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HeyPublisher Submisson Manager

This plugin allows you as a publisher or blog owner to accept unsolicited submissions from writers without having to create an account for them.


  • Verified works on WP 4.2.1.
  • Fixed links to external documentation that were not actually there.
  • Uninstall was not properly registering or cleaning up data.


  • Verified works on WP 4.0+.


  • You can no longer 'accept for publication' more than one submission at a time.

  • When accepting a submission for publication, if the author record does not exist in your WP database you are now prompted to input the desired 'username' for the newly created author record. If the author record already exists, then this step is skipped.

  • Fixed improperly closed DIV tag on the submission summary that was causing the WordPress footer to appear mid-list.


  • Completely rewrote the HTML cleanup code. All fonts and embedded styles are now removed from submitted works. If you find that you're having problems with multibyte characters, turn off HTML cleanup in the Plugin Options -> Miscellaneous screen.

  • Completely rewrote configuration screen to be tabbed and to better group/organize the configurations.

  • Changed contact email address to support@heypublisher.com.

  • Added support for sub-categories.

  • Cleaned up the plugin submission pages to better handle extra long titles and to indicate when writers do not provide a return email address.

  • Added Twitter as a social media login type we support. We've removed support for Windows Live ID


  • Fixed error that is thrown when trying to deactivate the plugin.


  • Introduced the ability for editors to turn off the email notifications sent to writers when a submission changes state.

  • Added 'Year Established', 'Monthly Circulation', 'Facebook' and 'Twitter' configuration options. When populated, these values will be displayed with your publication listing at HeyPublisher.com

  • Fixed an edge-case where publishers could continue to see withdrawn submissions.

  • Better layout of the Publication Information configuration section, to separate contact info from publication info.

  • Fixed issue where previously accepted submissions that were moved to the trash were not marked as 'rejected'.

  • Fixed issue where accepted submissions that were scheduled for publication at a future date were not transitioning to 'published' on that date.


  • Fixed tagging issue that caused submissions page to throw fatal error regarding missing class file.


  • Fixed wrapping issue seen in Dashboard widget when at small scale and in some circumstances always in XP (thanks Shrikant!).


  • Fixes two typos, including an invalid URL.


  • Added Submission Summary counts to the Dashboard and to the main plugin information screen. Introduces metrics on accept vs. reject percentage.


  • Added Custom Response Templates; the ability to customize the emails that are sent to your writers during each stage of the submission review process.

  • Added summary submission statistics to the plugin 'home' page

  • Added detailed statistics on the submission preview page, informing publisher if work is outstanding with another publisher (or has been previously published).


  • Fixed an issue where the custom javascript in this plugin could possibly conflict with Admin Themes that also used javascript.

  • Fixed code related to UserPost mapping so that the plugin uses the new functions introduced in WordPress 3.0

  • Removed the inclusion of the custom stylesheet on the Submission Form page, as it was conflicting with some themes. Now, the width/height of the IFRAME in which the submission form displays is styled inline. If you want to override the size or style of this IFRAME reset the attributes for #heypub_submission_iframe in your stylesheet.


  • Initial release of HeyPublisher Submission Manager Plugin

Requires: 2.8.6 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.2.7
Last Updated: 4 months ago
Active Installs: 100+


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