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Latest version includes various fixes to support latest version of WordPress and jQuery UI. See the description for more information

Q. What are the plugin requirements? A. The admin section requires jQuery and jQuery UI to be enabled. These libraries are usually included with your default WordPress installation, then initialized on the widget and shortcode admin pages.

Q. Why two different admin panels for the widget and the shortcode? A. All settings for the widget and the shortcode are stored independently. The widget(best used in the sidebar) and the shortcode(best used on a page or post) can be designed differently, with different themes, size, icon order, etc.

Q. Can I add my own icons? A. Yes, you can create a "custom1" (up to 5 respectively) folder under the plugin themes directory. Each icon theme is designed as a set of individual image sprites (All the icons are arranged in a grid as a single image), so your "icon grid" must match the layout on one of the other themes. Icons are not available as individual files.

Q. How do I access all the icons? A. The free version of this plugin has limited access to certain social networks (see Supported Networks). If you would like to receive a registration code to unlock these, please consider making a donation or purchasing the full version.

Q. Are there additional icon themes? A. Yes, there are additional free theme available as downloadable zip files on http://iireproductions.com/web/website-development/wordpress-plugins/plugins-social-icons/plugins-iire-social-icons-free-themes/

Q. How do I change the default links for each icon? A. In the Widget or Shortcode Designer, just double-click the desired icon to display the title/link icon and enter the appropriate values.

Q. Why two different email icons? A. The first email icon launches a pop up dialog w/ a form using JQuery UI. The second email icon uses the http://mailto: function and launches the visitor's email client, such as Outlook.

Q. When do I enable the responsive options? A. If you are using a WordPress theme that is designed to adapt to different devices, such as tablets and smart phones, set the "Responsive" width option to "Yes". The width of the Widget or Shortcode containers will adjust automatically.

Q. How do I add effects? A. In the Widget/Shortcode Designer, select the desire effect in the Icon Styling section. Jquery UI is not required for these effects. Effects are supported by most modern browsers.

Q. How do I remember my icon settings? A. Before deactivating the plugin, go to the Widget Designer, General Settings and set the Remember Icons select box to Yes.

Requires: 3.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.1.6
Last Updated: 2015-2-22
Active Installs: 3,000+


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