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HeyPublisher Submisson Manager

This plugin allows you as a publisher or blog owner to accept unsolicited submissions from writers without having to create an account for them.

  1. heypublisher-submission-manager screenshot 1

    Plugin Validation Screen. This is how you connect the plugin to HeyPublisher.com. Just input the username and password you want to create (if you don't already have a HeyPublisher account).

  2. heypublisher-submission-manager screenshot 2

    Publication Information configuration screen. This is how you want your publication to appear within HeyPublisher's database.

  3. heypublisher-submission-manager screenshot 3

    Publication Contact information screen. Indicate how writers should contact you if they have a question about their submission.

  4. heypublisher-submission-manager screenshot 4

    Submission Form Configuration. Here is where you create (or select) the page in your WordPress blog that will contain the submission form. If the page doesn't already exist, click the link and the plugin will create it for you.

  5. heypublisher-submission-manager screenshot 5

    Submission Guidelines Configuration. If your publication has a page for it's submission guidelines, select that page here. This page will be indexed by HeyPublisher and will be promoted to our community of writers.

  6. heypublisher-submission-manager screenshot 6

    Submission Categories. Here is where you will select the types of work you want to accept, and how thesemap to the categories you've created in WordPress.

  7. heypublisher-submission-manager screenshot 7

    Payment Configuration. If your publication pays writers for their work, indicate that here. At this time, this is informational only.

  8. heypublisher-submission-manager screenshot 8

    Notification Configuration. Indicate which notifications you want to send to the writer.

  9. heypublisher-submission-manager screenshot 9

    Submissions Summary. From this screen you can view and manage the submissions received by your publication, including rejecting the submission, saving the submission for later review, or accepting the submission for publication. Clicking on the Author's Name will bring up their bio in preview mode (if available). Clicking on the title of the submission will allow you to 'preview' the submission.

  10. heypublisher-submission-manager screenshot 10

    Submission Status. When 'previewing' a submission, the submission status side-bar will give you quick stats on the submission, including how many days it's been in your slushpile, and whether or not the work has been submitted to (or published by) any other publishers.

  11. heypublisher-submission-manager screenshot 11

    Email Template Summary. Get a quick view of the custom emails you are sending to writers at each stage of the submission process.

  12. heypublisher-submission-manager screenshot 12

    Email Template Add/Edit Screen. Add new (or edit existing) email templates.

  13. heypublisher-submission-manager screenshot 13

    Plugin and Publisher Statistics screen. Gives you a quick snapshot of total submissions, pending submissions, and how many writers have made comments about your publication on HeyPublisher.com

  14. heypublisher-submission-manager screenshot 14

    Dashboard Summary. A summary of total submissions received and how many are pending review has been added to the Dashboard, providing you with a quick snapshot.

Requires: 2.8.6 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.2.7
Last Updated: 4 months ago
Active Installs: 100+


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