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Best Responsive Team member plugin for WordPress to showcase member Image, Name, Designation, Social connectivity links. Display anywhere at your site using shortcode like [gs_team theme=”gs_tm_theme1″] & widgets. GS Team plugin packed with tons of controlling options & different themes to showcase members elegantly with eye catching effects. You can display your Team members profile in Grid, Circle, Horizontal, Drawer, Table, List, Slider, Popup, Filter, Panel and Gray views. Team plugin has more than 20 appealing templates, SEO friendly, re-order functionality.

GS Team Member plugin is simple, flexible & powerful.

GS Team Members by GS Plugins

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Plugin Features

  • Responsive Team Member plugin
  • Different Column options
  • Works with any standard WordPress Theme.
  • Add Unlimited members
  • Developer friendly & easy to customize.
  • All modern browsers supported.
  • Boosts SEO with schema.org markup
  • W3C valid markup
  • Output your team members anywhere with the shortcode [gs_team theme=”gs_tm_theme1″] or select other theme.
  • Team Member info & social links
  • Easy to setup
  • It’s easy to use interface allows you to manage, edit, create and delete Team Members with no new knowledge.

Pro Features

  • 20+ different themes
    • Theme 01 : Team Grid 1 (Hover)
    • Theme 02 : Team Grid 2 (Tooltip)
    • Theme 03 : Team Grid 3 (Static)
    • Theme 04 : Circle 1 (Hover)
    • Theme 05 : Horizontal 1 (Square Right Info)
    • Theme 06 : Horizontal 2 (Square Left Info)
    • Theme 07 : Horizontal 3 (Circle Right Info)
    • Theme 08 : Horizontal 4 (Circle Left Info)
    • Theme 09 : Drawer 1 (3 cols)
    • Theme 10 : Drawer 2 (4 cols)
    • Theme 11 : Table 1 (Underline)
    • Theme 12 : Table 2 (Box Border)
    • Theme 13 : Table 3 (Odd Even)
    • Theme 14 : List 1 (Square Right Info)
    • Theme 15 : List 2 (Square Left Info)
    • Theme 16 : Slider 1 (Hover)
    • Theme 17 : Popup 1
    • Theme 18 : To Single
    • Theme 19 : Filter 1 (Hover & Pop)
    • Theme 20 : Filter 2 (Selected Cats)
    • Theme 21 : Panel Slide
    • Theme 22 : Gray 1 (Square)
  • Single Team Template included
  • Archive Team Template included
  • GS Team Widget available
  • GS Team Shortcode generator available at page / post
  • Display members by Group / Department wise (category)
  • Limit number of team member to display.
  • Custom CSS – Add Custom CSS to GS Team Grid
  • Repeatable Social Media metabox
  • Repeatable Skills metabox
  • Ribbon metabox
  • Number Pagination
  • Search instantly by Name letters
  • Filter by Designation
  • Shortcode parameter – panel (right/left/center)
  • Drag & drop custom Members order
  • Visual Composer support
  • Social icons at Widget
  • Priority Email Support.
  • Free Installation ( If needed ).
  • Well documentation and support.
  • And many more..
  • View live Demos »
  • Upgrade to PRO »

Available fields to add info

  • Member Name
  • Member Details
  • Designation
  • Ribon
  • Member Image
  • Group/Department
  • 40 Social Icons available to add Links
  • Skill filelds to add as many you want

Available Icons

Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram, Dribbble, Behance, Pinterest, Flickr, Stumbleupon, Deliciousdiv Reddit, VK, Vine, Github, Stack Overflow, Soundcloud, Envelope / Email, Link / Website, Skype, Whatsapp, Dropbox, WordPress, Tumblr, Foursquare, Xing, Lastfm, Hacker News, Yahoo, Trello, Steam, Deviantart, Feed, Renren, Spotify, twitch, Digg, SlideShare

Team Settings (Pro)

  • Columns ( 2 Columns, 3 Columns, 4 Columns )
  • Theme ( Grid, Circle, Horizontal, Drawer, Table, List, Slider, Popup, Filter, Panel, Gray )
  • On / off contols for – Member Name, Member Designation, Member Details, Social Connection, Pagination New, Next / Prev Member New, Instant Search by Name New, Filter by Designation
  • Link Target ( New Tab, Same Window )
  • Set the limit to max number of characters in Member details
  • Style Member Name by – Font Size, Weight, Style, Color, BG Color
  • Hover Icon BG Color
  • Ribon Background Color
  • Style Member Role by – Font Size, Weight, Style, Color
  • Pop Up Arrow Color
  • Filter Category Position
  • Team Custom CSS (write your own custom css )
  • Team Members Slug

