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LearnDash Group Comments filters comments by LearnDash Group. Activating this plugin will pick up the WordPress Discussion settings and the LearnDash Groups restrictions and combine them to filter user comments by group.

If this plugin interests you, check out our other LearnDash Group plugins at to enhance and focus your LearnDash Group Leader and Learner workflows and keep everyone in the website and in the course.
This plugin is provided for free in hopes you will not install other plugins just so you can have private group comments per post in LearnDash.
The idea here is that “if” all you want is to have private comments that only Group Leaders and other group members can see, you will not need to:

  • Install bbPress or BuddyPress
  • Clone your courses
  • Leave a course (as a student) to discuss the current course, lesson, topic or quiz – It is proven that discussion around a topic is best conducted withinh that topic and not out in some forum where the content is no longer present and the learner does not need to navigate back to afterward.

And you will be able to:

  • Stay in LearnDash to manage your users and their activities rather than jump around and duplicate your user management work
  • Discuss the current course, lesson, topic or quiz the area you are discussing

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  • Locate the WP-Admin Settings > Discussion options page. /assets/screenshot-1.png

  • Locate and chaneg the comments options per the instructions found in the Installation section. /assets/screenshot-2.png

  • After configuring your WP Admin > Settings > Discussion settings, simply check the Allow Comments checkbox to turn it on for each course, lesson or quiz post. /assets/screenshot-3.png


If you have not added this plugin from the WordPress repository, but rather form a downloaded version, assuming you have saved this ZIP file to your desktop…

      1. Navigate to your WordPress Plugins > Add New
      2. Click on the upload Plugin button located in the top left corner of the page
      3. Browse to your desktop and select the file
      4. Click on the Install Now button
      5. Click on the Activate Plugin link

To configure this plugin:

      1. In WP-Admin > Settings > Discussion, scroll down to the “Email me whenever” section and adjust your settings (this area only sets up the emails sent to the site administrator)
      2. Scroll down to the next item “Before a comment appears” to configure your comment moderation rules,

      • “Comment must be manually approved” means only the user who commented will see the comment until a Group Leader or administrator approves it
      • Comments are approved in WP-Admin Comments
      • “Comment author must have a previously approved comment” is somewhat meaningless in this setup, but it should be checked to be sure other web pages in your site do not get spammed if you allow comments in them
      3. While editing each LearnDash post type (i.e. course lesson, topic, quiz) that you want to allow people to comment in, scroll down to see the
      Discussion section of the post

      • If you do not see a discussion section, click “Screen Options in the upper-right and check the box for it
      • To enable comments per post, check the ‘Allow comments” checkbox in the Discussion panel and Update the post


Does this plugin work with any 3rd. party Group plugins?

No. This plugin is designed to work with the native LearnDash groups.
To have it work with a 3rd. party Group plugin would completely make no sense as it was created to focus your efforts back on LearnDash management tools while also having your students remain in your course to discuss things with other group members.


Simple and lightweight solution

Why re-invent the wheel? This plugin uses built in WP functionality to create a great classroom environment where students can ask questions right on the lesson.

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