public posts in the full image list, when only visible images should be displayed, thanks to heiglandreas
  • added fallback to read images from galleries
  • added isc_get_image_by_url_query filter
  • fixed image list being empty due to autosave
  • read src from attribute according to dom documentation, thanks to heiglandreas
  • tested with WordPress 4.4 beta 4


  • rather use than error-log query


  • search for image urls regardless of their used protocol (http or https)

1.8.6 | 1.8.7

  • removed duplicate post links on full source list


  • fixed deprecated sanitize_url()


  • [feature] added option to display all images in the full list, not just those visible in posts
  • [fixed] default author text not showing up


  • [fixed] saving pre text for source overlay, thanks to maler.whick


  • [feature] show image sources for changed images
  • [feature] show image sources for images with query parameters


  • [fixed] set default value for new option to prevent error message


  • [feature] display image sources on archive pages (see settings)
  • [feature] use isc_thumbnail_source() to display thumbnail source in templates
  • [feature] added image sources for galleries and other shortcodes
  • updated German translation


  • [fixed] bug on ajax calls preventing the source fields to show up on ajax called pages in the dashboard
  • [fixed] bug on multisite update
  • [optimized] don’t hide setting boxes
  • [optimized] finished moving all publically needed function to its own class


  • [fixed] error message shown when list type settings was empty or unsaved
  • [fixed] source overlay showing if no image source was set for it
  • [optimized] trim source input


  • [fixed] source list function referring to the wrong plugin class


  • [optimized] manage different source display types on top of settings page
  • [optimized] renamed settings page to "Image Sources"
  • [removed] hiding source list elements in the frontend is no longer possible
  • [fixed] show source list not only below posts, but every other post type
  • [fixed] removed screenshots from main plugin files

Important: I tried to move old settings to new ones, but please check your settings and source display after updating.


  • [feature] list image sources at the bottom of posts and pages without coding
  • [feature] debug modus to check the relation between images and image posts


Some major change under the hood. On blogs with a lot of posts and images the activation crashed due to auto index of all meta fields. If everything works as expected you might not notice a change. There is only a second list on the missing image page. Read this post to learn more about it.


  • [feature] added function to get single image source from within templates
  • [feature] link the image source to a url; added url field to image source input fields
  • [optimized] using just a single function to create the source string whereever needed (fixes missing licence on full image lists)


  • [feature] hide sources caption for your own images, if option to hide sources on own images is enabled


  • [bugfix] setting default meta values if isc functions are directly called
  • [bugfix] minor error when image own checkbox is not checked
  • [bugfix] don’t link to unpublished posts from the image source list
  • [bugfix] check if mb_convert_encoding() function exists before using it


  • [bugfix] fixing js issue breaking save and preview function


  • [feature] added css classes to image lists for better css styling
  • [feature] added option to hide own images from image sources lists
  • [l10n] updated German translation


  • renamed post.php.js to post.js to avoid conflicts with some (broken) caching plugin rewrites


  • [feature] added hooks to enable developers to add their own images to the image source list – more information in the manual
  • [feature] added image licences
  • updated settings page layout so it works WordPress 3.8 RC1
  • [l10n] updated German translation


  • [bugfix] fixed the problem when the plugin is used with wpdirauth plugin.


  • [bugfix] fixed problems with special characters like German umlauts (äöü) in file names
  • added .jpeg to allowed image extensions


  • added missing files


  • [bugfix] list featured images with the 'isc_list_all' shortcode; please resave posts with featured images to see them in the list


  • [feature] hide the image source list under the post/page (default: visible)
  • [feature] use uploader as the image author, not the posts author
  • [feature] warnings, if image is saved without image source
  • [feature] show image source directly within the image; you can choose the position
  • [fixed] update issues

  • [fixed] solid fix for an issue occurring on updating to version 1.2

  • broken fix, DON'T use this version

  • really hot fix for problems some of you experienced after updating to version 1.2.


  • [feature] added an option panel under settings to customize most frontend texts
  • [feature] show image thumbnails in the list of all images
  • [feature] you can add a backlink to the authors page under the image list (optional)
  • [feature] you can now display the real posts author name when an image is marked as "by the author"
  • [feature] link to posts from the image list
  • [fixed] added a more flexible post-image connection to list all posts with a specific image in the list with all images
  • [fixed] image list: don't list images that are currently not used in any post
  • [fixed] no need to initially run the image index after first installing the plugin
  • [l10n] updated German localization


  • [feature] shortcode to list all images conntected to all posts and pages as a paginated list
  • [fixed] content filter now finds images that have been edited (like rotated)
  • [fixed] checking for missing key to prevent error message
  • [fixed] added link to plugin homepage with more details

  • [fixed] wrong user level check caused shortcode to not work for normal visitors


  • [fixed] wrong version number in main file so wordpress.org didn't inform about updates
  • [fixed] some minor coding standard issues
  • [fixed] small text for donate link
  • [fixed] plugin url
  • [removed] donate link (will come back after 10.000 downloads ;)


  • [fixed] javascript file is now being loaded and missing fields can be added
  • [feature] added button to reload the missing sources page after fields have been added
  • [locale] updated German translation


  • [fixed] show image sources under the post
  • [fixed] display "checked" attribute in frontend
  • [fixed] don't display image titles in image source list without a source
  • [feature] show sources for all images visible in the post content, not the post gallery
  • [feature] automatically load image source list first time a post is displayed after plugin installation


  • initial submittion
  • [feature] Added image source fields to mediathek
  • [feature] List images with missing sources
  • [feature] Shortcode to include the sources in content fields
  • [feature] Function to include sources of a post in templates

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.5.3
Last Updated: 3 months ago
Active Installs: 1,000+


4 out of 5 stars


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