GS Team Member’s shortcode usage

Basic Usage –

[gs_team theme="gs_tm_theme1"]

GS Team Member’s Shortcode attributes Usage

[gs_team num="10" cols="3" theme="gs_tm_theme8" group="hr"]

Shortcode PHP Usage

<?php echo do_shortcode( '[gs_team theme="gs_tm_theme1"]' ); ?>


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  • GS Team Members output by Theme One – Hover after adding shortcode [gs_team cols="3" theme="gs_tm_theme1"]
  • GS Team Members output by Theme Two – Round after adding shortcode [gs_team cols="4" theme="gs_tm_theme2"]
  • GS Team Members output by Theme Three – Left / Right after adding shortcode [gs_team cols="6" theme="gs_tm_theme3"]
  • GS Team Members output by Theme Four – Right / Left after adding shortcode [gs_team cols="6" theme="gs_tm_theme4"]
  • GS Team Members output by Theme Five – L / R Round after adding shortcode [gs_team cols="6" theme="gs_tm_theme5"]
  • GS Team Members output by Theme Six – R / L Round after adding shortcode [gs_team cols="6" theme="gs_tm_theme6"]
  • GS Team Members output by Theme Seven – Slider after adding shortcode [gs_team theme="gs_tm_theme7"]
  • GS Team Members output by Theme Eight – Popup after adding shortcode [gs_team theme="gs_tm_theme8"]
  • GS Team Members output by Theme Nine – Filter after adding shortcode [gs_team theme="gs_tm_theme9"]
  • GS Team Members output by Theme Ten – Greyscale after adding shortcode [gs_team cols="3" theme="gs_tm_theme10"]
  • GS Team Member Widget
  • GS Team Member Shortcode Generator


Install GS Team Member plugin as a regular WordPress plugin. Here is different ways to install GS Team Member plugin :

Install by Search Plugin

  • In your Admin, go to menu Plugins > Add New
  • Search GS Team
  • Click to install
  • Activate the plugin
  • GS Team post type will show below POSTS

Install by Upload Plugin

  • Download the latest version of GS Team Member (.zip file)
  • In your Admin, go to menu Plugins > Add New
  • Select “Upload Plugin”
  • Click on “Choose File”
  • Select downloaded gs-team-pro.zip & click on ‘Install Now’ button
  • Activate the plugin
  • GS Team post type will show below Posts / Pages

Install Plugin using FTP

  • Upload gs-team-lite folder inside the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  • Go to WordPress dashboard > Plugins & Activate the GS Team Member plugin
  • GS Team post type will show below Posts / Pages

  • Put [gs_team theme=”gs_tm_theme1″] shortcode or select other theme, where you need to show the Team Members.


How do I add new Team Member?

GS Team post type will show below POSTS. To add new Member, go to GS Team > Add New Member, then add Member Name, Member Details, Designation, Member Image, Group/Department, Member’s social links ( Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Youtube, Personal Site ) Add social link’s URL with http:// then Finally Publish.

What will be Member image dimension?

Recommended image size 400px X 400px for perfect view of various devices.

How to use shortcode inside page templates?

WordPress has a great function, do_shortcode(), that will allow you to use shortcodes inside your theme files. For example, to output Team Members in a Theme file, you would do this:

<?php echo do_shortcode('[gs_team theme="gs_tm_theme1"]'); ?>
Can I add social media link of team member in WordPress Team Member plugin?

Yes, you can add all the social media links of your team member as your need. 40 different socials media icons available to add links. You’ve control to show or hide them. Reorder icons by drag and drop.

Is there any shortcode available for GS Team Member showcase plugin?

Yes, shortcode & widget available to display team members anywhere at your site. Default shortcode is [gs_team theme=”gs_tm_theme1″]
You can choose from 20+ ready themes like Grid, Circle, Horizontal, Drawer, Table, List, Slider, Popup, Filter, Panel, Gray. Check GS Team Member’s Shortcode attributes Usage

How many styles / themes does GS WordPress Team Showcase Plugin has?

There are 22 different themes available for WordPress Team Member Showcase plugin by GS Plugins. You can use any of them as per need.

What are the information I can add at GS WordPress Team Member showcase Plugin?

We’ve tried to add all the available information a company / person need to dissplay at his profile. These are the informations you can add via GS Team Member plugin :
– Member Name
– Member Details
– Designation
– Ribon
– Member Image
– Group / Department
– 40 Social Icons available to add Links (Drag drop reorder)
– Skill fields to add as many you want (Drag drop reorder)
Check Visually

Does GS Team Member plugin support Visual Composer?

