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Hotspots Analytics

The most advanced analytics plugin for WordPress websites including heatmaps, user activity and custom event tracking.

Why can't I see the heatmap when adding URL query parameter drawHeatmap=true.

You cannot view the heatmaps if your theme is not HTML5 compliant and you need to use an Internet browser which supports HTML5 canvas. Most modern browsers support HTML5 canvas now. Your theme also needs to be HTML5 compliant. Make sure the Enable drawing heatmap option is checked on in the General options tab. An information panel should be displayed at the bottom right overlayed on your website when the heatmap is displayed. Try resizing your page widths as per the page widths in the heatmaps table in the plugin page.

I just updated the plugin and it does not seem to be working

If you're using a caching plugin such as W3TC then empty all page cache. Also empty your browser cache to ensure the latest JavaScript files are loaded. Also try to deactivate and then reactivate the plugin.

Does the plugin impact performance?

The free plugin may have a small impact on your website performance as an additional server request is made for each mouse click, touch screen tap, AJAX action, page view and custom event. For websites with a low usage, this performance impact is negligable to the user. However you can purchase two plugins which allow you to direct all user activity events to be saved on a remote host and database to reduce load on your server. For more information, visit http://danielpowney.com/downloads/hotspots-analytics-remote-bundle/

Can I make the plugin only work on certain pages?

Yes. There are settings to setup URL filters for enabling or disabling saving events on different pages.

Can I clear all of the data?

Yes, there is an option to clear all data from the database

Why aren't all of my mouse clicks or touchscreen taps being saved?

Occasionally mouse clicks and touchscreen taps are not saved as the browser event can take over the AJAX call (cancel it) when navigating to a different page for example. So it can be a little hit and miss and it's up to the browser. Howeber this does not seem to occur very often. Also, if the JavaScript on the page has not finished loading and you quickly click on a link, then the mouse click or touchscreen tap may not be saved.

Why is the page width not the same as when I view the heatmap via the WordPress admin

Sometimes the browser adds a vertical scrollbar which is subtracted from the page width. E.g. 17px for Firefox. So if you wanted to view 1600px and when viewing the hea map the expanded browser window is 1583px with a vertical scrollbar of 17px, change the width allowance option in the heatmap settings tab to allow the mouse clicks and touchscreen taps to be displayed for 17px difference.

Do I have to resize the window to the exact page width?

No. There is an setting called width allowance which allows up to 20 pixels each side of your target page width to display the heatmap. This amount can be changed and is defaulted to 6 pixels.

How do I add a custom event?

You will need to understand jQuery selectors first here: http://api.jquery.com/category/selectors/. You can bind a mouse click, touchscreen tap, or form submit event to any HTML elements on the pahe by using jQuery selectors.

Requires: 3.0.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.1
Last Updated: 2 months ago
Active Installs: 2,000+


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