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Image Cleanup

Image Cleanup will index unreferenced images. These can be leftovers from cropping and scaling images. Stop them cluttering your content folder!

Will Image Cleanup delete, move or rename images?

When indexing the images Image Cleanup will not delete, move or rename any image.

Images will only be moved when you choose to. Only after the move of images an permanently delete option will be available.

Can I revert back to previous state?

Yes you can! Full restore functionality is present.

What if the index is not finishing?

It might take a while for the plugin to index all the files. Please give it enough time to run!

If the index is returning an error this will be clearly visible. An bold red text will appear with a link to the debug log. Please send me this and the other logs.

If your image base is huge (50.000 or more images) you might want to exclude some parts of the image paths and work your way from year to year.

For example: exclude all folders which have the text '/2010/', '/2011/' etc. Do not remove the '/' slashes because without it will also remove filesnames containing '2010'. Scan only one year by excluding all the others.

Then, after the index is done and you removed the images you are able to index other years of the content folder.

Did you get any help?

Yes, I would like to say thank you to: Kelly Rosal and Tali Walt for letting me test and debug the plugin on their websites. Their websites were very though to run a full index through and because of that I had to optimize the plugin a lot!

Requires: 3.0.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.8.9
Last Updated: 2013-12-20
Active Installs: 6,000+


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