Yes, GS Team Member plugin is supported with Visual Composer. This helps to make your team better than ever.

Can I use GS WordPress Team Member Plugin in multiple sites?

Yes, GS Plugins offers you to use Team Member plugin by purchasing multiple site licenses for use.

How many team members can I add via WordPress Team Member plugin?

You can add as many team members as you have via GS Team Member plugin. Anytime you can add, edit, delete or group by Team Members. Drag drop reorder members for Custom Orders.


October 24, 2019
I can't begin to explain the outstanding level of support Golam Samdani has provided to our team. We have the pro version plugin and are very happy with it. Thanks for a great product and even greater customer service!
October 23, 2019
I'm currently using both the free version and the pro version of the plugin. The free version works like a charm and contains all needed to realize a "People" or "Team" page. Anyway, I wanna recommend the pro version, due to the number of customizable options and also the amazing support from dev-team. Very recommended!
June 19, 2019
So grateful for their support! I needed something fixed ASAP (that I screwed up) and they were able to login and take care of it for me. They were responsive and so kind! Thank you!!!!!
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Contributors & Developers

“WordPress Team Members – GS Plugins” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



Version 1.9.5 [23rd Oct 19]

  • [Fixed] : Domain name changed & fixed all urls.
  • [Fixed] : Admin CSS for Options & Help page.
  • [Fixed] : Default value at theme option. Changed from theme1 to gs_tm_theme1. Thanks a ton to Gabriele Serra for the concern regarding bug 🙂
  • [Added] : New Contributors.
  • [Fixed] : Modified markup to fix broken layout ( @ theme8, theme9 & theme12 ) Changed P to Div.

version 1.9.4

  • [Added] : Freemius Affiliate Option Added.

version 1.9.3

  • [Added] : Updated Freemius SDK 2.3.0
  • [Fixed] : Theme Div Issue
    • Theme Grid 1
    • Circle 1 (Hover),
    • Horizontal 1 (Square Right Info),
    • Horizontal 2 (Square Left Info),
    • Horizontal 3 (Circle Right Info),
    • Horizontal 4 (Circle Left Info),
    • Filter 1 (Hover & Pop),
    • Filter 2 (Selected Cats) – Pro,
    • Grid 3 (Static),
    • Grid 2 (Tooltip) – Pro,
    • Slider 1 (Hover),
    • Gray 1 (Square)
  • [Fixed] : Fix conflict with Avada Theme.
  • [Added] : Elementor Support.

version 1.9.2

  • [Fixed] : Security fix.

version 1.9.1

  • [Fixed] : Free trial issue.
  • [Added] : Free trial menu

version 1.9

  • [Added] : 4 themes at free version ( Horizontal 1 to 4 ). Now 6 themes available at Lite version.
  • [Added] : Team Group at free version.
  • [Added] : 14 days free trial of PRO version.
  • [Added] : CSS for Divi theme border issue.
  • [Added] : wpautop function for formating @ theme8, theme9 & theme12
  • [Fixed] : Popup conflict with Divi theme ( fixed @ theme8, theme9 & theme12 ).
  • [Removed] : cbp-so-section class & ID from Filter theme ( theme9 & theme12 ).

version 1.8

  • [Added] : Freemius.

version 1.7

  • [Added] : Help tab added with Video.
  • [Added] : Minor CSS.

version 1.6

  • [Fixed] : Name & Designation style. @mohsinworld now you can change to five star 🙂 For you info, also added the Email option.

version 1.5

  • [Added] : Repeatable Social Media metabox
  • [Added] : Thumbnail image size note added at admin
  • [Added] : Version option to select old / new version for repeatble social links. Default – Old Version
  • [Removed] : RangeSlider JS & CSS file from admin
  • [Removed] : Editor Height for Team Post Type

version 1.4

  • Added Box sizing to Bootstarp columns
  • Added Box sizing to .gs_tm_theme1 .single-mem-desc-social, .gs_tm_theme2 .single-mem-desc-social
  • Added Line Height at Single Team for Theme 1 & 2
  • Modified Column structure from col-xs-6 to col-xs-12 for Theme 1 & 2
  • Fixed Vertically & Horizontally centered Social icons

version 1.3

  • Removed wildcard (*) css from custom Bootstrap.
  • Added margin to class ul.gs-team-social li

version 1.0.2

  • Fixed padding issue on Bootstrap based theme.

version 1.0.1

  • Added Jquery-ui & set dependency.
  • Added Metabox screen & priority.

version 1.0

  • Initial release