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The hearthis.at Shortcode plugin allows you to integrate a player widget from hearthis.at into your WordPress Blog by using a WordPress shortcodes.

Use it in your blog post or pages by adding this Shortcode to your content:

The Plugin also supports optional parameters. By now these are width, height and params. The "params" parameter will pass the given options on to the player widget. The hearthis player accepts the following parameter options:

  • theme = you can choose between these 2 options transparent (default) or transparent_black
  • width = define the width of the widget (integer value or % value or empty string '', default is 100%)
  • height = define the height of the widget (integer value or empty string '', default is 145)
  • profile_height = define the height of the profile view (integer value or %, default is 400)
  • multi_height = define the height of the playlist view (integer value or empty string '', default is 450)
  • color2 = highlight color for the waveform (not set or a hex color string with prependig #)
  • color = button and passed time color for the waveform (not set or a hex color string with prependig #)
  • cover = hides the cover img (values not set, 1 or 0)
  • autoplay = starts with autoplay (values not set, 1 or 0)
  • style = style 1 or 2
  • waveform = hide the waveform (values not set, 1 or 0)
  • background = shows the background if set (values not set, 1 or 0, if is 1 the height is 400px)
  • digitized_space = size of the spaces between the waveform blocks (integer, steps from 1 to 10, works only if style is set to 2)
  • liststyle = only aviable on playlists and will also works only with 'single' as value

Embed a single track without params.

Embed a playlist or set without params.

Embed a user without color params and autostart.
[hearthis color="#ff5c24" color2="#33fd11" autostart="1"]http://hearthis.at/djforce/[/hearthis]

Embeds a track with a black theme and a bachground image (if set).
[hearthis theme="transparent_black" background="1" ]https://hearthis.at/djforce/baesser-forcesicht-dnbmix/[hearthis]

Embeds a track player with 300px width and a green button color.
[hearthis width="300" color="#33fd11"]https://hearthis.at/crec/maverick-krl-c-recordings-guestmix/[/hearthis]

Embeds a playlist or set with 400px height.
[hearthis height="400"]https://hearthis.at/set/51-7/[/hearthis]

I embeds a hook so if you have a playlist and do set the liststyle="single" option, it will parse all tracks from this set as single tracks.
[hearthis liststyle="single"]https://hearthis.at/crecs/set/tbase-feat-charlotte-haining-oscar-michael-unspoken-words-ep/[/hearthis]

Requires: 3.1.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.4.0
Last Updated: 2015-9-23
Active Installs: 100+


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