Hola Free Video Player


  • Commercial grade video player based on VideoJS
    Improved support for HLS and HDS formats.
  • Rich video.js plugin eco-system
    • Various plugins available for added functionality, such as:
    • Google Analytics – videojs-ga
    • Progress bar thumbnails – videojs-thumbnails
    • VAST and VPAID integration – videojs-vast-plugin and videojs-vpaid
    • DASH format support – videojs-dashjs
    • Resolution switch button – video-js-resolutions
      And many more…
  • Video experience analytics
    What is the average buffering time in Germany?
    How many seeks users are doing in a single video?
    Get answers in real-time through the analytics dashboard.
  • Multi-platform compatibility
    Supports playback on desktop and a variety of mobile devices,
    with failsafe mechanism to ensure your video is played everywhere.
  • Custom branding and no watermark
    Easy customization with standard HTML and CSS skinning system.
  • And it’s free!


  • Video player logo in post editor
  • Video player set up console1. The video player setup console.
  • Activating your free video analytics.
  • Completed video analytics.


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/hola-free-video-player
    directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in your dashboard.
  3. Look for the plugin icon in the post editor, or in the widget section.


What video formats the player can play?


What ad formats does the Player support?

Hola Player supports VAST and Google IMA based ads, including pre-roll,
mid-roll and post-roll video ads. Documentation and sample code are available
in the GitHub page – https://github.com/hola/video.js

Is it completely free?


Is Hola player open source software?

Hola player is based on VideoJS, an open source HTML5 video player. Find more
details on the Hola Player GitHub page – https://github.com/hola/video.js

Where can I get the source for Hola Player?

Find more details on the Hola Player GitHub page –

Contributors & Developers

“Hola Free Video Player” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




First version


Second stable version


Greatly improved UI for inserting video player code


Fixed handling of shortcode options and better UX


Fixed UI and handling of options for widget


Integrated analytics signup into the plugin


Fixed intermittent playback failures with Vimeo and YouTube. Ensured that ads
are not used together with those sources.


More thorough fix for playback failures with Vimeo and YouTube.
Moved to current version of hola_player.js
Better analytics integration


Properly integrate ads in all video types.


New version of hola_player.js
Correct and consistent handling of all tag options
Made widget and shortcode use same output code


Made Vimeo and YouTube respect all options
Simplified backend handling of tag generation
Removed unnecessary UI elements

= 1.3.6 –
Integrated Google Analytics
Removed obsolete javascript