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Adding your Amazon Affiliate ID

If you'd like to include your Amazone Affiliate ID in the /i/ redirect URLs, implement the amazon_affiliate_id filter. For example:

add_filter('amazon_affiliate_id', create_function('', 'return "willnorris-20";'));

Additional Local Types

Out of the box, Hum only registers the b and t prefix to be served locally by WordPress. If you would like to register additional prefixes, implement the


filter. For example, to include 'p' as well for photos:

function myplugin_hum_local_types( $types ) {
  $types[] = 'p';
  return $types;
add_filter('hum_local_types', 'myplugin_hum_local_types');

This will tell Hum to serve any /p/{id} URLs from WordPress. Additionally, you'll want to instruct Hum to use your prefix for that particular content type. Here, we're registering 'p' which is normally used for photos.

function myplugin_hum_type_prefix( $prefix, $post_id ) {
  $post = get_post( $post_id );

  if ( $post->post_type == 'attachment' &&
       strpos($post->post_mime_type, 'image') === 0 ) {
    $prefix = 'p';

  return $prefix;
add_filter('hum_type_prefix', 'myplugin_hum_type_prefix', 10, 2);

Simple Redirect

You can redirect all traffic for a prefix using a single line of PHP my implementing the hum_redirect_base_{type} filter where {type} is the prefix to redirect. For example, I redirect all /w/ URLs to wiki.willnorris.com using:

  create_function('', 'return "http://wiki.willnorris.com/";'));

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.0.13
Last Updated: 1 year ago
Active Installs: 200+


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