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Latest version includes various fixes to support latest version of WordPress and jQuery UI. See the description for more information


  • Updated to latest jQuery UI css links and images for Widget and Shortcode Designers
  • Fixed a jQuery UI accordian panel auto height issue in the Widget and Shortcode Designers
  • Fixed an issue with the Jquery UI overlay that was covering the Icons dialog in the Widget and Shortcode Designers
  • Fixed an uninstall issue if uninstall.php was permaturely deleted
  • Adjusted the default height of the Link/Title dialog in the Widget and Shortcode Designers
  • Adjusted the line height in the right side panel accordian in the Widget and Shortcode Designers


  • Fixed an SQL insert error when upgrading to 1.6.0 version
  • Add an option to remember icon setting upon deactivation
  • Added addtional deactivation/uninstall function updates


  • Added basic jQuery animation and CCS3 effects such as Bounce, Drop, Expand, Fade In, Fade Out, Flip Horizontal, Flip Vertical, Glow, Highlight, Rotate, Shake and Shrink
  • Added BandMix, CDBaby, Sonic Bids, Trip Advisor and Zune networks
  • Removed the code that deletes the database settings table upon deactivation
  • Updated the readme.txt file
  • Added ability to change title on Add To Favorites icons
  • Modified the default titles for the Add To Favorites icons
  • Add instructions for adding [RAW] tags to the shortcode
  • Fix a broken link to the website.


  • Added support for Red Alert icons available on the website
  • Added support for Wood Crates icons available on the website
  • Hid debug code in the Widget/Shortcode Designers
  • Fixed typo in Hyves icon
  • Updated the screenshot
  • Updated the readme.txt file


  • Replaced missing Blog Lovin icon in the Widget/Shortcode Designers
  • Added a note about uninstalling all prior versions
  • Updated the screenshot
  • Updated the readme.txt file

1.5.0 MAJOR VERSION UPDATE! Deactivate and delete all prior versions!

  • Extensive testing under WordPress 3.5.1
  • Changed plugin to mostly social networks
  • Changed the revision numbering scheme
  • Updated the installer
  • Additional networks and icons added. See available networks
  • Updated some networks default sample links
  • Updated graphic sprites for all icon themes
  • Updated Twitter, Google Plus and My Space logos
  • New additional email icon that uses HTML mailto: function
  • New Camera(Photo Gallery), Map, Profile, ICQ, Music Staff and Shopping Cart icons
  • Added the Cutouts Circular Light theme
  • Added the Cutouts Rectangular Light theme
  • Added the Cutouts Rectangular Dark theme
  • Added 2 additional blank icons (3 total)
  • Added dark backgrounds to the Widget/Shortcode Designer when a light-colored theme is selected
  • Rename a theme to "Mobile Phone"
  • Rename a theme to "Cutouts Circular Dark"
  • Removed the "Stickers" theme to keep file size down. Will be available for download on website.
  • Amazon, Google, Microsoft, AOL, Ebay, Yahoo have been removed and replaced with all-purpose icons
  • Added responsive widget/shortcode width option in the Widget/Short Designers for better integration with responsive WordPress themes
  • Adjusted the minimum width of the Widget/Shortcode Designers to improve the display in mobile tablets
  • Optimzed the Add This Social Bookmarking integration
  • Optimized the CSS code generation in the Widget/Shortcode Designers for improved performance
  • Created a seperate CSS file for the pop email dialog
  • Modifed the output CSS to use a single value if all rounded corners values are identical
  • Fixed CSS for the More Information, Picasa and Reddit icons
  • Fixed wrapping issue with the Email and Add To Favorites icons
  • Fixed the show hide title function
  • Fixed the application of the opacity current level to icons in Widget/Shortcode Designers
  • Fixed re-ordering output bug when email icons are used
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes
  • Updated the screenshot
  • Updated the readme.txt file


  • Added conditional testing for the jQuery UI CSS file based on WordPress prior versions.
  • Fixed a typo in the Pinterest icon title
  • Fixed a bug in the Widget Alignment in the Widget Designer
  • Fixed a bug in the Shortcode Alignment in the Shortcode Designer
  • Updated the Widget/Shortcode reset functions
  • Updated the Email icon title to "Email"
  • Updated the code for the Widget Veritcal Orientation
  • Updated the code for the Shortcode Veritcal Orientation
  • Updated the dynamic CSS alignment for the widget and shortcode outputs
  • Updated the readme.txt file


  • Updated the footer initialization to only use jQuery UI if the email function is active and a proper recipient address is specified
  • Updated the FAQ
  • Updated the plugin landing page
  • Updated the initialization of jQuery UI library files in the Admin section
  • Fixed an PHP 5.0 date error in the send email function
  • Updated readme.txt file


  • Updated the Google CDN links for jQuery UI for WordPress 3.5 compatibility!!!
  • Updated the included jQuery UI library files
  • Fixed the email dialog in WordPress 3.5
  • Fixed an issue with an MYSQL insert query on installation
  • Fixed an issue with the dynamic CSS generator
  • Updated the installation function
  • Undated the uninstall function
  • Removed the admin default email address from the Email section
  • Added support for additional free iiRe themes
  • Updated readme.txt file


  • Added the following networks: Esty, Buzznet, Paypal, Reverbnation, Ebay, Mixx, Pure Volume, Design Float, 500px, Smugmug, GoeCaching, Evernote
  • Added support for up to 5 custom folders using the grid layout
  • Added a Print icon and function
  • Changed the default icon size on reset to 64x64 for the widget
  • Changed the default icon size on reset to 32x32 for the shortcode
  • Added additional detection of jQuery UI
  • Included the jQuery UI base javascript, CSS and image files
  • Fixed issue when using plugin on a site that uses a SSL certificate.
  • Updated the Widget/Shortcode Designer screenshots
  • Updated readme.txt file


  • Fix an issue where themes were not properly detected when plugin was installed into a different location other that the default folder
  • Rewrote the javascript for the "Add to Favorites" Works in FireFox and IE, a prompt is displayed for Chrome,Safari and Opera
  • Adjusted the default minimum height of the Widget/Shortcode Designer preview area
  • Added javascript to hide WordPress nag messages when editing in the Widget/Shortcode Designer
  • Added a "blank" icon - Designers can graphically modify a theme to add an icon logo that may not be available in the network.
  • Updated the uninstaller to properly delete the database table upon deactivation.
  • Additional support for future upgrades.
  • Updated readme.txt file


  • Fixed an issue with icon opacity in the Widget/ShortCode Designers
  • Fixed an issue remembering the active theme in Shortcode Designer
  • Added a prefix to each icon ID to allow additional compatiblilty with 3rd party themes that also include social media icons
  • Modified all stylesheets to use the new icon prefix
  • Updated readme.txt file


  • Number of available themes included was reduced to limit the size of the plugin
  • Additional theme files posted on website
  • Select box for theme code modified to detect new sub-folders in the plugin theme directory
  • Updated readme.txt file


  • Limited number of meta tags in readme.txt file


  • Initial beta release

Requires: 3.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3.5
Last Updated: 11 months ago
Active Installs: 2,000+


4.1 out of 5 stars


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